Chapter 666. Bridge of Death.


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All four fell silent; they didn’t even have thoughts about those who were watching them from a bronze mirror.

The place where there was a bronze mirror was seen by people from dangerous villages, because their difficult situation was also seen by people in the bell tower.

It must be said that those who watched with all their heart ached for Mo Fan and the others! They also, like the team, stood silently and watched.

– What is there to think, each person will go through one bridge, the probability of one second in such a situation is not small! – Interrupted the silence of the elder of the Chujia Hunters League, wishing that he could not personally say to each of the mirrors.

“It’s easy for you to say that they jumped into a zombie abyss is already a selfless act, now their choice is to die together …” could not help but not respond to Dusyao’s inhumanity.

– But then they do not understand what responsibility they are! Said Chujia.

– Here, rather, our helplessness, since in the end such a burden of responsibility lies on so young! Regardless of their choice, we need to respect them. I think that what they have already managed to pass from belief in oneself or world peace, but from unshakable friendship and faith in one’s neighbor. Together they are definitely stronger, – stood firmly on his Dusyao.

No one felt this better than he, becoming the lord of the hunters, clearly understood that there was no point in glory, in high aspirations without people for whom it was worth living.

Dusiao understood the feelings that these four were facing at the moment, and that it was not for these high-ranking people to put such a difficult choice before them. The fact that they voluntarily jumped into the zombie for the sake of all is already a sufficient sacrifice, and no matter how they go together or separately, there is no one to reproach them for their choice.

“Mo Fan for Zhang Xiaohou arrived in the ancient capital, I heard that he should be at the qualifying rounds …” Yao Nan said slowly.

– Su Xiao Luo saved the life of Zhang Xiaohou.

– This girl seems only because of Mo Fanya jumped into the depths of the zombie.

“Soon I will have a nervous breakdown …”

– Yeah, this burden is too heavy, that even the air really does not gain.

Bridge of death!

The bridge of life!

Ten wide arched bridges towered high in the sky, sweeping into the darkness, as if on the edge of the ear of everyone waiting for death.

Heart bleeds when choosing.

Zhang Xiaohou was looking at Mo Fang, who was still unable to decide what to do.

If he decides to make sacrifices, then he will go too, will choose his bridge. If, however, you have to choose another bridge, and to see how Mo Fan and Su Xiao Luo leave for others, this is tantamount to instant death, it is better to die here and immediately than to say goodbye to these two most precious people for him.

He will not be able to relive the feelings of loss again!

“Brother Fan … I’ll do what you say,” Zhang Xiaohou breathed heavily.

Mo Fan remained silent for a long time, he looked intently at the bridges, as if he wanted to see some clue, but everything remained the same, and any path was equivalent.

“Fan Gu, are all the bridges of death the same?” – asked Mo Fan.

Finally, Mo Fan realized that it was simply impossible to choose, and no matter what the choice was, it would be too difficult to accept.

“I’m not sure, I think that there are monsters at the commander’s level, who lurked in the zombie depths, or powerful magic of the curse, much more powerful than spiritual torture … Emperor, said Fan Gu.

After the words of Fan Gu, Mo Fan’s eyes lit up, as if he understood everything and decided everything.

Mo Fan looked at Liu Zhu, she turned away, and not waiting for him to ask her, said: “I will do what you say.”

Mo Fan nodded, and pointed to the bridge: “Then we will go over this bridge, together.”

Fan Gu was surprised by Mo Fan’s choice, he did not understand why Mo Fan suddenly decided to choose this bridge, knowing that if everyone goes on different bridges, the probability of success will increase, doesn’t he care about the fate of millions of city dwellers?

– Are you sure? – seriously asked Fan Gu.

“I don’t understand why it’s necessary to follow his rules, he already died two thousand years ago, and even if he had some outstanding skills, it’s still not a fact that everything works like a clock, and even if the path turns out to be disastrous , but this does not mean that we die! – answered Mo Fan.

After listening to him, Phan Gu laughed bitterly: “Your thought is not bad, but only if everything is in reality.”

Mo Fan shrugged his shoulders: “It doesn’t matter, I’m not going to follow the rules of a dead man, and we will either reach the end together or die!”

Mo Fan has already gone ahead, not wanting to waste time anymore, and just a little better is better to spend it on solving problems in the way of death.

“Nice, then I won’t go with you, good luck,” said Fan Gu.

Behind the bronze mirror, high-ranking officials were extremely surprised.

They absolutely did not want Mo Fan with the company to go on one bridge, this maximally reduced the probability of success, was only pleased that Phan Gu went on another bridge and the probability of one-tenth increased to one-fifth.

One-fifth was also an extremely slim chance of success. Well, if so, then only God will help the ancient capital.

Moving along the white bridge, the four have already plunged into darkness.

Turning my head back, there was no longer a cliff, there was still the same darkness in front, a black whirlwind was blowing from behind, and it seemed as if the bridge could fall into the abyss at any moment …

– Why is there nothing? – in panic said Su Xiao Lo.

She was a resident of a dangerous village, and heard about the bridges of nine deaths and one life, she was not as brave and ready to tear down ancient bans as Mo Fan, because she thought they chose the bridge of death and went to certain death!

– Does it make sense for us to go back now? – quietly asked Liu Zhu.

“Probably not, the ancient emperor perfectly mastered the element of space, and since we entered the bridge, we no longer have a way back,” said Zhang Xiaohou.

“I have already decided that there is no point in returning …” said Mo Fan.

“Brother Fan, you decided to move ahead decisively,” said Zhang Xiaohou.

– Decisiveness is an idle talk. Indeed, until we reach the altar, it still means that we are walking along the bridge of death. But the spirit should raise the fact that we are still alive, and no matter what awaits us ahead, I am sure that together we are stronger! Said Mo Fan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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