Chapter 690. The battle over the inner walls.


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* Scream *

The rocky tyrant finally went berserk, he seemed to value his people even more, unlike other evil spirits. Seeing this tiny boy brutally cracking down on his corpse legion, he immediately spread his hands over dense clouds and began to use all his power to bring it down on this magician.


The inner walls trembled violently. The palms of a rocky tyrant fell to the earth from heaven, as if they were two huge hammers. The earth shook and it was possible to see how a whole block turned into powder – both high-rise buildings and dirty streets, everything fell under the blow of a tyrant.

This quarter was one kilometer away, but the powerful hand of the tyrant destroyed everything to the ground!

In the quarter, which was powdered, the tiny little man was littered with debris, but he slowly began to rise and, eventually, rose to his feet, as if nothing had happened.

Black and purple lightning flashed near the body of Mo Fan, a demon.

Mo Fan-demon wiped blood from the corners of his mouth, his violet pupils looked at the rock-like tyrant towering above him.

The rocky tyrant leaned over to look at the holes he left in the ground. But contrary to his expectations, he saw that someone was looking at him from these holes!


This tiny little man is still alive!

All over the world you cannot find a creature that can withstand the power of its impact


Suddenly, black-violet lightning began to fall from the sky to the ground, which formed a huge crack in the ground.

Mo Fan – the demon stood in a furious flash of lightning, his hands were wide open. Following the anger of Mo Fan, the lightning bolts turned into ten black-violet flying dragons that randomly flew at a distance of several hundred meters around Mo Fan.

Mo Fan-demon crouched, his body turned into a bow, which was in full readiness.


The demon shot again. The ten lightning dragons did not keep up with his speed, following him closely, continually releasing long lightning.

In the demon’s fists, there were lightning, his face was covered with patterns, and the body gave off a blinding dark-bloody light. Powerful energy that was hidden in the body of the demon in a flash splashed out.


The fist struck the clavicle of the rocky tyrant. At this place there was a huge wound!

The demon’s fist force was grave; besides, the ten lightning dragons that followed him immediately joined the battle. It was clear that a huge hole appeared in the place of the clavicle of the rocky tyrant!

This wound for the tyrant-shaped was no more than an injection wound for an ordinary person. But after hitting these ten flying dragons, there were already bones from a hole punched in the flesh in the wound.

The enormous body of the rocky tyrant backed away a few steps back, a few steps were several hundred meters. He slowly lowered his head and saw that a hole had formed in place of the clavicle, which had burned his fist. Fresh blood poured waterfall to the ground.

When the rocky tyrant fought with those seven magicians, he, too, had a hard time from the wounds they had inflicted on him. But those wounds do not compare with this hole in the chest, from which gushing blood. He clearly remembered that he had interrupted people who had left him wounds in this place!


“Is this … is it Mo Fan?” – The people on the bell tower were stunned.

The bronze mirror of the evil eye disappeared after the collapse of the bridge of death. People thought that Mo Fan – the demon had died in this collapsed space, but they didn’t know that after the spatial flow, Mo Fan – the demon would be at the outer walls. But the fact that Mo Fan began to fight the rocky tyrant put them in a dead end!

This is a rocky tyrant !!!

7 top-level mages have already tried to overcome him, in the end, half of them died. And those who returned were badly injured and could not go into battle again.

But now Mo Fan-demon alone fights with a rocky tyrant in the vast ocean of evil. And even able to punch huge holes in the chest and neck of the tyrant!


While people were confused, a large shadow appeared in the sky above the inner walls, and then with all its might struck the golden barrier.

Everyone raised their heads and saw that it was Mo Fan, whose whole body was covered with patterns, was climbing the golden barrier. And he did not have time to rise, as the strongest blow with the palm of the scalped tyrant knocked him down. The target of the tyrant was precisely Mo Fan, who was on the golden barrier!

This palm, which swept away almost the entire city, made a sound, and the magic barrier was about to fall apart. But Mo Fan-demon had already moved to another place of the barrier, evading a terrible blow that could be inflicted by a rocky tyrant.

The tyranoid finally lost his temper. His giant body suddenly jumped to the golden barrier!

When the rocky tyrant stepped on the golden barrier that served as a city’s cap, people fainted – and only the streets where people lay on the ground were visible. Those who remained conscious were staring up at this terrible picture. Their heart could stop at any moment!

– Your mother! Is this Mo Fan? – Zhao Kun Sang pointed upstairs, from here you could see a huge face covered with devil patterns.

– You are mad with fear! But how … Your mother really looks like Mo Fang! – loudly swore Wan San Pan, daring to look at the sky, he also saw the face!

Although the face was scary and angry, it was still Mo Fanya’s face!

His hair was poured out of silver, and his body was covered with mystical patterns, and behind him was the shadow of a wolf!

If it were not for the face that looks like Mo Fan, it was impossible to say that the demon is the magician. It was as if someone had transformed the body of Mo Fan in a demon that came out of the netherworld. How many times the tyrant-like tyrant tried, but still could not overcome this demon!

– Where is he? – in anxiety asked Zhou Ming.

“I don’t know, his speed is too high, it’s impossible to trace,” said Zhao Kun San.

Mo Fan-demon was internally very worried, but he had not yet lost his head.

The power of the rocky tyrant exceeded at times the demonic power of Mo Fang. And starting to fight the tyrant, it was tantamount to the fact that Mo Fan chose death. Now it was necessary to find those places on the body of the tyrant, on which seven magicians had already struck, only this way you can overcome this huge carcass of the rocky tyrant!

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