Chapter 67: Demon King’s true value


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“… Anos, my mother…”

In the middle of words, the footage of Putsch and Ray is interrupted.

The magic of Remote Clairvoyance was erased.

“Hmm. Did you cut the magic in a hurry? But it’s too late, Melhayce.”

“Fulfill it, will it? Inside is my territory. I don’t know how much you are, but you can’t come and go in dimensions without any landmarks.”

Once again, a wall of Four Realms appears around me.

“This street, we have enough storage for < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yeven) >. Do you think Ray Grandsdry, who has now lost his sword, has the means to prevent this? Now that we’ve cut Remote Clairvoyance, we won’t be able to trace its magic and deploy anti-magic to the dimension he’s in.”


“You see. The hostages have just changed. Your actions and those of Ray Grandsdry were all in vain. His mother died in vain.”

“Hmm. But it’s true that thanks to that waste of yours, we have a little leeway. I have the means to attack you, even from here.”

“Let’s be just as haphazard earlier. I won’t be fooled anymore. If you’re willing to live up to your contract, save Ray Gransdry’s life.”

In front of me, the magic of Contract unfolds.

Instead of offering all of the magic, it says things like don’t get your hands on Ray.

“Let’s wait three seconds. Three.”

Melhayce counts the numbers as threatening.


“Hmm. Look behind you, Melhayce”

“I’m not getting on that hand. One.”

Ignore my words, he said.

“Ze-goo… but…!?

“Advice is for listening. I got you, Melhace.

I immediately captured his magic and transferred beyond the dimension.

The landscape stains bright white and shows Melhayce in front of him.

His right shoulder was tightened by my severed left arm.

“… Impossible… If you get slashed with Initio, the magic shouldn’t go through for a while… What kind of magic do you imitate this…?

“Magic? What are you saying? Did you ever think you wouldn’t move as long as my arm was severed?

“……………… Ku, I don’t know if I’m going that far off track……”

Opening the Magic Gate, Merhayce moves out of the scene to escape.

I followed it in.

Melhace appeared in another dimension, and soon I moved there.

“No matter where you run, you’ll soon find out what to do with that arm.”

If it is marked with magic, it can be moved in. It’s a hassle to get away with. I was looking for an opportunity to catch him with my left arm so he wouldn’t get alarmed.

“Well. What about that?

Tell him to provoke, and once again Melhayce disappears into the Magic Gate.

Immediately I used Metastasis.

In the next moment, it was the pitch-black Aurora that was in sight.

Different digits were found there.

And it just ripped my fangs off.

I fight that Aurora, who pushed me like an angry one, with anti-magic.

Bashun, and the magic bounced. A fierce noise sounded like a flying

“This is the vault of the captured”

If you gaze at the demonic eye, on the other side of the black Aurora, there was Melhayce.

Only one corner of it is a safety zone without the Four Walls (Beno Yeven).

“I have only the means to escape at the earliest, so blind, and it is with all my luck that I have pursued them without vigilance. It’s over, Master Anos. We’re finally ready to take you down.”

Melhayce waves Wang Xuan.

The magic is mounted on the surrounding < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) > and compressed around me.

The wall that divided the world into four parts surrounds me and tries to crush me.

“Sounds like your chronic mind has gone too far. Without knowing that your magic had waited long enough to fall short of the magic I had stored, you could defeat me at any time. Let me teach you a souvenir of the underworld. Your arrogance is the cause of your loss.”

Sometimes it’s hard to say how to just keep a big mouth shut.

Loosen the anti-magic, it was so powerful that it seemed to wipe out in an instant.

“It’s no use. It’s a good idea. You have been siphoned half of your magic by. Plus, if you think about the magic you’ve drained up to now, the rest is about 30%. And half the magic I’ve sucked from you is stored in this king.”

Magic plays, my anti-magic is destroyed one after the other.

“If you have the same owner, if 50% and 30% of your magic twist together, then let your child know which one wins. And if you put my magic on 50% of that magic, you will win!!

Even if all magic can be infused into anti-magic, it will be compressed as if it were to crush it. The Aurora of Darkness has become the sphere that covers me, shrinking momentarily and its area.

“This is it. I thought it would vanish in an instant, but that’s the Demon King of Atrocities, something like that? But we don’t have much more magic left.”

Now all that magic is poured into the Wall of the Four Kingdoms (Beno Yevn) at once, from Merhays and from Wang Xuan.

Aurora, transformed into a black sphere, forces each of my anti-magic to contract as she sheds a disastrous light.

