Chapter 684. Independent Awakening.


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Fist firing!

Nine dragons!

Mo Fan, climbing over the bones, has already released the flame!

The bloody skeletal giant was so huge that Mo Fan in his eyes was no more than a moth!

The giant was even more angry when he saw the methods that the magician uses.

The skeletal giant raised his hands, crossing them in front of him – a kind of protection was formed, so the flame of the collapsing fist could not reach his forehead!

However, the collapsing fist of nine dragons itself is not weak: even though it did not hit the skeleton directly in the forehead, the shock wave of flame threw the giant to a far distance!

In the middle of yet another fist, Mo Fang’s last strength dried up.

He lost his balance, he also had no support … Mo Fan fell down.

His face was directed upwards, and his limbs felt numb …


He fell, raising bone dust.

Soon he was completely immersed in a pile of bones. The last thing Mo Fan saw was bones flying into the air.

It is not clear why, but now this white pile of bones seemed to him soft fluff, which gently envelops him.

* Murmur *

White bones fell, closing Mo Fang’s gaze.

Then more bones covered his body.

After the last bone fell from above, the layer of bones again became silently silent …

The stellar flow of the magic of fire dried up * (with the transition to a high level, the nebula of fire turned into a stellar flow).

The nebula of lightning magic has also faded.

Nebula invocation suffered the same fate.

Nebula shadows too …

Mo Fan felt as if he was walking through his inner world …. His eyes were closed, no longer radiating vital light.

The boundless cosmos of his inner world was covered with darkness, and not a single nebula sparkled with its asterisks.

Mo Fang did not like this look, and he decided to go on. The nebulae of the elements were covered in darkness, but somewhere in the distance he saw a shine! The glow shimmered with all possible colors and looked much more joyful than this darkness.

He walked for a long, long time, and finally he saw a silver light.

The light was too weak and secretive. As soon as he rushed to him, he immediately dissipated.

But Mo Fan did not back down, continuing to pursue him …

And so he found this light. It was a star who drew a trajectory of its movement with a silvery light.

Mo Fan tried to grab her, but she hid.

Mo Fan just extended his hand to her, and she approached … ..

However, at that moment, when Mo Fan’s palm touched the star, he felt as if he had returned to his former place where his nebulae and starry stream were.

But the star remained in his hand … and still dragged along six of them.

The glow was too weak, fine dust … – is it his inner world?

Star dust???

Silver star dust ???

Such a deep silver color!

Mo Fan felt as if he was back again many years ago — while he was standing by a stone, waiting for his element to wake up …

Time can not be reversed, but the feeling was exactly what it was then ….


Independent Awakening ???

He himself awakened the element!

Like Mu Ning Xue, who herself awakened an element of ice at the age of 13-14 years.

Mo Fan grinned hard.

Or was it due to overwork? And it was precisely this that made Mo Fan feel like when the element was awakening?

What’s the point of this??

However, Mo Fan understood that this silver light could be a sign of a very strong element!

He is a born magician of two elements, who by nature was granted two elements at once!

But the star silver dust appeared in his spiritual world, and this could mean that the new element is already on the way, and in its power it is not inferior to fire and lightning …

Mo Fan wanted to wait for the end and find out what would be his sixth element!

He saw red interspersed with dark purple, and then with silver. In the end, turned out to be a blood-dark color!

Dark bloody color!

Mo Fan now had so many colors, including silver. However, he had not yet met such a dark-bloody shade that looked more like a divorced mascara!

The sixth element …

Why are there no stars, only dust particles are visible?

This element was hiding in his world! He appeared even earlier!

* Tuk *

* Tuk *

* Tuk *

These were the beats of his heart!

The heart at such moments usually slows down greatly, which can even lead to death!


After the appearance of this dark color, his heart began to knock quickly, as if in anticipation!

Fresh blood …

Why is the color of the new item exactly like that?

The familiar feeling began to approach …

The feeling that the universe has opened!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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