Chapter 676. Fiery Sparks!


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– Do not cry, they will then understand for sure that we were afraid of them. We need to let them know that they have to shake with fear! – Mo Fan reassured the little girl.

Little Hetera pulled out her little hand to wipe away the tears, but they continued to drip down in fiery drops.

She perfectly understood what awaits them ahead. From the very first day with Mo Fan, she could hear his thoughts, because she was spiritually connected with him.

Mo Fan was afraid, the fiery fuck was afraid even more. She cried because of his fear, but it did not save the situation!

Ten thousand skeletons … but you have to fight, and not wait for the hour of death!

* Ding *

Little Hetera braced herself and stopped crying. Hearing Mo Fan’s thoughts, he began to accumulate all his flames …

The flames raged, reaching a height of twenty meters! This fiery wave hit a crowd of undead …

A red tint sparkled in a white bone crowd. And although they did not die from the flame, the fire continued to cover them! The Fiery Hetera knew that death awaited them, but before that she would certainly give them the heat!

– Fire breakdown! – Mo Fan could not hold his pet.

Mo Fan immediately used the magic of the shadows, trying to catch the getero, however, it was so fast that it was already lost in the crowd of the undead, and all that Mo Fan could observe was flashes of flame in the skeletal ocean.

* Ding *

The flame of the hetero began to grow, and it became a beautiful creature with two wings of fire. Now this fiery bird flew at a height of one meter above the ground, burning its skeletons with its flame!

The long, fiery path remained behind this bird. Flying about fifty meters, the bird began to decrease in size. Magical fiery energy diminished with each set fire to the carrion, which was very much …

The appearance of the fiery hetera made the skeletons angry, and after a few moments numerous bone peaks appeared in the air, which were aimed at it.

Each peak was so sharp that it could even pierce through a stone!

And although these sharp peaks could not kill the fiery getter, it was possible to disperse its flame.

A little hetero, being a fiery creature, can lose its fiery ability if its body is wounded. After some time, dark spots appeared on her body. If these spots appear on the vital parts of the body hetera, then it can completely evaporate!

Little Hetera made a sound: after all, her opposition to such a large number of undead at such a young age was impracticable. She had already been injured by countless peaks of bone that were directed against her.

Her flame was not enough. If the power of this fire would have reached the scale of the fire of the fiery witch, then all these skeletons would have turned into ashes!

* Ding *

Gathering wanted to call for help, however, gritting her teeth, she gathered all her inner fiery forces!


It began to flare up even more, and now she could definitely incinerate them all!

Little Hethera uttered a ringing scream, as it seemed as if something exploded inside her small body! The brown flame now began to turn into fiery feathers, from which now fiery wings were formed!

The left wing powerfully sank down, covering everything below with a flame! It was like a huge fire ax!

The fire ax reached dimensions of 30 meters, and the territory it has cut is even larger – about 60-70 meters.

The other wing also cut the other side like a cutter: even the stones were now engulfed in fire! This fire made the skeletons fall down!

In the lower part of the space of the skeletons was the most. They began to throw up their bone peaks, which were aimed at the hetero!

The fiery hetero did not surrender: it made a sound, and its fiery wings began to crumble with countless sparks!

The fiery flow of these sparks created a whirlwind, which is now attacked in all directions!

Each spark had explosive power – having touched an object, it immediately ignited!




Each spark could destroy a single skeleton, as a result, everything within a radius of 200 meters around the hetera was engulfed in fire, and space itself was now turning into a fire sphere!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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