Chapter 689. Combat, Spine of the Dead (Part 3).


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– He’s going to attack the barriers!

– Mages of elite protection! Mages of elite protection!

– Someone from the elite security decided to give him a fight back! My God! – cried some aunt that was in a crowd of people.

She closely watched the magician in a purple dress, which just to death was smeared with a huge palm-like tyrant right along the barrier!

Human flesh was now spread over the barriers, and blood flowed like a stream. The magician, who was the only hope of the inhabitants, is now dead!

On the mage of the elite protection was protective chain mail, and even the fact that the magician cultivated over ten years – all this did not help him a bit! Residents now did not even know who to call for help!

Even if something like this happened to a magician of this level, what will happen to ordinary people?

Monster’s palm dropped again.


The tyrant began to attack. His head was surrounded by a cloud of carcasses, and this gave him extra strength. Tyrant sent his black lightning towards the golden barriers of the city. The barriers are noticeably shaken, and in the city itself there was a whole earthquake!

– Who will stop him? Who can do it? – people panicked scattered to the sides, afraid to look at this terrible scene.

“Before that, seven top-level mages were going out with a squad against him. Someone died, the rest were injured.

– The strongest magician from the elite guard Lu Juan died with the skeletal tyrant! And the rocky tyrant is much stronger than the skeletal one! These barriers will not last long.

The rocky tyrant again began to attack defensive barriers. Now rotting corpses and governors, which have already climbed the barriers, have already connected to it.

Soon residents will see with their own eyes how the undead destroy their houses, streets, buildings. Even despite all the purple signals that they constantly received to alert the population, the residents could not believe that the undead would really get to the inner part of the city!

The rotting ghouls themselves formed steps, on which they climbed the wall and protective barriers. Golden protective barriers had a burning effect, but the undead didn’t care: even after being burned through, they continued to climb further. Will this city never see the next dawn ?!

All this frightening picture aggravated the rain, making the situation even more gloomy!


The rocky tyrant attacked the barriers again, and fire cracks appeared on them!

Fire cracks denoted the places that gave up the slack. And although the ghouls were too stupid to understand the sacred meaning of all borders, they clearly understood that these fiery cracks are precisely the places through which they need to climb!

Poisonous corpse breathing has already penetrated inside the city through these cracks!

Panic among the residents aggravated.

– Do not panic! Do not panic! Protective barriers of the city can not fall so easy!

– All stay in their places!

Magee tried to calm the residents, but everything was to no avail.


Fire feathers began to fall on the golden barriers and on the undead that was there.

Every fiery feather seemed to set fire to barriers, burning the dead to the ground!

The power of the flame was so strong that half of the rotting corpses were destroyed!

From the power of this flame, the surface of the wall also became red. Already all the inhabitants of the city could feel the heat that came from the fire.

The rocky tyrant looked blankly at the bursting flames, his anger became even more violent!

He turned his head to see the main instigator of this barrier. In the silver funnel, he noticed something unfamiliar.

It was something like a little man, and the tyrant seemed to remember him …. That he was in the silver funnel, when the tyrant went inside!

The rocky tyrant never tried to smell the breath of another being: they were all too insignificant compared to him. However, this time everything was different: there was some hidden threat in this Maltz …

The tyrant flashed his eyes, directing the rays of death.

These rays flashed toward Mo Fan, leaving there two blasted holes!

However, Mo Fan managed to evaporate from that place before the tyrant decided to attack him!

Mo Fan raised his head high to high, to look closely at his opponent.

The spirits of the wolf’s shadow behind him seemed to evaporate, leaving only the long claws, which now went to destroy the rotting corpses behind.

This crowd of undead had already climbed the barriers, but was caught off guard by claws that emerged from nowhere … the blood splashed in all directions.

Shadows claws once again fell to the undead!

And again another crowd of undead was destroyed!

Claws waved continuously, literally scraping rotting corpses off the wall. The magicians guarding the wall were shocked by what they saw and could not even move! They saw a wolf silhouette, which was headed towards the inhabitants in order to protect them from the many thousands of undead troops !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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