“Goodbye, Lord Anos Voldigord, Demon King of Atrocities”

Several beams of light leak from the < Four Realms Wall (Beno Yevn) >, which is compressed and too dense to hold the sphere.

And the next moment, it triggered a big black explosion.

“Your time is over. No, it was over. Two thousand years ago.”

The black explosion subsides and the Aurora disappears snugly.

As immersed in the aftermath of the victory, Melhayce was watching the sight.

“Hmm. I’d love to hear more about the area.”

To that voice, Melhayce opens her eyes.


Eventually, the light and aurora disappear completely.

I stood calmly in the heart of the Four Walls.

One scratch, no pain.

“Hey, why…?

I don’t understand what’s going on. Melhayce squeaks.

“What, you’re finally getting used to your post-rebirth body?”

Melhayce has a stunned look on her face and opens her mouth gently.


Looks like he said he couldn’t believe it, and he leaked the word weakly.

“… you mean you hadn’t been able to show the truth…… no… such an idiot……!? Previously, while keeping all that magic… while showing off all that help, he said he hadn’t regained his pre-reincarnation magic yet…!?

“Like you said, until just now, less than a tenth of a dozen things.”

“… enough………………………………………………………”

Melhayce groans with a desperate look so much that she even feels pity.

In short, less than 10% of the magic Melhayce took from me.

“You shouldn’t have bought time, you should have fought before I got used to this body”

I lay my hands on the spot.

With magic now, you can.

At the tip of your palm, black light particles stand up.

At the next moment, the grains of light increased countlessly and filled the indoors.

“… This is the 3D magic formation of the Delzo Gate…? That shouldn’t be… This place should be isolated in another dimension…”

“Come, Venuzdonoa”

Responding to my call, the countless black particles that rise, all of them concentrate to their feet.

What appeared was a shadow in the form of a sword. There are no objects projecting it, only shadows exist.

“You said it was futile, Melhaven. Think about it.”

The shadow sword slowly rose into the universe so that it could be drawn to my hand.

“I’ll tell you what a real waste looks like.”

Melhayce just looks at the sight in front of her with such a look that she can’t believe that my words are not in her ears.

“… what the hell… on what grounds…?

“It doesn’t get into the number of things, such as magically made distances and dimensions. Every reason (proverb) belongs to nothing before the sword of destruction. It’s useless to think that you can do it, you can do it, etc.”

Hand the pattern.

At that moment, the shadow flipped and the dark long sword appeared there.

“Just destroy the enemy in front of me. That’s the only reason I was allowed before Venuzdonoa.”

“…… Yikes, there can’t be any such unreasonable magic with a tyrant demon king……!!

Melhayce made a magic gate in front of her.

It’s a luxurious gate with a different appearance.

“Well, absolute space.”

“It’s the left. Beyond this gate is an absolute territory where only the operator can enter. It is impossible to defeat me in”

The Magic Gate opens and Melhayce disappears into it.

“I will pull back at this for today, Master Anos. The next step will be to work out a ploy to defeat you after putting your strength into full calculation. Enjoy.”

I’ll put Venuzdonore loosely on the lower level.

I’m sorry, Melhayce.

Slashed and tore right in front of me with the Rigid Sword.

The space cracks in two and peels off.

In that dimension, which was thus dewy, was the figure of Melhayce.

“… hey… why…? Absolute space is a place completely isolated from the world… you can’t interfere yourself from that side, but you can rip it apart…”

“There is no reason before the Righteous Sword.”

Slowly I walk to Merhayce and wave Venuzdonore.

Merhayce scolded it on the brink.

But he slashes and rips his legs off, and he rolls down the ground.


“Did you think you could avoid it to the extent that you did?”

“… no… where is such reasoning…!?

He unfolded the Magic Gate again. That’s more than a few thousand now, too.

“… it is certainly a demon sword to fear, but it cannot escape being a sword. It’s no good slashing down all these magic gates at once……!

I guess you’re going to use a ton of magic gates in your pockets and use one of them to escape.

But it happened right after that.

Over thousands of magic gates were cut at a time and scattered in pieces.

“Ko………… this is… why…? When did you slaughter…?

“If I hadn’t slashed him, I wouldn’t have cut him off.”

“… if… horses, deer, na…”

I approach Melhayce loosely, like I don’t understand.

“… Impossible… This could… be possible…”

At the earliest possible moment, I stood by Melhayce, who was immobile, and I looked down at him from the height.

The look was just stained with fear and despair.

“Engrave it on its little witty head. This is the real waste.”

I stabbed Venuzdonore in the head of Melhayce.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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