Chapter 662. Attempts to break through to a high level.


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The front palace chambers of the tomb.

The magical lotus continued to be in its place. It seemed that he was beyond time. Indeed, the eternal lotus!

However, if he does not die, it means that the inhabitants of the ancient capital will be destroyed!

“Let me try,” said Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou.

– All this is useless, our forces are not enough to destroy this flower, – negatively nodded his head Phan Gu.

– How can we know, even if you have not tried? – Mo Fan has already prepared himself, aiming his hands at the magic lotus.

Mo Fan grabbed the lotus and thought about the specific power of his talisman. However, he did not want anyone to see it, so he retired to a corner of the chamber.

Liu Zhu, Fang Gu, Su Xiao Luo, Zhang Xiao Hou did not understand the eyes gazed at Mo Fang, thinking about where he dragged the magic flower.

At the same time, Han Ji, short, Zuo Feng, Duxiao, Lin Xi, through the mirror, also looked at Mo Fang’s actions.

What did he decide to do while dragging off this flower?

Only in the farthest corner of the palace chambers, Mo Fan was able to pull out his dark talisman that was on his chest.

The dark talisman vibrated as if it were alive, so he was interested in everything that happened.

– On, take, take! And even better if you destroy it! – Mo Fan displeasure put the magic lotus near the talisman.

The dark talisman began to absorb the lotus, which now turned into a ray of light penetrating inside.

Having dined with the magic lotus, the dark talisman no longer emitted any vibrations, however, it began to glow with an amazing light!

This light was so bright that it instantly illuminated the darkness of this part of the tomb …

Mo Fan looked at his dark talisman and what was happening inside him for several seconds.

The sacred source was still located in its place in the talisman’s internal flow, but the water surface of the river, in which the magic lotus was now placed, began to become covered in green ripples.

– What’s happening? – Mo Fan asked himself, thinking about why the talisman placed the lotus in the river.

After a while, Mo Fan noticed that the lotus petal began to fade!

The petal of the lotus was really withering at first, being covered with a yellow bloom, and then turned black at all!

After that, the second petal died!

The whole process went very slowly, but Mo Fan all this time carefully looked at the already blackened petal, wondering if he could recover now. Prior to this, Mo Fan had already managed to use fire magic against the eternal lotus, but he recovered to his originally beautiful state.

He carefully watched … after some time, already four petals faded in the river!

– Great!

Mo Fan was happy about what was happening. This means that the inner river mascot is deadly for the eternal lotus!

Only after the dark talisman swallowed this flower, Mo Fan drew attention to the fact that the internal space of the talisman became much larger! The river has become wider, and its flow was much more powerful than it was before!

– Progressed? – Mo Fan was surprised to see the inner world of his talisman, not believing it.

After being absorbed by the talisman of the sacred source, the spoiled object completely lost interest in the spiritual entities of the level of the servant and leader of the pack. Nevertheless, Mo Fan nevertheless managed to strengthen his magic, unaware that the inner world of the dark talisman could also develop, moving to a qualitatively new level!

When the eternal lotus appeared, the dark talisman finally found the food that was of interest to him, and which was able to influence his cultivation. Now he could not get enough of his find!

After the function of the nebula instrument was still found in the dark talisman, Mo Fan’s cultivation rate remained at the same level: for the four-element mage, it was not considered fast, the main progress was due to development in a three-stage tower and other sources.

Mo Fan waited so much for his talisman to reach a new level of development, but he didn’t even want to digest the spiritual essences of the level of the pack leader that Mo Fan so zealously collected. What else was left to feed him?

It is good that this time they met the eternal lotus, which the dark talisman gladly digested.

Otherwise the talisman would never progress!

The past progression of the talisman was so long ago! Now that the dark talisman was generating signals that said that he was pleased and progressing, Mo Fan was incredibly happy!

Feeding the talisman is one thing, and another thing is that the last time he swallowed a sacred source, the dark talisman developed so much that it helped its owner (then still an entry-level mage) to break through to the middle level!

Not so long ago, the undersized one said that the magic of Mo Fane’s fire had reached its apogee, and now the next step will certainly be to move to a high level!

In the transition to a new level it was impossible to find a better helper than a dark talisman!

The eternal lotus, apparently, had a powerful energy, because even being overcooked talisman, he was able to penetrate into the inner world of Mo Fanya!

Mo Fan, too, was not new to this business: such an opportunity is provided very rarely, so with the help of his talisman he hurried to penetrate his fiery nebula.

At that moment, it was the element of fire that gave the greatest hopes, and Mo Fang cannot be lazy in such periods! Concentrating entirely on his inner world, he tried to destroy all the barriers that surrounded the nebula.

– Well … more! A bit more! Said Mo Fan to himself.

However, the barriers were too dense and high. In the nebula only 49 stars were strengthened, which is why they could only hit the barriers once more, so Mo Fanyu needed even more magical energy!

Mo Fan had four elements for the reason that his spiritual energy was much more powerful than the energy of other magicians, so he could withstand much more.

It was impossible to miss the opportunity, it can never happen again! The gap between the middle and high levels became smaller, it was necessary to risk it! Risking life, Mo Fan penetrated into the depths of the zombies and reached the tomb, and for good reason he met this eternal lotus …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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