Chapter 69: Volume 2: Epilogue -After the festival-


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Sheila appears at the center of the magic formation I painted.

She slowly opened her eyes and caught sight of the man peering into her face worryingly.

“… Ray…?


Ray reaches out to Shirala and hugs her all the time.

“… good… good, mother… wonder if I’ll see you again…”

Words turn to tears, and Ray drips.

As she stroked its head, Sheila gently held it on her shoulder.

“… dreams… aren’t they…? Or is this heaven?

“In this world, no matter. You protected my child until you abandoned yourself. It was brilliant.”

“Oh well.”

Sheila looks happy, stroking Ray’s head in tears.

He seems more relieved to have been able to protect his son than he is to have been brought back to life.

“… but how did you cure Spirit Disease…? If the roots are weak or gone, you can’t undo any magic…… right?

Mass asks me.

“It’s a simple thing. spread the rumors and legacies that underlie Sheila.”

“Huh…? But Master Anos has been fighting in the finals so far, and when did he do that…………?

“Just now. I would have told you how it felt to win. It’s all over Dillhayd on a magic broadcast.”


and raise his voice as Mass noticed.

“Something different from magic resides in a forged sword with a true masterpiece in mind…?

I nod.

“That was the rumor and the legacy that shaped Sheila’s roots.”

The impact of slapping and slashing Initio and winning the Demon Sword Games is enormous. There is something different from magic in a sword that I have worked out with my heart. No wonder there were those who believed in this rumor and heritage that was hard to believe in.

That rapidly restored Sheila’s roots, which were almost equal to disappearing. Once you get there, it’s easy to resuscitate with.

“… that’s… that’s well noticed…”

Mass spills words as surprised.

“When I met Sheila yesterday, her condition recovered slightly and she was able to talk to us. I also wondered if the rumors and legacies I was supposed to be managing at Lognorth Magic Hospital weren’t well controlled, but they must have been caused by what I said in World War I.”

Something different from magic resides in a sword that is forged with the heart of a true celebrity. That’s what I said during the fight against Kurt.

It was just a fling, but Sheila’s condition was only slightly restored because there were several people who believed in it.

“No matter, I still can’t be sure of that. Prior to the start of the final, Owl received a < Thought Communication (Leaks) >. Sheila dies if they destroy it, and Ray dies if she wins the final. But there was no mention of me losing when they destroyed the Vajra Iron Sword.”

I also wondered if it mattered about winning or losing, but I dare to come closer to thinking that I made my escape route.

I guess it was out of line for Avos Dilhevia to spread that legacy and rumor.

Sheila’s psychosis could have completely healed. In that case, his plan will collapse. Without telling me so, I wanted to show the audience that the Vajra Iron Sword wasn’t a big deal.

“Sheila’s condition recovered after the finals?

“Yes. I managed to accommodate the magic in, but I knew it wasn’t enough at all. But all of a sudden, more and more magic is recovering, so that Mr. Sheila can walk. So we rushed to the Devil’s Sword Games together…”

Merhayce, who was being manipulated, said he recovered Sheila to take her hostage, but that’s a lie.

I guess that’s what Sheila told me to keep him from realizing that he was taking his thoughts off and restoring his condition.

“Because I was in a decent meeting with Initio with the Vajra Iron Sword, it meant that my heart grew bigger and bigger believing in Sheila’s rumors and heritage among the audience watching it”

It must have been Sheila’s turn into a real body.

Her changed appearance was very similar to that of the Vajra Iron Sword. The true body of the Spirit is what rumors and heritage embody and embody. Its very essence lies in the heart.

There was a clear image in the hearts of the audience of a sword in which a true masterpiece worked out and something different from magic dwelt. You were actually looking at the Vajra Iron Sword. So Sheila’s true body became what it was.

If you sum them all up, her rumors and heritage are unimaginable.

“Thank you, Mr. Anos. After all, you’re an amazing person, just like Ray said. I thought I’d see this girl again…”

Embracing Ray, Sheila says.

