Chapter 66: Spirit entity


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Through the Magic Gate, it was likewise the stage of a huge magical formation painted arena on the floor.

But there’s no Ray or Melhaven. It’s connected to another dimension.

As I circled my gaze, I saw the red treasure balls scattered on all sides.

“If you think you’ve made a mistake, Master Anos,”

Melhayce’s voice echoes. But he doesn’t.

This is where he created it.

Different dimensions, but it would also be easy to deliver only a voice.

“A trap is a double threesome.”

The Magic Gate appears on all sides of me. When it opened, it was the black Aurora that came out of it.

A wall of doom (soaking) that emits vicious light and possesses unfathomable magic at the bottom.

It covers the whole stage at once so that it peels its fangs off.

I put anti-magic on 21 jewels scattered all over the floor and myself.

Bachi made a fierce noise, black Aurora and anti-magic shredded the sneeze.

Moments, the first layer of anti-magic plays and flies.

Immediately, I will re-establish and reinforce the anti-magic.

But in the meantime, anti-magic plays and flies.

This black Aurora is extraordinarily stronger than the magic of Ives, fused with Eugo La Laviaz, the god of time.

The only way to protect the treasure balls is to constantly develop anti-magic

“Hmm. That’s a lot of familiar magic and magic.”

I even remember nostalgia for the wavelength of magic emanating from the black Aurora.

Yes, indeed, this belongs to me 2,000 years ago.

I divided the world into four walls.

“It’s the left. The magic you exercised with your life in jeopardy. It is the first of its kind to be achieved by combining the magic of the Creator, the Great Spirit, the Brave, and the Demon King.”

So powerful.

< Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) > rejects and destroys everything.

I’m sorry if I was swallowed up inside the walls of Aurora.

“Before the walls disappeared, did you take them in?”

I guess I kept giving it magic and saving it so that < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) > wouldn’t disappear.

If Melhayce has just the power to cross the wall, it’s also something she can’t do.

“Yes, but just now < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) > was finally maintained, and I didn’t have the right control. So I needed your magic.”

I see.

Was sucking away my magic not just to sharpen my power, but to gain the magic to control the Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven)?

It’s not magic that can be moved, but if it’s in a Dimensional Prison, you can use the Magic Gate and let it transfer freely. This way, it can be used as attack magic.

“But that’s Master Anos. Freshly reincarnated demons are usually inaccessible for a tenth of their magic. After reincarnation, I’m afraid you’re regaining your former strength in just a month or two. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have been able to prevent < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) >”

“Sounds a lot smoother on your mouth, Melhace, but you still think I’m gonna get hit with my magic?

“If it’s all right, then it won’t. However, you have lost your left arm and drained more than half of your magic. On top of that, you as well as 21 jewels must be protected with anti-magic. How much of a tyrant demon king are you talking about?

“You think so?

“Then let me hit you one more time.”

The magic of makes the video appear in front of you.

It’s a different dimensional arena. I saw Ray holding Sheila.

“” Four Walls (Beno Yeven) ”

When Melhayce said so, a black Aurora stood up around Ray.

He slammed his hand around his waist, but there was no sword there.

I broke Initio.

The Vajra Iron Sword has just been thrown.

“He doesn’t seem very good at magic. With a round waist, you can’t just do that.”

A pitch-black Aurora hits the Rays.

There will be no way to prevent that from happening to Ray, who does not have a sword.

However, anti-magic was deployed to protect them from the Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven).

“That’s right, Master Anos. I fear we will follow the magic of Remote Clairvoyance and deploy anti-magic in another dimension.”

Says Melhayce in a whispering tone.

“But you can’t do anything else with that much magic. It’s only a matter of time before you do your best.”

Hmm. Well, that makes sense.

You can’t just use anti-magic like this.

“Ray, can you hear me?

Fly to the dimension where Ray is.

“… anos? This anti-magic thing you did?

“Yeah, but I’ve been using a little too much magic. Can you do anything about that black Aurora?

Ray nods with a serious look.

“Can you give me the sword?

“It won’t be long.”

Use the magic of < Creative Architecture (Ives) > to create the Devil’s Sword in front of Ray.

Ray gripped it.

Sharpening his nerves, he looked sharply at the aurora in front of him and flashed as if to follow the steep point of the procedure.

“… Phew…!

Black Aurora, broken into two pieces for a moment, returns to normal to rebel and strikes Ray.

Like intercepting it, he flashed another flash.

However, the moment it collides with the Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn), the sword body is shattered and scattered.

