Chapter 672. Battle without stopping (part 2).


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Lightning flashed, penetrating and explosive forces formed holes on the face and head of the devil.

This demon-governor had two faces, one face was the same as people, but the other was rotting, covered with scars. But after a thunder and lightning strike, festering wounds appeared on both faces, fresh blood flowed from the cheeks of this two-faced imp-warlord. Surely new wounds, bleeding, will soon turn into terrible scars, as in the second person.

Obviously, this two-faced bes-voivod did not want his first face to be as terrible as the second, which festered to such an extent that one could see the skull with an eyeball that was about to fall out. The sight was terrible, from what he saw hair stood on end.

* Growl *

Bes-voivod roared that there is urine, starting to approach in huge steps.

Mo Fan quickly bounced to the side. This time the besvoevod attacked so hard that he was ready to trample with his huge scabbards. The solid surface of the earth shattered into pieces under this ferocious demon!

Mo Fan did not have time to dodge and was almost crushed by this two-faced demon-commander, but suddenly turned into a shadow that split in two, now these two shadows hid under the demon’s feet.

In the eyes of the demon-governor, Mo Fang’s split into two shadows was not unusual. It seemed to him that he had crushed a black cockroach. But the fact that he was unable to understand without a warlord, how did it make two of one crushed cockroach?

When the bes-commander still guessed which one was the real Mo Fan, the magician was already 50 meters away from the demon. Mo Fan released thunder and lightning, which was stronger than the previous one and sent it to the top of the two-faced imp-warlord!

The head of a two-faced demon almost split in two from a lightning strike. The brain began to flow out of the hole in the head. One half of the head hung down, becoming like an already hanging eyeball.

The two faces were shaken from the electric charge. The power of the lightning was very powerful; from such a lightning, even the bones shake. And the body of this demon-governor was huge and strong. And this multi-ton body, resting on the bones, as if on a skeleton, shook in the air!

The lightning descended again, but this time the two-faced besvoevoda could not stand on his feet. He fell to his knees on the hard surface of the earth.

Continuous peals of thunder violently fell to the ground. Mo Fan did not hope that this warlord would last very long.

Lightning struck the evil spirits, this two-faced un-warlord changed beyond recognition: his whole body was festering, charred, bleeding. But this monster did not know what pain was. Having regained his strength, he again went to Mo Fang to destroy him! Two of his huge paws released black claws.

“Your corpse crystal is here!” – Mo Fan stood in the same place, not even trying to dodge the demon.

The belly of the two-faced demon-governor struck with lightning, in that charred hole a brilliant crystal was clearly visible. The best way to kill evil spirits is to destroy its cadaveric crystal. This crystal was the Achilles heel!

There were not many monsters at the commander-in-chief level that could withstand Mo Fan’s passion dance. But even those did not know that the two-faced un-voivod had already shown their weak spot!

– Flaming fist!

The fire went to a tall two-faced demon voivode, red flames beat up. Mo Fan created a circle of raging flames, becoming its center!

The raging flame turned into a long fist wrapped in flames and this fist hit the hole in the belly of the imp-warlord!

In the belly of a two-faced demon, a whole fiery fist was placed, and the force of the blow of this fist was not only able to break a cadaveric crystal, but also reached the back wall of its belly!

After the cadaveric crystal was broken, this two-faced warlord turned into a pile of meat and bones. The raging flame burned violently in the place from which this creature used to release claws. In seconds, the ten-meter hulk turned to ash.


“This Mo Fan … How strong he is!” – suddenly said a mysterious gray-white.

At this moment, looking through a bronze mirror, one could see 100-200 corpses of evil, among which there were two levels of the leader of the pack. Mo Fan interrupted so many beasts in one fell swoop – an ordinary average level magician could not do such a thing!

– He has not yet shown his full strength. Said Zuo Feng at the same time.

Zuo Feng witnessed with his own eyes the power of Mo Fang’s flaming fist, and how he attacked the commander-in-chief carcasses. And if Mo Fan used the power of a flaming fist of a high level, he could kill this evil in one second.

And now, despite the fact that the silver maelstrom brought a two-thousand crowd of evil spirits, Zuo Feng thought that the magicians had hope to survive!

– Did you not notice something? – said Lin Si at this moment.

– What is not noticed?

“He has … he has four elements …” said Lin Si.

“A flaming fist, a thunderbolt and a thunderbolt, a swallow up by the shadow … And he called for two draft animals. Oh my God! He really has four elements! – Zuo Feng suddenly screamed in surprise.

Four elements! The element of lightning, the element of fire, the element of appeal and the element of shadow!

The fact that Mo Fan has two elements from birth, magicians have also been heard. But they did not think that the average level magician could have four elements!

– That is, with each increase to the level, it awakens two elements? He had just become a high-level mage, but isn’t he a one? … – Lu Xu was stunned.

When the magicians learned that these four were on the bridge of death, they did not hope that the young magicians would be able to resist the two-thousand crowd of evil spirits. But when she saw Mo Fan in the battle, they unwittingly became interested in his power, and at that moment, when female magician Lin Xi suddenly uttered this phrase, everyone immediately realized what was happening.

Four elements !!!

It is not surprising that he can easily fight among evil spirits. The number of levels it controls is the same as that of high-level magicians!

“If it was another magician, then all would be lost.” But this evil will not stop Mo Fan! Said Yao Nan.

Han Ji also saw for the first time how Mo Fan used all his power, his eyes sparkled with joy.

No wonder they admired this young magician. As a mid-level magician, he ALREADY possesses four elements, while these top-level magicians possess ELSE only four elements!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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