Chapter 680. Punishment by death.


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– What a strong … this young magician knows how to surprise! – destroyed the silence Lin Si.

The escape plan has already begun. The rest are dispersed, who where. Now only a few magicians left to watch the young magician. And, despite the fact that Lin Si was very injured and needed rest, she still stayed on the bell tower to watch every movement on the bridge of death.

– I heard that all these elemental contract animals can increase the power of the corresponding properties of the element magician. But I have never seen the creature of this element enter the body of the magician. This is his contract beast difficult. How many skeletons interrupted alone! Even high level mages can’t do that. It is hard to believe in it … – said Zuo Feng.

This time Zuo Feng saw Mo Fang’s real power, he was stronger than the magicians of his level. And among all the magicians in the afternoon with fire you will not find as strong as Mo Fan.

– If he had not fought here now, for this city, he would have been able to amaze everyone in his performance at the competitions of world educational institutions … It’s a pity … It is a pity …

Mo Fan was still alive, but the more the detachment of skeletons advanced, the faster he put into action a combat force of almost the highest level. There were more than two thousand skeletons that he interrupted.

He really achieved the highest manifestation of his strength. Before that, he interrupted about 2000 evil spirits, this is the limit of the average level mage. And now there are very few skeletons left. Mo Fan did something completely different!

– Lin Si, you need to undergo treatment, the wounds on your body are very serious! – said one magician

Han Ji also slightly recovered magical energy, curing high-ranking mages now. The wizards who were in the tomb of the emperor came out wounded. Despite the fact that the escape plan could fail, it still needed to be implemented.

Before starting the escape plan, it was necessary for the health of these top-level magicians to be appropriate.

“I will, and you will go for treatment,” Zuo Feng told Lin Xi.

Lin Si shook her head, slowly walking toward the stairs. Going a little further, she turned around to look at the left extreme, as if she wanted to say something, but did not know how to begin.

– Zuo Feng looked in a bronze mirror and did not notice that Lin Xi turned around. After waiting for Zuo Feng to turn around and pay attention to her, Lin Xi continued to descend.

– She just looked at you. – said Yao Nan to the left extreme.

– Mm …

“Look at her too,” Yao Nan continued.

– yeah

“Even at such a time, are you going against the rest?” – said Yao Nan, expressing dissatisfaction.

– Yes, even at such a time. Everything always makes sense – the expression on the face of the left extreme was grim.

– You’re worse than this boy. You don’t care what happens next. In any case, you will not retreat. Said Yao Nan angrily, looking into a bronze mirror.

“But he can still die …” Zuo Feng watched what was happening on this bridge of death. He, as before, saw how endless crowds of skeletons await Mo Fang. And Mo Fan was like a lonely boat during a storm in the ocean. How he had the strength to resist stubbornly with the waves, because he still finds himself in the dark waters of this ocean!

– In any case, he is still alive – Yao Nanyu did not like this approach of the left extreme.



* Explosion *

Large fiery sparks beat in all directions, skeletons falling apart from blows.

Skulls, hands, necks danced furiously in the air, falling on the uneven surface of the earth.

The earth was already covered with a layer of skeletons, which were fragmented into different parts.

Mo Fan stepped on a carpet of bones. After an explosion of fiery sparks, the bones fell to the ground like snow, covering space from the ground to the ankles.

Now, Mo Fan could not budge. A stream of skeletons surrounded the magician in all directions. And in this dense forest of skeletons it was completely incomprehensible where the front flank, where the back and where the road is, along which Zhang Xiao Hou retreated with the rest of the magicians.

But it is not important.

Once there is no way to move, then interrupt them right here!

In both hands, Mo Fan was flammable gas. Standing among the skeletal detachment, Mo Fan’s black eyes glittered. He stared at the skeletons with bone peaks that came closer and closer. But Mo Fan wasn’t worried, because he had gas in his hands, releasing that, these monsters could breathe enough of them!

Mo Fan is fighting alone, and if these skeletons want to strike, they will unite into one. But the magician was waiting for this – when the creatures come together, he will release both hands to clear this crowd!

The flammable gas turned into fire, the right and left parts joined together, gradually forming a fiery whirlwind.

The fiery whirlwind moved in the air, its power was great. In the end, he turned into a firestorm, whose diameter was 10 meters, and the height of one hundred!

Firestorm sucked skeletons with bone peaks. Skeletons could have chosen the death they liked more — to be shattered in a hurricane or burned in a fire.

– 47

– 48!

The monster’s souls continually sped by. The firefly understood perfectly well that his master was on the verge of death, so he continually turned these souls into spiritual entities, thereby strengthening Mo Fane’s stars. He did not even take into account the magical lotus, completely surrendering to spiritual entities.

– Another star, another star! – Mo Fan’s teeth were closed, but in his heart he shouted.

The firestorm destroyed not so many skeletons, on the other side of Mo Fang there were still a lot of these creatures!

The force of the firestorm was already waning. But in order to continue to use the power of a hurricane, the galaxy will have to tense up a bit.

Mo Fan needed another energy, and what he could rely on right now was the level of lightning.

He interrupted two thousand undead and about two thousand skeletons. Lightning element stars are about to intensify

Only one star is missing!

The firefly made some sound, as if announcing Mo Fang that the monster’s soul was no longer there.

Kill, kill, kill!

Mo Fan and did not feel tired, before his eyes were skeletons that needed to be killed. The blood of evil flowed here and turned this place into a bloody river.

The forces are gathered in a fist, the face is serious, and in the eyes of the fire blazes!

Damn this emperor, black church and skeletons! Mo Fan cannot accept their death sentence!

We’ll also see who will live longer – Mo Fan or all of the above.

Those who need his life will fall dead at his feet!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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