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Almost at the moment when Chu Xingyun’s voice fell, the thick door of the courtyard was smashed by a hot flame, and the fire was entire sky. An old man appeared there, and two long white eyebrows provoked and burst out. Anger.

“You little doll, old man comes in person, you are not only not welcome, but let me leave, your courage is not small!” The old man opened his mouth, the voice is like the flame on his body, violent It is hot.

The vicious and Guyan mountain heard the sound. When they saw the fire in the courtyard, they stared wide-eyed. Then they saw the person who released the flame. The eyes were even more rounded and immediately smashed.

“I have seen Yang Grandmaster!” Gu Cyan Mountain respectfully, I can’t wait to put my head on the ground.

The violent old man in front of him is the premier Pill Refining Grandmaster of the Yun Dynasty, the Honored Master of Qin Yuyan, and Yang Yan.

This person not only has the deep Pill Refining technique, but also its own cultivation base. It is also extremely powerful. It has entered the Earth Spirit realm early. It is the honor elder of Lingxiaowufu, and its status is not under the Institute Head.

In addition to the amazing strength and status, Yang Yan’s quirky temperament is also very famous. If you don’t agree, you will be violent, and no one can stop it. Over time, few people dare to contact.

I saw that Yang Yan stepped toward Chu Xingyun, and the cross-brows were upside down, and the fire was rolling. It was just like Chu Xingyun’s words.

“Teacher please anger, just Chu Xingyun just joking nothing more, like your Pill Refining Grandmaster, how can he directly refuse to go outside.” Qin Yuyan hurriedly stopped Yang Yan.

“Is it?” Yang Yan slightly put away the anger, Qin Yuyan gave him a step, he naturally would not refuse.

Qin Yuyan made a look to Chu Xingyun. He wanted Chu Xingyun to say something good. Who knows, Chu Xingyun shrugged his shoulders and snorted: “I didn’t make a joke, it was late, I really have to rest. Anyway, this meeting will not have any effect on the selection of the military. As long as I have enough strength, even if I don’t meet this time, Lingxiao Wufu will accept me.”


Qin Yuyan’s heart was pumped down. Chu Xingyun was really a sapwood head. He just said a few good words. According to Yang Yan’s temperament, he forgave him and will not care more.

But now, Chu Xingyun’s words…

“Little doll, I have been in Yang Yan for decades. I still met you like this for the first time. It seems that you are very confident about the strength of own. I think it is very likely that I will be fancy.” Yang Yan is not angry, but instead Showing a touch of fun.

“Not very likely, it is certain.”

Chu Xingyun is straight on the back, and Yun Qingfeng said: “Wufu selection, fancy is strength and innate talent. If you know my Pill Dao innate talent, I am afraid I will directly join Lingxiaowufu, so that Is it not unfair?”

Yang Yan’s old face is pumping, only feeling deep in one’s heart, there is an impulse to go away.

As the Pill Refining Grandmaster of the Imperial Dynasty, he has seen the Talent enchanting, there are not a thousand, there are eight hundred, these Talent’s temperament, he also knows, is nothing but arrogant.

However, Chu Xingyun’s performance is self-confidence, strong enough to be unattainable self-confidence, even in Yang Yan’s view, it is already a sense of conceit.

Chu Xingyun’s remarks just said that I rely on the own Pill Dao innate talent, I can easily join Ling Xiaowu, even if I don’t rely on this, relying on the strength of the own and innate talent, Ling Xiaowu, will also accept him. .

It’s so arrogant, such madness is beyond the imagination of Yang Yan.

He even had such a moment of doubt, the Lingwuwu, where he is located, or the first Wufu of the Imperial Dynasty, how can he feel so unbearable.

“Chu Xingyun, can’t you say a few words?” Qin Yu smoked Chu Xingyun and looked back. He was just about to make a round, but he heard Yang Yan said solemnly: “You call Chu Xingyun right.”

“Exactly.” Chu Xingyun nodded.

“I remember your name, I remember very clearly, this time the selection of the military, I will polish these old eyes, seriously see your innate talent and strength, I want to be, you in the end How strong is it, only to have confidence to say this talk.” Yang Yan is also full of curiosity about Chu Xingyun, a hand, striding away from here, disappeared into the night.

“Are you so interesting? I also spent a lot of time to find the Honored Master from the Imperial City!” Qin Yuyan sighed, she was very clear about Yang Yan’s temper, once angry, Nine Heads Niu Duola Buhui Come.

“I think it’s quite good, at least, we both know each other.” Chu Xingyun knows that Qin Yuyan is also a good intention, and does not mean to blame, but rather a joke.

However, Qin Yuyan is not laughing, and has no power to say: “In the past two days, you still have a lot of hard work to see if you can step into the Spirit Gathering realm. Don’t blame me for not reminding you that the selection of the military is the Expert gathering. Your current cultivation base is mostly a bit difficult.”

“I really don’t understand why you insist on fairness. Pill Dao is also a kind of innate talent. If you want to please a few more words, maybe you can be collected by Honored Master as a discipline and go directly to Lingxiaowu.” Qin Yuyan still couldn’t help but say a word.

Chu Xingyun smiled and didn’t answer.

The selection of the military government for him, in addition to allowing him to enter the imperial city, also represents his one-year contract with Shui Qianyue, he naturally will not abandon this agreement because of this convenience. Reason.

This is the style of Chu Xingyun’s acting.

“Right.” Chu Xingyun called Qin Yuyan and asked: “Since you are Yang Yan’s discipline, then you should be from the Imperial City, your surname is Qin, then Qin Tianyu is who you are?”

“What do you ask for this?” Qin Yuyan picked up the eyebrows and felt a bit strange.

“Qin Tianyu is the Qin Family Patriarch, and Qin Family is the Chamber of Commerce giant of the Imperial Dynasty. It has amazing wealth. I know, is it strange?” Chu Xingyun asked.

Qin Yuyan looked at Chu Xingyun deeply and immediately replied: “He is my father.”

“father?” Chu Xingyun was surprised. Although he had long felt that Qin Yuyan’s identity was extraordinary, he also didn’t expect that she was the pearl in the palm of Qin Family.

After a moment of indulgence, Chu Xingyun walked up to Qin Yu’s body and lowered his voice: “Recently, the Imperial City is turbulent, and Qin Family will be involved in some storms. You’d better investigate and investigate your second uncle Qin Tianfeng. ”

Qin Yuyan’s lovable body trembled and looked at Chu Xingyun with a horrified look.

Chu Xingyun said again: “Do you believe it or not, I just remind you, see what you have helped me.”

After that, Chu Xingyun left the courtyard and stepped into the own Room, leaving a horrified Qin Yuyan, standing in the spot, his face was so heavy, it seemed to be thinking about Chu Xingyun.

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