Chapter 681. Bloody Skeletal Giant.


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– 49!

Finally, the last, 49th, star of lightning magic was strengthened in the dark talisman by the spiritual essence. After that, the stars began to sparkle with a beautiful purple light!

Mo Fan could not believe that in such a short period of time he was able to strengthen as many as two middle-level elements … besides, he had already killed more than four thousand ghouls!

He released the magic of lightning, and electric discharges immediately furiously danced … the two skeletons nearby could not even move ….

The effect of electrical discharges was not enough to completely paralyze so many skeletons. Mo Fan sent magic to those that were closest.

– Thunder!

The star system instantly formed at the feet of Mo Fan, accompanied by a purple glow.

– Deadly lightning!

An electric cloud has covered the space.

Lightning fell down, painting the surface of the earth with different colors. No matter what the rumble of thunder was, they had murderous power! However, these lightning, touching the ground, began to be divided into other lightning, which created the electrical network!

Destructive lightning, barely touching the skeleton, immediately covered it all!

Lightning literally seized the undead in their nets, where they pierced through it time after time!

Having destroyed skeletons nearby, about ten devastating lightnings stretched out over thirty meters long, extending the electrical network!

Such peals of thunder did not yield to a lightning-fast dance of passion!

Each lightning seemed to complement the electrical network that Mo Fan created around him!

Skeletons now began to fear this magic of thunder and lightning. Although their bones were very strong, they could not resist under such blows!

Peals of thunder / disastrous lightning did not work very long, but their destructive power struck even Mo Fan himself: the layer of skeletons that had fallen at his feet increased exponentially!

If you do not take into account the small hetero, then the thunder of the fourth stage was even more fierce than the flaming fist of nine dragons. In addition, the deadly effect of the acquired upgrade of lightning magic was a fabulous success: in a short period of time, Mo Fan managed to deal with more than two hundred skeletons!

And although the skeletons, too, tried with all their might to attack Mo Fan, peals of thunder / disastrous lightning completely destroyed them all!

– Come on, more!

Mo Fan did not stop, as the skeletal army continued to attack. Violent lightning flashed brightly and fell on the heads of the undead, tearing it apart!

Parts of the skeletons scattered in different directions, hitting each other. From the sounds of their bones, hair involuntarily stood on end.

The punctured skulls, phalanxes, ribs, tibia – all these parts of the skeletons fell around with pieces, and after a while the mountain of these bones grew on the surface.

One huge leg hit with a roar on the skull, and he could not stand, crumbled into pieces like lime.


Suddenly one bone rose from the ground, shaking from blows with other knuckles, making sounds at the same time!


The remains of some skeleton scattered into dust!

Mo Fan, having heard these sounds, turned and saw a bloody skeleton, which was surrounded by a bloody haze …. He was from Mo Fang already at a distance of three hundred meters!

This bloody skeleton was huge: its height reached fifty meters, so Mo Fang even had to raise his head to see it completely!

He was bloody because his skeleton was much stronger than usual, and he could feed off the breath of death from the outside much longer than usual! Such a long-lived skeletal giant!

Bloody skeletal giant!

Mo Fan has already interrupted too many skeletons, so now this one has appeared!

Among the ten thousand skeletons, there must surely be one commander in chief level!

The number of servant-level creatures killed by Mo Fanim has already reached thousands, the level of the pack leader is over a hundred. Apparently, the bloody skeletal giant has appeared in order to stop this massacre, only now he has not yet been in a hurry to attack Mo Fan …

He stepped onto the battlefield, arrogantly glancing at his subordinates.

If we assume that the original skeletal composition, Mo Fan has not yet destroyed even half of them!

The commanders-in-chief are usually very cold-blooded, so they can easily make servants and the leader of the pack cannon fodder out of their wards. The dead ones are even more cold-blooded: ordinary skeletons in their eyes are nothing more than low-born geeks, who can be massively thrown at certain death …

The skeletal giant carefully looked at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan also coldly examined this commander-in-chief, and was even able to see a grin in his red eyes.

With one stroke of his hand, the giant could destroy Mo Fan. Mo Fan even thought at first that it was quite a feasible task to fight with this skeleton of a commander-in-chief level, but he did not leave him any opportunity.

More than five thousand skeletons! More than five thousand!

This bloody skeletal giant was like an inaccessible mountain!

Mo Fan had already slaughtered enough undead, except that the remains of skeletons in his legs began to rise, forming rows of skeletal fighters that stretched for a hundred meters …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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