Chapter 667. Rain of the Undead.


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There was nothing on the bridge. And the further they moved, the more they began to fear.

But the worst thing is that until now Mo Fan and other magicians still did not know what kind of bridge it is – life or death. They all walked and walked, this bridge had no end.

Mo Fan has already received in full, fulfilling a plan to penetrate the tomb. They walked along the bridge for a very long time, but nothing happened. If this is true death bridge, then why not see any demons and evil spirits. What was the point of creating this never-ending bridge!

Mo Fan used to curse himself, but the most interesting thing was that the emperor seemed to have heard his curses. And ahead, something silver appeared on the bridge. Going a little further, Mo Fan realized that this is a silver wall mirror! This mirror was very strange. It was located in the middle of the bridge, and silver ripples appeared on its surface. It feels like it was a door to another world!

“Mo Fan, look back,” Zhang Xiao Hou suddenly said.

Mo Fan still thought that this mirror was an underground passage to the tomb, but when he heard Zhang Xiao Hou, he turned around. The section of the bridge that they had already passed suddenly disappeared in a strange way!

And in the place where there was an arched bridge, a piercing black wind blew in full force. And the speed of his approach to the magicians became faster and faster.

“Fuck, what the fuck is this?” – swore Mo Fan.

The black wind was advancing more and more, without letting the magicians examine the silver mirror. Four magicians trying with all their might, in one breath attacked the mirror!

However, the mirror was a spatial tunnel. Having entered it, they were carried in a turbulent flow. They rushed to no one knows where …

Mo Fang was dizzy, opening his eyes, he saw only chaos. It feels like he was rolling on a very smooth plumbing!


– Aaaaaaaaaa

Four mages shouted in one voice. Suddenly, a silver spiral whirlpool suddenly appeared in the air. Two guys and two girls flew out of this whirlpool, falling to the ground.

This whirlpool was at a decent distance from the ground, but they did not react to it. They specifically waited for them to fall on hard limestone, only then Zhang Xiao Hou and Mo Fan set in motion magic.

There was a hard, wet surface underfoot that looked like limestone.

The ground was gray and dry, completely covered with cracks. No plant grew on it.

“This … this looks like an altar.” – Su Xiao Luo looked around, her face turned white.

This is not an altar … This meant that they were walking along the bridge of death!

– This is some other space. In the end, how many spaces did this emperor build in his tomb? – Mo Fan also looked around and found that what they were standing on was a small piece of earth.

This piece of land was not wide, raising his head, one could see the sky. And it was still possible to see where the beginning of this limestone surface was.

– Is it really a prison in which we will have to rot until the end of our days? “Zhang Xiao Hou also noticed that there was nothing else besides this small piece of land and firmament.”

There were no animals or plants. Lightning flashed in the sky from time to time, making the magicians reluctant to believe that they were still alive.

– So what do we do? Liu Zhu asked.

It was obvious that it was the bridge of death, which led them into a very strange space.

I recently read books related to the magic of the space level. Space as such cannot have an entrance or an exit. But here the air thickened, so there must be a way out. And if there is no entrance, no exit – this is a deadly space. Such a space is tantamount to chaos, that is, it should not exist. -Mo Fan replied.

Zhang Xiao Hou, Liu Zhu, Su Xiao Luo did not really understand what they heard.

Mo Fan saw their confused appearance, therefore he said: “In order for a separate space to exist, entrance and exit must be made. That is, there should definitely be a way out here, so calm down. ”

Mages believed the words of Mo Fan, going forward. But it was strange that they saw that there was still a gray earth ahead, but could not move forward, as if they were beating against an invisible air wall!

Mo Fan tried to use magic. But the fire seemed to run into an obstacle and could not go further. Mages could not pass through this air wall.

Mo Fan tried to use the shadow, but she also could not pass.

– Let’s change the direction – decided Su Xiao Luo.

They changed direction, but on this side suddenly something sparking silver light appeared!

– This is a mirror. There is a way out! – happily shouted Mo Fan.

Space has its own rules, Mo Fan was firmly convinced that there must be a way out, but he didn’t think that they would find it that easy!

From here it is quite close to the exit, about 400-500 meters, would be more likely to walk …

It seems like there is something in the sky … Hey, is this a silver whirlpool ?! -w Liu Zhu had very sharp eyesight, she quickly noticed something strange in the sky.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw that a silver whirlpool appeared in the sky, as if it were a cloud. However, this thing began to spin slowly …

Silver wheel. Mo Fan didn’t even know what that thing was. And once you have found a way out, you should rather run to him.

– Look! Something falls down! – Liu Zhu suddenly started screaming, pointing to a silvery whirlpool.

– Something black … What is it? “It’s like rain …” said Su Xiao Luo.

Mo Fan understood very quickly, and when he saw something falling from the whirlpool in the sky, like rain, his face immediately became serious!

– This is the undead !!! – Liu Zhu finally saw these creatures, constantly falling from the silver whirlpool and at the same moment screamed out of fear.

– Undead … How many of them! – Su Xiao Luo could not believe her eyes.

She looked at the ground ahead, these creatures fell there, rose and began to move towards them.

Undead … Around one undead …

That which fell from the silver whirlpool was the rain of the undead, one by one the corpses, skeletons, demons fell like rain from the sky. They, like magicians, flew out of this whirlpool to the ground. In their eyes was read hatred for people …

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