Chapter 674. Skeletal collapse!


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– I thought that everything, the cover, I could not even imagine that your friend would be so strong, and alone would end up with so many undead! – Su Xiao Lo shone with joy.

Generally speaking, even a strong medium-level magician is able to cope with strength with undead dusk trusts, just like a magician who is just like Mo Fan, when he has just moved to a high level, have approximately the same opportunities!

– Well, of course, whose is it bro! Said Zhang Xiaohou proudly.

Su Xiao Luo looked into his eyes and said: “We need to quickly get away from here, if the zombie abyss somehow overtakes us again, then we’ll definitely be late for the altar.”

– Yeah, you need to hurry … It is impossible, this joke is here again! – A smile froze on Zhang Xiaohou’s face as he looked up.

Mo Fan often breathed heavily, trying to equalize his breath, when he suddenly discovered a ripple in the air, from which his head was slightly spinning.

This ripple emanated from a silver funnel in the air ahead of them!

This silver funnel was even stronger than the previous one, and the effect of it could be felt even from a mile away.

– Still? – Mo Fan looked up and gazed at the silver funnel.

Indeed, the silver funnel appeared as a dark spot in the sky, and layer after layer went down, there was no feeling of a drizzling rain, but a heavy downpour suddenly starting in this area!

A lot of undead, hundreds fell on this path of death, originally Mo Fan thought that after the death of two thousand undead, the silver whirlwind would end, but it still spins and continues to spit out the undead …

Mo Fan with the company did not know the history of this undead, but for high-ranking inside walls it was obvious that this was undead because of the outer wall …

The silver whirlpool appeared without the slightest cause, for the first time its size was no more than a few hundred meters, and the undead from the outer wall got into it no more than one – two thousand. At this time, its size was much larger, about nine hundred meters, even for the vast ocean of the undead, the intake funnel was extremely large.

The silver whirlpool was a turbulent flow of space, and it was very difficult for any creature that got into it to break free, and as a result it fell into another dimension.

Obviously, on the other side of this silvery whirlpool was the space where Mo Fan is with the company!

“Is it possible that heaven favors us by sending a similar silver whirlpool that erases this boundless army of undead …” the military man rejoiced on the wall.

The army of the undead was countless, but not infinite, for the first time more than a thousand undead were drawn into the whirlpool, but the second time was even more amazing, in a few seconds about eight to nine thousand fell into it …

If a couple of similar silver whirlpools appear, it is very possible that you will be able to keep the internal walls!

“God … God …” Zuo Feng and Yao Nan shouted at the same time from fear.

These two stood on the bell tower and looked into the distance, and the sight of sucked skeletons into a silver whirlpool threw them into horror!

In a short time, all the skeletons filled up!

Two quickly took a deep breath, rushed to the terrace of the bell tower.

They still hoped that they would be lucky, and not all the skeletons got there, but everything was clear from the high-ranking officials.

Through the bronze mirror of the evil eye, it was visible how everything was filled with white bones, and from the height one could not see free and ten square meters, it shuddered the high-ranking magicians!

Many, too many!

It was not just a group of skeletons, but a whole ten thousand skeleton army!

Silver maelstrom brought the collapse with him, it only remained to wait and hope!

There are only four of them, only four people …

They were all of the same kind: ten thousand skeletons. When they were standing on a rock, from above they looked like a solid white carpet, where you don’t look, there were skulls of skeletons all around!

The path of death was originally already a disastrous place, no matter how powerful the magician who entered it is, any force that the magician fights against death will be sent back to him tenfold, which ultimately means death!

“I said this from the very beginning, the ancient emperor of the country of ghosts cannot so easily miss people who have embarked on the path of death, he will not allow the weaklings to set foot on his altar …” said Sesan.

“The point here is not whether a person is weak or not, it’s just a horde of skeletons, high-level mages, elite guards cannot cope with them, and none of the mages can cope with them.” I do not want to talk about it … But they are waiting for the sure death! – rose and exclaimed military magician Lu Xu.

At first they thought that the first time the silver whirlpool was the way of death, and the fact that they were able to cope with almost two thousand army of undead was something for the magicians, the second whirlpool turned out to be much more cruel!

“You can remove this mirror of the evil eye and prepare the last flight plan,” Han Ji turned and climbed the stairs to the observation deck.

He is already tired both physically and soul.

Struggling on the edge of despair, in the end, had to give up, from which tears, tears for innocent people died, only turned around.

Having brought to a similar position, the black church won a final victory, and their hopes were overly optimistic.

“Chairman …” the mysterious white called. Everyone was extremely hard to look at the chairman Han Ji.

Everyone with all their heart ached out of town, but for Han Ji it was a blow that was much bigger than for the rest, without his strength it would not have been possible to break through the unclipping of the undead, but the old magician just wanted to either be with the city or die with it!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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