“… thanks to you, I can still watch this kid grow up…”

“What, it’s not even enough to be thanked. I just reached out to my friends.”

Turn your heels back, I say.

“Bye, Ray. Let’s go first.”

Oh, and Ray replied in a tear-wet voice.

I’ll leave the scene behind if you don’t want to be seen crying too much.


Father and mother, Misha, came down from the audience.

“Oh man, you did it, dude!! That’s my boy!

My father puts his fist on my chest.


I showed my father the Vajra Iron Sword I had laid on my sheath.

“Thanks to this I’m saved”

“Then don’t be silly. That kind of thing will get lighter when they say it face to face…”

Saying happily, his father weeps in his eyes.

I’m not lying.

Surely this sword had no magic whatsoever and did nothing to help fight the Devil’s Sword Games.

Still, that’s why I was able to save Sheila. Dad didn’t mean it, it happened unexpectedly.

But my father built this sword with all his heart, so I said in the first round, oh. That led to the complete healing of Sheila’s Spirit Disease.

This sword my father made brought me luck.

“You. It’s time to go, closing ceremony, I can’t take a good seat. Anos will be ready.”

“Oh, yeah, right. Bye, Anos.”

gesture so that his father raises his hand.

When I raised my right hand, my father bashed high in that hand.

I’ll see you later.

“Anos, thank you so much for today. Ha, that was really awesome!! I wonder what will happen in the future to win the Devil’s Sword Games even though they’re so small”

My mother says happily.

“But you’ve hurt a lot, haven’t you? Are you okay?”

Worried, my mother stares at my wounds.


It’s no big deal, but the wound was healed with.

“Now we’re good.”


Mother leans by my side and whispers softly in her ear.

“I’ll say hello to your mother later, Ray.”

Hmm. That’s not good.

Unlike Dimensional Prison (Azeissis), if you’re swallowed up in your mother’s space-time, yes, you can’t go and help.

“You should stop today”

“Really? Oh, maybe, because I haven’t said it yet… well. All right!

My mother is convinced by herself.

“I’ll do it again. Bye.”

Father and mother hurried to the closing ceremony venue.


At some point, Misha says, standing beside me.

“Do I look that way?

Kokuri, she nods.

That’s how you peek into my abyss with that straight demon eye.

Deep down.

“Parents are good things. I wasn’t there once.”

Mm, and Misha hammers.

“Can I be like that one day when I have a child”

“Yeah eh!?

I heard a sound of surprise from behind.

“What are you surprised about, Sasha?”

“Beh, I’m not surprised…”

Hmm. What are you making a painful excuse for?

“You want kids?

“One day it’ll come that way too”

“Oh, yeah. Hmm. Someday.”

Old Seven Demons inherit my blood, and all their blood families are my descendants.

Looking at my father, my mother, Sheila, I don’t think that’s all I can say about my parents and kids.


Yes, Misha laughs.

“Well, I know I can’t.”

Then Misha shook her head sideways as she shrugged.

“Anos will surely be a good father”



For one thing, it doesn’t really feel like it.


“No. If Misha says so, let’s believe it”

I look back and tell the girl I’m leaning down to think.

“What are you doing, Sasha? Let’s go.”

“Wow, I know.”

Running like a panic, Sasha lines us up.

Speaking of which, we won.

“What are you talking about now? Wouldn’t it be natural if it were your power?

“Well, that’s true.”

Then Misha said.

“Did you have fun?


Now I don’t even remember the danger of my life, a sword tournament like warm water.

A proxy war between unity and royalty.

Everyone and he were all loud and loud.

All the trouble aside, it was like a festive two days, but still, that time when Ray and I met the sword was quite meaningful.

When I’m done, I feel lonely somewhere.

I wonder what it is, this.

By those days when life and death were always on the horizon, it was a feeling I’d never tasted.

“It was quite a delightful tournament”

There are hardly any more people in the audience.

I felt the tranquillity after the festival, as if I could pull my hair back, and I slowly followed the scene.

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