Chapter 673. The strategy of the magicians during the battle.


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– Fire heterie, to me!

The little heterodox, making his usual ringing sound, as if a fiery demon flashed through the flames.

Fiery hetero perched on the chest of Mo Fan, forcing his flesh to burn even stronger.

The flames inflamed on Mo Fan’s body so that it formed a whole fiery chain mail that burned as bright as his eyes!

– Blown fist – nine dragons!

The fire has become even more violent … the flame of nine dragons now left absolutely no chance for the undead!

When the flames fell on the body of the governor, it also engulfed more than a hundred individuals of the undead who were near him!

The flame of nine dragons is so powerful that in a matter of seconds it turned into ashes the undead level of the leader of the pack and over a hundred of his charges! The effect of magic was more like a higher level!

Is it really just mid-level magic?

A flaming fist has never been so powerful!

In such a short time, kill the governor and more than a hundred ghouls !!! Here it is – the true power of a high level magician!

Zuo Feng, seeing Mo Fang’s burning fist, smiled. This high-level magic really was destructively like its top-level fire magic! And Mo Fan-something, not a simple magician!

– The undead still remained on the sides, however, if the four of them join their efforts, then nothing threatens them! Said the short man.

Short and so knew about the outstanding abilities of Mo Fan, however, this his current flaming fist simply amazed! Even the creature of the commander-in-chief level will not stand against such a blow!

– His contract beast is very specific. Referring to a certain element, the fiery hetero can significantly enhance the fire magic of its master …, – said Han Ji, who was very interested in the element of appeal.

Fire Hetera!

Perhaps most people were not aware of this type of creature, but Han Ji was well aware of all the peculiarities of the fiery stragglers that they had originally lived on the northern hot plain. He couldn’t even think that Mo Fan could have such a creature that magicians of the highest level don’t even dare to dream of!

The presence of such a elemental creature undoubtedly favorably affects the magic of the wizard. Needless to say that now the magic of the fire of the average level of Mo Fanya surpassed all imaginable and inconceivable expectations.

– Yes…. This is his fourth-fiery fist! Since he and all types of initial magic have the fourth step, then I can not even imagine where he got so many spiritual entities … He is also the magician of the four elements – really amazing! – said Lu Xu.

– And the truth is unpredictable! So we still have hope! Everyone still has hope! – Happily said one of the elite security mages.

“It’s not for nothing that we donated so many …”

Through the mirror, they distinctly saw Mo Fan fighting in the crowd of undead. The ability of his one was equal to the power of a whole group of medium-level magicians!

However, not only Mo Fang’s forces were striking: Zhang Xiao Hou and Liu Zhu also did not sit on the sidelines. Xiao Hou, using his magic of wind and earth, could instantly destroy a crowd of undead!

This separation of magical power was very important. In the meantime, while Mo Fan was exterminating the undead, being in its midst, Zhang Xiao Hou was insuring him from the sides!

At first, everyone thought that Liu Zhu was also an ordinary magician from Bo, but when they realized that she belonged to bloodsuckers, they were overjoyed: her gentle girlish appearance alternated with the speed of a governor, and the vampire spell could help her in destroying crowds of ghouls!

Mo Fan was worried about the battle, but everything went perfectly: Zhang Xiao Hou covered him from the undead from the side, taking on the ghoul of the level of the pack leader, Liu Zhu also fought nearby …

Everyone thought that two thousand ghouls would erase them into powder, but the undead became smaller: first there were about a thousand, then about eight hundred, then five hundred …

– Thunder – the dance of passion!

Mo Fan ran his hand in the air, and the lightning immediately began to glow with purple light.

An infinite number of undead was immediately destroyed by these lightning, not less than the ghouls underwent powerful vibrations …

Patterns on the body of an agile wolf began to glow, turning him into an even more violent creature. In one fell swoop, the wolf cut through more than ten rotting corpses! Blood sprinkled earth …

* Ding *

Little Hetera also decided to help. She created a fiery wind that, in its power, was not inferior to Mo Fang’s flaming fist! This fiery whirlwind pulled the undead, burning it out like in a furnace!

About 1700-1800 heads of the undead were already destroyed. None of the higher level magicians had even imagined such a quick outcome …

In the midst of the deadly path, chaos raged as a sign of Mo Fan’s transcendental magical power. Perhaps they could really go further now …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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