Just how hard it is to create a decent demon sword in the < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) > while continuing to use this much anti-magic?

“Apparently, that’s about it, Master Anos. The Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) is even denser.”

Melhayce’s voice sounds like he won.

The speed at which anti-magic was destroyed was accelerating.

I guess they’re sending the Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) over here one after the other.

As he said, the density of black Aurora is increasing and the power is increasing for that matter.

“… this magic, < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) >, was it? I feel your magic, though.”

“I’ll give you a detailed explanation, but that’s the magic I used two thousand years ago with my life on the line. Melhayce seems to have taken it in well.”

I thought it was tough magic.

Ray stares at the black Aurora surrounding himself.

“Anos, can you solve my anti-magic and create a stronger demon sword?

“I can do that, though. Expose yourself to the Four Realms Wall without anti-magic and you’ll die.”

Ray smiled softly.

“If it stays like this, you’ll die anyway. I’ll kill this before I do.”

The more you hit the wall, the more this guy grows.

With an earlier knife, I may have already got the hang of it.

“Slash in 0.5 seconds. I can’t guarantee anything more.”

I create the Devil’s Sword in front of Ray’s eyes again.

He grabbed the pattern.



Okay, let’s go.

Solve Ray’s anti-magic and pour that magic into the Devil’s Sword at once.

The sword body added stubbornness.

“… Ha…!!

The moment, the sword flashes brilliantly.

Ray waved the Devil’s Sword down so that the anti-magic would disappear and slash and tear the darkness that had struck him at the same time.

The pitch-black Aurora breaks in two.

But soon it returns to normal to rebel, stripping Ray’s body of his fangs.

“… Huh…!!

When Ray runs the sword, he breaks it into four pieces before the broken Aurora returns in two. Break it into eight pieces, into sixteen pieces, and chop it into more and more fine pieces.

However, no matter how finely chopped, the magic of the < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) > never fades and, conversely, the rebellion to undo it intensifies.

“… ku…”

One, Ray missed cutting Aurora.

At that moment, the situation reverses at once and the pitch-black Aurora hives into the Devil’s Sword.

The blade that swung again broke abruptly, overflowing with blood from Ray’s entire body.

“… or… ha…”

He got on his knees on the spot and I rebuilt my anti-magic.

“… a little more, it was…”

Ray tries to wake his body as he carves his rough breath.

“Is that…?

He collapsed so that his powers could fall apart.

“… that’s crazy… my body…”

This is it after a decent fight with me.

“Don’t let go. Your own antimagic is weakening.”

“… I know…”

Leaning on his back, Ray can’t move.

“… no more power… no more…”

I tried to hold my fist, but Ray couldn’t even do it.

Huh, and he breathes.


Staring into the universe, Ray says.

“… that’s it for me. Can you ask for my mother?

It would mean turning the anti-magic magic powers you’re using on Ray separately and getting rid of this predicament.

“It’s too early to cry. Get up.”

“I can’t move anymore. Standing on it, the < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) > cannot be slashed. Looks like you’re no match for me.”

Like I gave up, Ray closes his eyes.

Hmm. Exactly the limit with this guy.

No, no, no.

“… I can…”

Before I could say a word, I heard a slight voice.

“… Mother…?

“… I can… Ray… I believe… because you love swords…”

Sheila says as if it were a saying.

Rumors and inheritance have been erased and spiritual disease should be progressing.

And yet…

“… sorry. Mother, my body is already…”

“It’s okay, Ray. It’s okay. Your mother will protect you. Yours, I’ll help you.”

“… to my power…?

Sheila’s body is wrapped in pale light.

Then, the contour of a person became grudgingly distorted and turned into another appearance of Mirumi.

The Spirit has a provisional early appearance and a true body.

I wasn’t sure if there was a true body in a semispiritual semidemon, but apparently, this is about to appear true, is it?

I had Spirit Disease and Sheila’s magic was going to disappear now.

It stays everywhere if you think about it normally, such as the power enough to show the true body.

Still, she’s squeezing her power from its roots.

Love, for my son.

That’s how Sheila revealed herself completely.

Hold the blade, look at the sword…

If the true body of Lynyon, the great spirit of water, is the water dragon with eight necks, then I guess Sheila’s true body is its sword (sword).

The exterior looks terribly like the Vajra Iron Sword my father made.

But the magic emanating from it is incomparable.

I see. You know what?

Then you don’t need a hand.

“You should be able to stand, Ray. You can still fight. I don’t remember your mother raising you as a weak child on the way up.”

