Chapter 669. The Road to Life!


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The rain did not stop, people in the bell tower kept silence in grief from the news of the bridge of death. But soon they again received a message, from which it was difficult to maintain emotional balance.

– More than half of the magicians from the second military detachment died, from the third detachment of hunters only 70-80 people survived, the magicians of the elite guards are under siege from the rocky tyrant – such news was given by the magician of elite guards.

“Oh, so many people died, and even these four were on the bridge of death …” after hearing this news, Lin Si said.

– If we had better maintained combat power, we could have survived. The zombies are slowly moving towards the inner walls … So the black church did not bluff. We have lost so many people, now it is very difficult to guard the inner wall … – said Chu Jia.

– Do you think now it still makes sense to talk about it? We fell into a very difficult position … And in vain we underestimated the black church. If the magical association, the league of hunters, the military and simple magicians had previously opposed the black church, then all this would not exist now. I don’t think the black church was bluffing. A zombie-deep indeed comes. But more than that, under the zombie-depths there really is an imperial tomb. The moment of death is approaching … – Du Xiao replied to the words of Chu Jia.

Chu Jia did not want to hear it, yet there wasn’t enough to quarrel with Du Xiao at that time.

Doo Xiao stepped aside, wings appeared on his back. On the wings was a big dent. Obviously, he was injured.

– Where are you going? Chu Jia asked immediately.

– I have already rested, I will go to save people. – having said this, Du Xiao flapped his wings and flew.

His flight speed was very fast. It was visible, as wings rose in a veil of a rain. Soon, Du Xiao disappeared from the view of the other magicians.



Death bridge

The silver swirl has finally disappeared. Scum no longer fell from the sky. Mages were surrounded by a crowd of ugly, fierce monsters, the faces of Su Xiao Luo and Liu Zhu turned pale.

Despite the fact that they saw a more numerous detachment of evil spirits, and also experienced a heroic breakthrough through this very evil, at that moment they were guarded by very powerful magicians. Now in this space there was no one but four of them.

Four people … Only four …

Zhang Xiao Hou was a mid-level magician, Mo Fan had just become a high-level magician. But without building a constellation and an elemental star system, it will not be possible to activate high-level magic. This transition to another level greatly increased the magical energy, that’s all. But with the help of this it was impossible to confront a huge squad of evil spirits!

“Brother Fan …” There were beads of sweat on Zhang Xiao Hou’s forehead.

The number of evil spirits went beyond his imagination. This is more than he met on the pond of Xian. Nearly two thousand creatures … That’s enough to become a huge stream that swallows their four …

– Agile wolf, little heterie – appear! “Mo Fan, without further ado, began to build a constellation and an elemental star constellation system.

Called animals immediately appeared. This meant that the situation was very dangerous. Mo Fang will have to make every effort!

The agile wolf quickly turned up near Mo Fan. The wolf’s hair stirred from the devilish wind and dead breath. He bared his white fangs, they were almost up to his chin!

– Guard the girls! – ordered Mo Fan to the agile wolf.

Liu Zhu is still nothing, she knew how to fight like even an agile wolf could not. But Su Xiao Luo needed protection. She was a poison-level mage. The level of her practical magic was not very high. All her energy goes to the preparation of medicines.

Zhang Xiao Hou, seeing Mo Fang, no longer chatted in vain. Knowing that he is in a more serious position.

In fact, meeting with so many evil spirits was a dead end for them. One could only rejoice that Mo Fan became a high-level magician of the fire element.

– Little Hetera, go for Zhang Xiao Hou. – said Mo Fan a little hetero, seeing her next to him.

“Brother Fan, I don’t …

– Do as I said. – Mo Fan didn’t let Zhang Xiao Hou finish speaking.

Zhang Xiao Hou only opened his mouth, but did not have time to say anything.

– Come on! – Liu Zhu said in a low voice.

Undead quickly breathed the breath of living people. Making a terrible sound, from slowly wandering on the ground, they turned into unrestrained rushing creatures, who rushed forward in the fight for the victim.

The corpses were very greedy, rushing forward to the wizards. Because of this, a large number of cracks formed on hard soil.

Mo Fan sighed deeply, his right fist began to burn with a bright red raging flame. Tongues of flame swayed in the air.

He waited until the very first corpses entered the limits of his flaming fist.

“This is the bridge of death … We can die here …” Su Xiao Lo bit her lips, saying these words quietly.

Death bridge This is the bridge of death, where a huge number of evil spirits, and only four of them …

They may die, people inside the walls will die too. You cannot run away from death … Everyone will die before dawn, and the celebration that this crazy Salan is waiting for will occur.

– The road to life, break through !!!! “Mo Fan, without turning his head, shouted it to Su Xiao Luo, who could not protect herself.

– Flaming fist!

Fire broke out, Mo Fan released a fiery fist, you could see nine fire dragons hovering over gray limestone earth. Twisting in wild fire, the dragons headed towards the evil spirits that were ahead.

This evil spirits in front of them numbered 50-60 beasts, they belonged to different corpse types, and their speed was very fast.

When the fire dragons took off, the corpses immediately rushed sideways, trying to avoid the blows of nine dragons.

The fire dragons were not stupid and did not fly straight. The temperature of the fire coming out of their bodies was very high. It was enough for the fire to meet with the bodies of the corpses, as they immediately ignited.

Nine dragons of a flaming fist covered a huge territory with fire, 60 corpses could not sneak away, being absorbed by nine dragons.

The dust of the corpses flew up like black dust.

Mo Fan stopped, a new elemental system appeared …

Before that, a crowd of magicians made their way through the ocean of evil to a zombie depth, but today Mo Fan, relying only on himself, made his way to life on this bridge of death!

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