Chapter 671. Battle without stopping (part 1).


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This demon * (the name “werewolf” is also encountered) did not directly attack Mo Fan, however, he began to convene around him all the undead of lower rank.

Now all the undead began to arrive here, gritting their teeth, and emitting poisonous gases …

Mo Fan, seeing such a crowd of undead, was not at all embarrassed.

– Fire rose / flaming fist – nine palaces!

The stone surface around it began to shake, and, although nine columns of fire had not yet appeared, it was already possible to see seething in the places of cracks!




Fire columns began to rise one after another … They were so powerful that they looked like big trees! Inside they were filled with fiery magma!

Between the fiery pillars there were also numerous flames that twisted in a hot whirlwind. The dead, which for thousands of years lay in the ground, were clearly not ready for such a high-temperature regime, so they did not have the slightest chance of survival!

Skeletons turned to ash, rotting corpses became pieces of coal, and werewolves simply dispelled in the wind. Now, the undead servant level was of no interest and danger to Mo Fan.

So with one blazing fist, the magician destroyed more than thirty ghouls! All their souls fell into a dark talisman, where they formed one spiritual entity, to which Mo Fan did not pay any attention. He didn’t pay attention to how the wave of pests-governor approached him, that they could attack with poisonous emissions.

Poison is what Mo Fan hated most. And although the toxic creatures could not greatly affect the magician of a high level, but their poison could harm the body of the magician.

Cadaveric toxins, poisons, and claws are something that Mo Fan could not attack directly. At that moment, when a toxic outburst flew into him, Mo Fan quickly turned into a black shadow and headed to where it was more spacious.

– Leave me! – heard the voice of Su Xiao Luo from somewhere.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw that green toxic emissions are being absorbed by something that originated from Su Xiao Luo’s location.

Su Xiao Lo’s palm was wide open, and above it was a small whirlwind, which absorbed the spilled poison! Even poisonous rain was no longer scary!

Mo Fan rarely met the magicians of the elements of the poison, and now he looked at how Su Xiao Luo easily absorbed the corpse poison, and there was not even a hint of any emotion on her face.

Now that the corpse poison had not threatened him, Mo Fan could continue to release his magic.

Mo Fan could easily dodge the claws of the ghouls for some time, as he had bloody boots!

Mo Fan made a leap back, and the five ghouls that chased after him, as a result, just ran into each other.

The magician, taking advantage of this opportunity, sent the lightning magic to the crowd of the undead.

On his right hand the flame again lit up, which lit up his calm face …

A fiery burst of flying on these creatures, who were paralyzed by lightning magic, shredding them into pieces!

Now, Mo Fan could fully experience the whole difference between medium and high magic. Previously, in order to release the magic of the initial level, he needed to concentrate, but now it was released instantly! And now the creature level servants, even with a numerical advantage, did not represent for him absolutely no threat!


Now the battle was entered by a besvoevod, who was extremely dissatisfied with his retinue being shredded into pieces!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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