Chapter 687. Combat, Spine of the Dead (Part 1).


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The path of death from the very beginning did not want to leave alive the people who ascended upon it. The silver whirlpool continuously increased, for the third time it became even more huge, like a silver gap in the sky!

One part of the gap was over the path of death, and the other behind the inner walls.

The entrance of the funnel opened, and even more of the former undead fell out, the breach was much wider, and the bodies of the undead were bigger!

“Mo … Mo Fan?”

There was the voice of Liu Zhu, who led Mo Fang to look at the funnel.

Liu Zhu could not believe her eyes, this guy with silver hair and a body covered with demonic patterns is well familiar to her Mo Fan?

“The exit is there,” Mo Fan didn’t express any emotions, only indicated with a finger the direction.

“Mm,” Liu Zhu looked into the distance.

“I will detain them, and you run there,” said Mo Fan, who was being demonized.

“You will delay, how you will delay …” Liu Zhu had not yet had time to ask how Mo Fan disappeared.

Once again, lifting her head, Liu Zhu saw Mo Fan in the sky, flaming in a silver funnel!

The funnel was so wide that, although the radius of the wave of Mo Fang’s flame already reached several tens of meters, from far away it seemed to be only a tiny red spot on a silver background.

“We need to run faster,” Liu Zhu Su Xiao Luo reminded.

– Yeah! – Liu Zhu nodded.

When Mo Fan was near the bloody skeletal giant, Liu Zhu had already returned, initially there was no road there, but as she returned, Mo Fan was already swallowed by the ocean of the undead.

But soon, Liu Zhu saw the incredible.

It is not clear why, when Mo Fan was demonized, Li Zhu’s blood seemed to boil, as if responding to a certain call.

“Not that this is the reason why my strength is higher than that of other bloodsuckers?” – Liu Zhu ran with all her legs, but sometimes she allowed herself to look back.

She can be a bloodsucker, because she drank the blood of Mo Fan.

But she is not like only born weak bloodsuckers, moreover, she is perhaps stronger than some of the elders of the clan, this is not because the demonic blood flows through Mo’s veins!

But it turns out that Mo Fan is absolutely no ancestor to her, but rather this demonized Mo Fan is her master!


There was a buzzing sound from the sky, a stunning purple light illuminating Mo Fan’s tiny figure against the silvery whirlpool, covering its vast area, and these demons, skeletons, rotting corpses falling to the ground, falling on it, immediately burned to the ground.

The burning undead flooded the whole sky, and Liu Zhu, Su Xiao Luo, the nimble wolf did not meet a single one still capable of fighting the undead!

Little by little, the silver mirror wall was approaching, Liu Zhu gathered to hail Mo Fang, but noticed that this silver mirror was beginning to curl.

– I’ll run the other way! – Mo Fan as if he knew what Liu Zhu was waiting for, and as if he conveyed his thoughts straight to her.

Liu Zhu understood that if she stayed here, she would rather be a burden … and put an end to all that he did.

And without hesitation, she grabbed Su Xiao Luo and Zhang Xiao Hou, crawled into a silver mirror.

The army of the undead in a silvery funnel fell into a heap, and from far away looked like a dense mist, each speck of which is undead.

Mo Fan could not leave with them, he felt that this time the silver whirlpool was dragging the undead with even greater force and more, as if wishing to destroy the path of death!

And if the path of death is destroyed, then there will be no point in killing the undead, because this third funnel will finally destroy everything in this space, including the bridge to the altar itself …

If Mo Fan was gone with them, the bridge would collapse along with the path of death, even before they reached the bloody throne!

Destroying the silver funnel itself is extremely difficult, but Mo Fang can burn the army of the undead that she brings here, at least until Liu Zhu and the others leave this road of death …

The undead fell and fell like a shower, and the fiery ray could no longer cope with this whole stream of dead.

Mo Fan retreated to the ground, but he was still on a high ground, and now arcs of lightning were added to his fiery ray, frantically dancing their wild dance around him.

The electric arcs continued to dance, interlacing into an electric grid. They looked like snakes, and when the undead hit the net, another arc pierced her body …

Dusting and leaving a handful of ashes!

Under the silver funnel, the sea of the undead had already fallen, and even if someone managed to get to the ground from it, but there it was impossible for anyone to take a step and step!

All high-ranking officials remained silent, looking through the bronze mirror of the evil eye at how Mo Fan, who was being demonized, was wielding fire and lightning.

Everything is really as Dusiao said, the power of the demonic element goes beyond their imagination!

Countless army of the undead is destroyed to the nines, not having time to step on the ground!

Is it really the same magician that just entered a high level?

– Chairman, Chairman! – suddenly cried out in fear of one of the magicians of the elite guards.

All were absorbed in thinking about the demonic element, and missed the voice of this magician.

“Ah … what is it?” – A few seconds later came to his senses chairman Han Ji.

“Heaven favors us, the silver whirlpool is now near the rocky giant, and it looks like it is dragging its feet!” Shouted excitedly one of the elite security mages.

– What you said? – provopil Han Ji.

Everyone immediately came to their senses, and began to peer into the distance beyond the outer wall.

The sky was lightening, and the giant giant behind the magic dome became a little lower, and if you look closely … it turns out that it was already knee-deep in this huge silver whirlpool!

Zhu Meng immediately looked in the bronze mirror again, and turned white. In the middle of a silvery whirlpool, a giant foot protruded!

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