Chapter 675. Distress of the path of death.


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“If you make your way through the undead, too few people will survive, do we really have to do this?”

– If you run through the other gate, then there is at least some hope. Deadly countless. Running away, we simply delay the terrible end, and the city will be destroyed – people will die! Would it make sense that units survive? – breathed out Lu Xu.

– People who previously went on missions have not returned yet. I don’t know about Dusiao, but Zhu Meng, Yao Ting, Shi Zheng … – they are all outside the wall, and they don’t want to leave the city themselves, but want to take with them as much of the city as possible. We are all exhausted, our magical powers are running out, but we have to make a decision … ”said Fei Jiao.

“Maybe it will still work out for him …” said the mysterious stranger in gray-white robes.

– Are you talking about Fan Gu?

The stranger merely nodded his head, without giving a clear answer.

The stability of space is shaken. Sound waves, vibrations, whirlwinds – all this has done its job: palace chambers began to loosen.

Mo Fan did not know what was the basis of this space, but he was well aware that it was about to be destroyed by the skeleton army!

White skeletons with bloody eyes …

Mo Fan’s heart pounded. Even after passing through thousands of ghouls, he did not feel like … – the blood in his veins seemed to freeze.

Zhang Xiao Hou, Liu Zhu, Su Xiao Luo stood behind Mo Fang. The heart of each of them literally jumped out of the chest, and breathing intercepted from the picture, which brought them to gaze.

Now there was only one thought: how can they stay alive ???

– Run! Run! Back! – Mo Fang’s voice rang in the minds of three guys.

Zhang Xiao Hou, Liu Zhu and Su Xiao Luo, without hesitation, rushed back.

There were skeletons ahead, and just behind was the path by which it was possible to somehow delay the end.

The agile wolf picked up Liu Zhu and Su Xiao Luo, and Zhang Xiao Hou used the magic of the wind – so in a few moments they moved a few hundred meters!

At one point, Zhang Xiao Hou turned around and saw that Mo Fan was still standing in the same place!

– Mo Fan!

– Brother!

The voices of Liu Zhu and Zhang Xiao Hou sounded simultaneously.

“I don’t know how much I can hold out like this … but you must find a way out as soon as possible!” If you hurry, I can survive too! Said Mo Fan, without turning around.

In fact, it was only self-deception, and Mo Fan understood this perfectly well. Before that, they had already been in a different direction and did not find any way out. The space was small, but it was also unrealistic to breach it.

There was no way out – Mo Fan understood this clearly.

However, just sitting and waiting for death is not an option either.

If heaven wants him to die, he will put all his efforts into the last burning fist!

From the view of the skeletal regiment, the hair on the head stood on end. Mo Fan was also the first to encounter when ten thousand pairs of bloody eyes were looking at him …

– Brother, you yourself said before that that if we survive, then all together, to die, so to all! Said Zhang Xiao Hou, flatly refusing to throw Mo Fang.

How many kill – kill so much …

– Sleepy shroud!

Zhang Xiao Hou just turned around as he came across the look of Liu Zhu, who was so hard to resist …

Zhang Xiao Hou remained conscious through power, but the effect of this dope only intensified over time. Through the fog, he saw Mo Fan approach him and grab him to escape together.

Zhang Xiao Hou calmed down a bit, his mind relaxed, and now he could not resist the hypnotic effect of Liu Zhu, his body dropped down.

Liu Zhu hoisted Zhang Xiao Hou onto the back of an agile wolf.

Mo Fan was the one who converted Liu Zhu, so she could not resist his instructions. Liu Zhu herself would also like to fight Mo Fang side by side, but he did not want to risk it.

Mo Fan understood that they could not survive in the crowd of undead, and as long as there was at least some free space, they had to look for a way out, and in the meantime, Mo Fan was planning to delay the onset of the inevitable …

* Ding *

Little Hetera sat on the shoulder of her master, clearly smelling the smell of the approaching end.

– How can I listen to you? Your age is still very small, and how many undead hoo! However, I am guilty before your mother, so the next time I even agree that when a fire threat appears … although Xing Xia said that the fire threat is unlikely to appear again, said Mo Fan to the little girl.

Gheterka wept, her tears fiery crystals fell down.

She reproached herself for not cultivating well enough in her time, which is why now her strength is not enough to protect Mo Fang.

Mo Fan, on the other hand, thought that he could not take good care of the hetero …

* Ding *

* Ding *

Little heterie began to ring like a bell, continuously forming a flame on her body.

She did her best to enter the growth phase as soon as possible, because then her power would be enough!

Mo Fan, glancing at the hat, laughed unwittingly.

Is that possible? She has a long time to develop before it reaches the growth phase!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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