Chapter 660. Gallery of Souls.


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Magi climbed the stairs. They were surprised that the stone burial figurines did not come to life. And here is the main entrance.

“You, the inhabitants of the dangerous village, very much frightened them. But in my opinion, any monster can get out of this bronze mirror. Said Mo Fan.

What Mo Fan called the “bronze mirror” hung in front of the main entrance to the tomb and tightly closed it. And it was white on both sides with an old tripod.

– Climbing the stairs, I was scared. This tomb is one-eyed. She stared at us with her eye. – Su Xiao Luo expressed her opinion.

Mo Fan looked closely and immediately made sure that Su Xiao Luo was right, goosebumps ran over his body.

“And it’s true, as if one eye … True, Su Xiao Luo, do not you think that, from this angle, a drawing was drawn on the white steps, like in our well?”

– Drawings in the well? – Su Xiao Luo was dumbfounded, turning she looked down at the steps. A look of doubt appeared on her face, which gradually became a surprise. – Right! This is indeed the drawings in the well! When I walked up the stairs, I noticed something familiar!

Phan Gu and Su Xiao Luo puzzled Mo Fang, Zhang Xiao Hou and Liu Zhu with these pictures on the well. Did the inhabitants of the dangerous village make a gift to the tomb in the form of this drawing?

– Our well is truly amazing. Every time when night falls, if you go to the well, you can see the picture. She’s like a living! No no. Better to say that the picture shone through the bottom, through this very bottom you could see the whole world! In my memory there were stairs of white stone. Is it not those steps that we have now climbed? – Said Su Xiao Lo.

Mo Fan was frightened and could not utter a word, was the well that had been guarded by the inhabitants of a dangerous village for centuries – is this the white tomb of the emperor?

In fact, the amazing picture they spotted from the well is the tomb!

– I think this is a mirror that reflected the stairs in the well. You say it looks like an eye. It does not look like an eye, it is an eye! – Phan Gu, having thought of this, pointed to a bronze mirror. Next to the large bronze tripod, another small mirror hung like an eye.

Su Xiao Luo also suddenly realized something, her eyes sparkled: “That is, the picture we saw in the well is real, this is the picture of the tomb of our ancestor!”

Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou glanced at each other, trying not to notice what was written on both of their faces.

It was a remote surveillance camera two thousand years ago !!!

Residents of a dangerous village from generation to generation guarded the tomb of the emperor!

Is this emperor united forces of 6 states, not to build this tomb? Otherwise, how could he have built a whole afterlife in an era of backward culture, where no one could disturb him for 2,000 years!

“I don’t even know if it’s necessary, but I’ll still try,” said Fan Gu to himself, not knowing which side to approach this mirror.

A small size mirror was about the size of a palm, Fan Gu took it off the door and shone it on the bronze tripod at the entrance.

The mirror blinked like an eye. It looked at Phan Gu, Mo Fang, Zhang Xiao Hou, Liu Zhu and Su Xiao Luo.

* Gnash

Suddenly, the white square door opened gradually, as if someone had opened this thick stone door. From that wide-open door, that terrible after-wind blew. Magee almost fell on the stairs.

These doors have not opened since they were closed. The inner atmosphere was incomparable with the atmosphere of the outside world!

“Come on, I just saw that the stone statues came to life,” said Fang Gu hastily.

Mo Fan could not resist and turned around, and indeed, sounds came from the stairs. He looked down – stone statues woke up, they also did not know how many years had been in oblivion. They even forgot how to walk, whipping along stairs like children!

But it did not seem funny. Mo Fan felt these revived statues exude a terrible smell.

“They are very strong, if we didn’t open this door, they would have killed us,” said Fang Gu.

– Mo Fan nodded his head, with the help of his strength he would cope with only two or three of these giants, but what to do with the whole army of these statues?

The magicians did not hesitate; they entered the tomb with a quick step.

Everybody followed Fan Gu, every part of the way Fan Gu stopped and thought about something. It is obvious that the well, which they guarded from century to century throughout the village, is related to this tomb. Pulling these strings, they can successfully find the emperor!

They passed a long gallery, lithographs hung on both sides, which seemed to be collected by the emperor himself.

– Remember, do not look at these pictures, there is a trap in them. If you still fall into this trap, then plunge into the world of dreams and dreams, from which it is impossible to escape. – Phan Gu warned the others.

“The paintings are fascinating … Many of them have sheer mountains. Higher-level mages can lose their spiritual energy here if they are not careful. – in fear said Liu Zhu.

The more you are fascinated by the world of dreams, the more you feel the terrible power hidden in the pictures – this is another mechanism of Ying Zheng against uninvited guests.

He fell asleep more than two thousand years ago, and besides the army of statues that came to life at the entrance to the tomb, other creatures could not protect her. Therefore, he instructed traps inside the tombs, so that the one who still managed to enter, died right here …

– We have been going for a very long time, but the beginning of the picture gallery is still not visible – Zhang Xiao Hou made everyone think about a strange phenomenon.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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