Chapter 663. High Level Fire Magician!


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The magic of fire could not be cultivated further, since an obstacle had already begun to appear around the fire nebula.

Mo Fan discovered the appearance of this obstacle not so long ago, and because of the need to cultivate the remaining three elements, he could be stuck at this level for a long time.

If we assume that he reached the third step of a flaming fist while still on a mission in the city of Jinlin, then he was at this level for more than a year!

Now Mo Fan felt he could deal with this nebula, it was only necessary to tackle this matter thoroughly!

Stars of the fourth stage had increased power, and all 49 stars now gave Mo Fang additional strength in the attack of the fire nebula.

49 stars now turned into a whole squad that attacked the barrier … in the end, a breach appeared!

With the appearance of a gap, the next attacks should be much easier! Mo Fan was now waiting for the dark talisman to light up again, announcing his readiness to go into battle again!

Inside the dark talisman, in the river, all the petals of the eternal lotus are already dried up, which meant that the talisman had already swallowed the whole vital energy of the flower …. The green glow began to spread across the talisman’s inner space, simultaneously penetrating the consciousness of Mo Fang!

– Here it is!

Mo Fan was at the limit of his feelings. He used the tide of new energy to attack obstacles.

With the addition of the magical energy of the eternal lotus, 49 stars began to glow strongly, hitting the nebula barrier. The small fire nebula certainly could not resist such an intensified attack!

The gap in the barrier became bigger, and Mo Fan continued to focus on this process … after a while the barrier should have been destroyed!

Each time the transition to a new level brings with it enormous spiritual torment, which not everyone can endure. It was at this moment that Mo Fan required maximum return without the slightest indulgence, which could be disastrous …

* Aaaaaaa *

A loud growl came from the depths of Mo Fang’s soul, echoing through all the palace chambers.

Liu Zhu, seeing Mo Fang’s such spiritual torment, immediately rushed to him, but Zhang Xiao Hou abruptly stopped her.

“He is making a breakthrough to a new level, don’t bother him,” said Zhang Xiao Hou in a stern voice.

For each mage, a breakthrough to a new level was accompanied by torment. And although Zhang Xiao Hou did not know why Mo Fang suddenly wanted to attack his fiery nebula, he could clearly feel her heat, which emanated from the body of his friend.

– Apparently, he uses the magical energy of the eternal lotus to break through to a high level. He really is a desperate boy! – Fan Gu, without ceasing, sighed.

“He … will he succeed?” – there was no face on Su Xiao Luo.

– I do not know.

Everyone closely watched Mo Fan, who continued to stand in a remote part of the room. From his body one could already feel the heat of his fiery nebula.

Such processes require a powerful concentration of consciousness, which is why magicians suffer so much.

“It seems he does not stand up …” There was excitement in Liu Zhu’s voice.

– Destruction of the barrier is not something that can be done the first time. This should be preceded by a long process of spiritual training …. Mo Fan, of course, is too careless, once he decided to go ahead at random, ”said Fan Gu.

– I believe in my brother, because not everyone can even go down to the zombie-abyss, so I think that he will succeed! – Zhang Xiao Hou continued to believe in a friend.

Mo Fan reached the crucial point: most of the obstacles had already been destroyed.

More than once, the idea of quitting what he had started flashed in Mo Fang’s head, for he felt that at any moment his spiritual strength could run out; however, then he recalled that in the opposite case, the whole city awaited death, recalled the black church, all the hardships that had to be experienced … and then, biting his lip, he continued to hold on …

After a breakthrough, he will be able to release high level magic!

High level…

High level fire magic, high level lightning magic, high level call magic, high level shadow magic … – then no magic beast will be afraid of him!

Most importantly, do not miss the opportunity to wake up a new element, which should appear at a high level!

He will be able to awaken two more elements, and then he will become a magician of six elements!

Six elements! Mage spells have five elements! If he can cultivate all these elements at the same time, how much should his combat effectiveness increase ???

As they used to say stunted, the innate magician of the two elements always has a distinct advantage. If Mo Fan becomes a magician of six elements and three levels, then in his magic there will be: defensive magic, magic of movement, magic of shackles and destructive magic …. Will there then be anyone in the world who can bear with him ?!

Mo Fang’s high level will be different from the high level magic of others. With six elements, he will be able to calmly overcome any ratings and challenges – other inborn two-element partners will never see such a thing!

The short-tempered openly told Mo Fanyu that if he continued to cultivate his magical talent, he could even rebel against the laws of nature!

A high level must be reached!

Only its high level can bring hope to a multi-million city for survival!

The black church will dance then!

Break up the same!

– Damned barrier, I’ll destroy you!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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