Slowly, Ray wakes up his body.

“… Mother……”

Whipped all over his powerless body, desperately reaching out, he grabbed Sheila’s sword.

The light emanating from the sword covers him.

As if to protect itself.

“… I can… Ray. Your mother knows something. There’s nothing you can’t kill.”

Nod, Ray stood up completely.

Therefore, place Sheila’s sword on the wall.

“Are you sure, Ray Grandsdry? With that sword, I’m sorry for the raw gentle price of Spirit Disease, etc. Your mother will surely vanish from this world.”

Melhayce’s voice sounds like a threat.

That would be true. Even spiritual magic, if you use it, is only half spirit and half demon sorry. If Sheila, who is weak, becomes true, the result is obvious.

“It is only once in a lifetime that semispiritual semidemons with unstable roots can exert the power of their true bodies. Do you kill your mother with that hand, you?”

Melhayce threatens time and again only because Sheila is wary of the changing power of the Spirit’s sword. Alternatively, I was wondering if I could slash and tear through the < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) >.

But quietly, Sheila’s voice sounded.

“No, I’m not. I’ll protect you. Sweet little girl. If that’s what you’re doing, it’s no use throwing this life away again and again.”

Sheila’s sword shines more.

It was like a comet before it disappeared, strong, intense, blinking.

“Hey, Ray. Remember?”

Sheila talks gently, as if to tell a memorable story.

I’m not saying this is the final conversation, but with a really sweet voice…

What are you talking about?

“When I was a kid, I taught cooking, and when I laid, I suddenly tried to slash the pot with a knife.”

Ray smiled thinly.

“That’s what happened.”

“Your mother said you’d never kill me, right? But Ray didn’t listen and tried to knife the pot over and over again. So all of a sudden, I spat the pan in two. Mother, I’m really surprised.”

Even if she was a sword, I knew exactly what Sheila was laughing at.

“I was going to get mad, but you look really happy. I’m sure Ray likes swords and stuff like that.”

“Oh well.”

Ray hammers gently.

“Hey. What kind of things can a grown Ray now slash? Can you show your mother?

Slowly, Ray nodded.

“Fine, Mother. I’ll show you.”

Quietly as if to concentrate his consciousness. He closes his eyes.

I set up my sword with my natural work as it was.

For some reason, it’s like a sword is a toy, and I feel childish innocence from Ray smiling thinly.

I guess he’s home at an early age now.

As a child attracted by the sword, as I trace my memories with my mother.

Suck and breathe and stop breathing.

One step, he steps in and exhales briefly.

At the same time it brightened the sword in his hand.

Like a glimmer of light that pays off darkness, its shining sword slashes and rips through the < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) >.

Faster than the black Aurora returns to normal, thoroughly cutting it, turning it into fine pieces, and fogging it.

How many times did you roll out the blade during a single breath?

< Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) > was slashed down and extinguished before a series of horrific attacks that seemed to be causing countless meteors to shake.

Still, Ray still doesn’t stop.

“… anossssssssss!

Hearing Ray’s voice, I magically connected this dimension to his.


The flash is brilliant.

A meteor-like blade pours into this dimension and pays for the black Aurora.

In just a few seconds, the walls in my dimension disappeared.


Ray exhales quietly.

Seeing, Sheila’s sword in his hand was still so weakly glowing that it seemed to disappear.

“… don’t you think, Mother?

When he says so, the outline of the sword is twisted all the time, turning into Sheila’s figure.

Its body was so thin and transparent that it seemed to disappear now that it was slightly emerging from the ground.

She put the hand against Ray’s cheek.

“… you’ve been splendid, Ray… thank you for being my child…”

Sheila’s body turns into a grain of light.

At the end of the day she gave a full smile.

“… I love you…”

In an attempt to hug her, Ray reaches out. But the hand grabbed nothing and cut off the sky.

Ray’s mother disappeared to be exposed to the wind.

“… mother…”

Staring at the remnants of the slight remaining light, Ray puts tears in his eyes.

“… there was still something I wanted to do for you…”

He says as he screams from his heart.

“… we still had something to do together…”

He leans down, with a voice so thin that it seems to disappear, he growls.

“… I’m sorry… I can’t do anything for you anymore…”

A muscle of Shizukuishi tells Ray’s cheek and spills off.

“I know how you feel, Ray. It’s still a little early to cry.”

He looked up to my words.

“Keep those tears after a touching reunion. If you’re filial, then make it right.”

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