Chapter 664. The Bridges of Nine Deaths and One Life (Part 1).


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The blood made its way out of the blood vessels, and Mo Fang’s body turned bright red. In addition, he began to burn raging flames. It feels like he was in the crater of a volcano during its eruption.

– Eeeeeeeeeeeee!

From screaming, a bright red raging fire turned into a fiery phoenix and flew out of Mo Fan’s body, hiding on the roof of the first tomb hall.

– Happened? “Only Liu Zhu saw Mo Fang’s insane power of fire, and immediately hailed him joyfully.

Fan Gu was dumbfounded. He did not expect that this guy Mo Fan would release a fire phoenix. From the middle level of the fire element, he moved to a high level!

“The star cloud has turned into a galaxy.” 343 stars! – Mo Fan excitedly said to himself.

The galaxy of the level of fire flowed in the spiritual world of Mo Fan. Compared with the former star cloud, this galaxy was huge and beautiful. The light of the stars united into one whole, flowing without bound in the spiritual universe.

343 stars were concentrated in the galaxy, they were moving from side to side. Among them, 49 stars were more beautiful than the other 294 stars. Obviously, these are 49 stars that Mo Fan has already strengthened. The remaining 294 stars were still at the initial stage, the light of these stars was very pale.

Opening his eyes, Mo Fan felt the constellation mirage emerge from the fiery radiance of his body, this constellation connecting all 343 stars together. Constellation was built and completed. That is, Mo Fan was able to link the stars based on their orbits and elemental galaxies. Born a constellation filled with the destructive power of high-level magic!

But the mirage of this constellation immediately evaporated. Mo Fan did not manage to remember its location and now it was very difficult to restore this constellation.


The bell tower, the worn magicians returned from the battlefield. Now they stood, surrounding a bronze mirror.

These people did everything they could. It now remained to pray that the path of Mo Fan and the others was safe.

It is good that the village headman Cesan gave them this magic mirror. Now everyone can see where the five magicians are, otherwise they would not have received any news from them.

– Well, how? – Lu Xue’s face was gray, there were many wounds on his body that he did not want to heal.

– The viewing angle of this mirror is limited. The magic lotus is in the very corner, and it is not clear what these five are doing now. The fire had just been seen, and it seems that a fiery phoenix flew out from there. Said Zuo Feng.

Zuo Feng was also a magician with an element of fire. He clearly remembered that when he entered a high level, a fiery phoenix immediately flew out of him. And just now, in the reflection of the brilliant floor, everyone saw a fiery phoenix, soaring upward.

– Mo Fan, appear, appear … Strange … but where is the magic lotus?

– Yes, the magic lotus is not visible!

– You do not see the change in Mo Fana?

The crowd interrupted each other. Most of the wizards were injured, their clothes were battered, they did not look like strong people, in whose hands is the life of the city. Mages looked like beggars from the street!

– They left. Is there a way out? Said Zuo Feng.

– As if it appeared. It is a pity that this is not visible through the bronze mirror. The problem is that it is not clear how Mo Fan was able to kill the magic lotus, for the destruction of which a spell was needed!

– Yes! I can not imagine how this happened!

All these high-level magicians encountered the ever-living magic lotus, but even most of them could not destroy it. Even if they could enter the tomb, they would be locked in the first hall of this tomb.

– It is not clear what kind of devilish magic used Mo Fan, in one fell swoop, killing the magic lotus. – A crowd of magicians who were helpless in the circumstances, and doubted, and at the same time were very surprised!

They successfully passed the first hall, according to the headman Sesana, now they will continue to walk to the bridge of mortal danger, and when they cross it, they will be able to see the emperor sitting on the altar!

So close, the emperor so close … After meeting with the emperor, everything will change immediately. People will stay alive, the evil spirits will immediately leave …

-I thought they would not pass the first hall of the tomb. In the end, the power of the magic lotus is very powerful, but they still continue their way to the bridges of nine deaths and one life … Eh … If only nothing happened in their way … ”said Sesan, who was tormented by conscience.

After Hun Jun’s death, Cesen decided to atone for sin by bringing this bronze mirror so that magicians from the magical association knew what was happening in the imperial tomb.

In fact, Césan only recently realized that a mirror is not an ancient picture at all. And all because he saw in the mirror Mo Fang, who was climbing the stairs and the other magicians …

“What bridges of nine deaths and one life?” – immediately asked the mysterious white and gray.

“When magicians get to the throne, they will need to cross over the bridges of nine deaths and one life.” I’m afraid this is the most mysterious place of the tomb. The old emperor wanted his descendants to go to the tomb, but he could not allow garbage and mediocrity among his blood kin. Therefore, he invented a zombie abyss in order to separate his descendants from ordinary people, and also invented other tests to check blood relationship. The magic lotus blocks the path of the weak, and the bridge of mortal danger chooses people who are worthy to see the emperor. – responded Cesen.

Ancient texts were handed down from generation to generation, but the mystery of the zombie depths was not revealed in them. People from dangerous villages did not know from the very beginning that they were guarding. But after learning about the zombies and the other obstacles that Mo Fan overcomes with the rest of the magicians, everything became clear at once.

Clearly it is clear, but to get to the imperial throne, you will have to pass another test!

The words of Sesan made the situation more intense, the power of these five magicians cannot be called outstanding. The fact that they got rid of the magic lotus is pure coincidence. And if on these bridges there are nine deaths and one life they will have to wait for a more difficult test … Will they all be there and die?

The worst thing is that people did not want to see the death of five magicians, because they shed their blood for them! They did not want to bow their heads before the black church, which is just waiting to celebrate the burial of the city. But they could not imagine how these young magicians and village headmen, who had cut their inhabitants, would end this dangerous business in the imperial tomb.

The night has come. The roar of evil became louder, and the golden magic circle shook all the time. The corpulent corpse giant struck only the first blow to the magic circle, and most of the people defending this side have already been killed and wounded.


– Good news – Mo Fan moved to a high level – in the silence of the bell tower, a mysterious white and gray suddenly said these words.

– High level? Is this enough? Asked Lu Xu.

“The high level of other magicians is not enough, but Mo Fane’s high level … It’s hard to say …” said the mysterious white-gray in thought.

Everyone thought that the mysterious white-gray calmed himself in this way, and Mo Fang’s transition to another level meant nothing.

“Strange, didn’t it seem to you that something just flashed in the bronze mirror?” – Dusyao said, staring at the mirror.

– Something was, but I did not pay attention.

– I did not see either.

Dusiao frowned, his face immediately turned gray …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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