Chapter 661. The Eternal Lotus


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“Elder, could this be an endless corridor?” – asked Su Xiao Luo.

Fan Gu nodded his head. Looking back, he said: “Look, to the place from which we entered, not so far.”

They all turned back and saw that the entrance from which they had entered was really close, and it didn’t look like they had been walking along this corridor for more than ten minutes.

– If the ancient texts do not deceive us, then the key to the secret in this corridor is inside the image. If my memory serves me, then it should be a card, – Su Xiao Luo approached the image on the stone. She carefully examined the engraved silhouette, which looked like a girl’s silhouette.

She stretched out her hand and touched this stone girl ….

Gradually, something began to enthuse Su Xiao Luo. All her attention was now focused on the image.

“She herself entered the world of illusions?” – Mo Fan looked surprised at Su Xiao Luo.

Su Xiao Lo’s facial expression was constantly changing: at times it was anger that gave way to tears. However, these emotions did not look artificial at all.

– She reads illusions. This corridor with images is the result of the interaction of magic elements of spirit and space. If we are unable to find the key in the world of illusions of this image, we can be stuck here until death …, – said Fan Gu.

Su Xiao Luo continued to stand in the same place, the emotions on her face now alternated even faster … After some time in the corridor, which until then seemed endless, a luminescence appeared … Less than a hundred meters away, the end of the corridor was visible !!!

At the same time, Su Xiao Lo seemed to wake up from a dream, having come to her usual state.

– Are you okay? Zhang Xiao asked Hou.

Su Xiao Luo negatively nodded her head: “It seems that only the inhabitants of our villages can enter here, the rest are doomed to get lost inside until death …”.

Passing along the corridor, everyone saw the palace chambers, which were trimmed with white jade so that everyone could easily see their own reflection on the floor.

The columns were so massive that in order to cover each of them, it took about five people! At the top of the column, Mo Fan saw some strange patterns.

There was nothing inside the palace chambers. There was a dead silence, which made it possible to hear every step.


Everyone looked ahead, and the dark talisman around Mo Fane’s neck issued a vibration.

This greatly surprised Mo Fan, because after the talisman swallowed the sacred source, he was no longer particularly interested in anything, and Mo Fan even managed to forget that in fact the talisman was a magical cultivation tool.

Only a few years later the dark talisman made an exciting sound, which informed its owner that it smelled something delicious!

Mo Fan followed the direction indicated by the talisman. In the very center of the palace chamber there was a stone tribune, on which lay an exquisite magic lotus flower. Already at a distance one could feel its aroma.

– Look, this thing is also in your wells? – Hurried to call out all of Mo Fan.

Palace chambers were sealed from other sides, so there was no other way here. Everything in this part of the tomb was suspicious, except for the damned patterns on the top of the columns, but all attention now was focused on this flower on the stone grandstand.

“It seems to have …,” said Su Xiao Luo with a doubt in her voice.

Phan Gu did not take his eyes off this lotus, and everyone was watching him closely. Fang Gu said: “We were afraid that we could not find a way down. This magic lotus is very similar to the eternal lotus. The ancient texts say that when the eternal lotus dies, a bridge will appear … ”

– Eternal lotus … than in the world there is such a thing ?! I can break it right now, then he will die? Zhang Xiao asked Hou.

“Try it,” answered Fan Gu.

Zhang Xiao Hou immediately went to the flower and grabbed his green petals. His movements were quick, and in the next second he had already tipped the lotus to the floor.

To guarantee the result, Zhang Xiao Hou hit the flower with his foot, saying: “And so …”.

Zhang Xiao Hou had not yet finished speaking, how pieces of a broken flower soared into the air, leaving no dust particles on the floor, and again returned to their original condition on the stone grandstand.

Even the dirt from the shoe of Xiao Hou is not left on the newly restored lotus.

After a few seconds, the magic lotus has already assumed its original state.

“This is …,” Zhang Xiao Hou breathed in surprise.

This time, he put more effort into tearing each petal and deliberately chewing them in his mouth.

However, this time the magical lotus assumed its original state.

– All go away! Wind Disk: sky nets!

He has already released the magic of the wind to destroy the flower!

Even after that, the flower was able to recover on its stone pedestal, as if nothing had happened. This finally frustrated Xiao Hou.

– If this continues, will we lose precious time here? – flashed Su Xiao Lo.

Millions of residents were waiting for them, and if they could not reach the tomb, then everything would be over!

Nothing previously could stop them until they stumbled upon the eternal lotus, which could not be burned, trampled, or eaten …

– It makes no sense. Even if you use high-level magic against him, he will still be able to recover, ”said Fan Gu.

– We got here with such difficulty, will it all end there? – did not calm down Zhang Xiao Hou.

In the clock tower, meanwhile, everyone gathered at the big old table. On the table lay an ancient bronze mirror the size of a palm, and the people around were trying to see the image in it.

– It really is them! – Han Ji could not contain his inner excitement.

After Mo Fan and the others descended into the zombies, they disappeared there without a trace. However, after some time, Elder Sesan appeared, bringing with him this small bronze mirror, in which you could clearly see the flower, Mo Fang, Su Xiao Luo, Liu Zhu, Zhang Xiao Hou, and Fang Gu.

– But what is this, after all, for a flower that cannot be destroyed? – asked the short.

– I’m afraid this is an eternal lotus. Even the highest level magic is powerless against it. Only the magician of the spell can destroy it …, – said Han Ji, without waiting for explanations from Cesen.

– The spell ??? In general, they have not even reached a high level! Where did they get the magical powers on the spell ???

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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