Chapter 670. High Level Transformations.


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The black dust particles in the air gradually began to disperse, and Mo Fan involuntarily took a deep breath.

Of course, with his magic Mo Fan destroyed much less undead than it had accumulated in the bowels of the earth for two thousand years, but he could not just stand and wait for his death!

However, this was given to him quite happily, because now he was a high-level magician!

Mo Fan, with a large leap, headed straight for a cluster of undead.

There was so much of the undead that it really represented a threat to the lives of all those present. Mo Fan did not hope that the ghouls would not attack them, so he was the first to move forward.

Zhang Xiao Hou was surprised when he saw Mo Fang’s silhouette in the midst of the ghouls.

Mo Fang’s speed was so fast that it could be compared to the speed of entry-level wind magic!

With a breakthrough to a high level, the magician becomes not only more powerful, his body also improves qualitatively – this gives an advantage not only in the battle with the animals of the commander-in-chief level, but also helps in close combat.

Now, Mo Fan could fully sense all the changes. Previously, the nebula gave a slight enhancement to his body, and when spending magical energy, his physical condition soon became the same as that of an ordinary person.

With the achievement of a high level, absolutely everything changed: jumping, running, the ability to hide – everything moved to a qualitatively new level. In such a situation, he could now safely go straight to the undead cluster!

Even in the palace chambers, Mo Fan could feel his complete rebirth!

Fiery eruptions appeared on Mo Phos’s two palms in the blink of an eye!

Mo Fan’s speed was already above the servant’s ghoul’s reaction rate. He quickly landed between two toxic rotting corpses, sweeping both of them with his flame …

Leaving the flames, Mo Fan was already moving fast, and the ghouls remained in the same places, engulfed in fire!

The fourth stage fire emissions easily burned down this undead servant level. If they were even closer to each other, then the two of them would have been enough one shot.

The fire behind Mo Fan seized the skeletons that were nearby, and Mo Fan managed only to smell the strong breath of death coming from one of them.

It was the skeleton of the level of the leader of the pack, which, by its build, was like a ten-year-old child, which made it very difficult for an undead crowd to notice it. Mo Fan, of course, could not immediately understand what was special about this type of monsters, however, being a high-level magician now, he could smell the death that he could even distinguish among a crowd of undead who numbered more than a hundred individuals.

– Thorns of the shadow! “Mo Fan sent the shadow magic right to the skeleton.”

A spike of shadow, similar to a sharp projectile, flew out of Mo Fan’s hand and sank directly into the body of the skeleton, who thought he had managed to escape.

This skeleton belonged to the minor governors, so its power could not be compared with the force of the same clumsy governor. The thorn of the shadow, stuck in his skeleton, immediately immobilized him, tightly paralyzing all parts of the body!

At that time, while Mo Fan was firing magic against this skeleton, four more white skeleton swordsmen appeared from the sides. Their hands, which had already become sharp cutting tools, were ready for battle. They began to attack Mo Fan in different parts of the body: two projectile targets were aimed at the head, three at his chest, the other few at his limbs …

Mo Fan only wanted to deal with this little skeletal commander, but he didn’t know that there was a guard with such guns next to him!

The power of lightning!

Mo Fan’s both hands were now surrounded by electrical discharges that made a characteristic crackling sound around him.

– Seal of lightning!

Lightning began to creep away in all directions, forming an electric field within a radius of twenty meters around Mo Fan.

The eight white swordtail skeletons who were going to attack Mo Fan, were now paralyzed by the magic of lightning!

The lightning element is indeed a very cruel element! As a result of the long cultivation, Mo Fan learned to create such an electric field that would be disastrous for everyone around, but absolutely safe for him! In the end, four of the eight attacking skeletons were killed dead!

Only lightning magic can have such destructive power at the initial level!

*** Crack ***

The wind began to gather over Mo Fan, turning into a whirlwind!

The wind disc with green sharp tips literally ground all the skeletons and rotting corpses that they managed to accumulate around Mo Fan, as if in a meat grinder! Only drops of blood and bone fragments scattered in all directions!

Mo Fan, without even turning around, knew that it was a work of art of Zhang Xiao Hou! Now he could calmly continue to deal with this petty governor!

Creatures of the level of the leader of the pack are a hidden danger, as they can attack, being directly in the crowd of their own kind. If the magician does not have good protection, then there is a high risk of being killed by such an attack …

– Die!

Mo Fan went straight to this petty voivode and hit his head with a burning fist.

This fist was so powerful that with its gushing effect it threw the skeleton to a distance of fifty meters!

At this distance there were already other Skeleton skeletons, which were simply erased by the ensuing fire!

Of course, to destroy such a shallow governor, one could not resort to such powerful magic …


At the site of the remains of the petty governor, there was a demonic growling of a werewolf that reached ten meters in size!

Ten meters … it’s like a three-story building! The breath that came from this being was much more intense than that which came from shallow. Even the wind that was created from this growl, uttered torment!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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