Chapter 692. Throats – weak point!


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The light of the sun fell on the city: no cold, damp and even more, no rotting corpses! The awesome, tyranoid-shaped tyranny was thrown a few kilometers outside the city, and on the faces of people one could read breathtaking admiration and exultation!

The ancient capital – Xi’an … now a man has appeared that can alone stand against the rocky tyrant!

The flames from the earth spread over, forming a whole fiery sea that glowed for a very long time! The demon-Mo Fan himself was something of a meteorite, whose fiery breath carried over many kilometers!

A huge amount of undead fell as a result …

This time, the tyrant-like tyranny also suffered in earnest: the aggressive attack of Mo Fanya triggered those small wounds that remained on the monster’s body after the attack of seven top-level magicians, so after the fiery offensive of the magician you could see how the monster’s dense skin is breaking!

The flames still continued to blaze on his body, and his pupils were now looking attentively at demon Mo Fang.

Where did this little man come from, that he dares to impede the onset of the epoch of the undead ?!

The tyrant-like tyrant roared in pain, but he still did not intend to attack the enemy on his own – why would he do this if there were innumerable hordes of undead in his submission?

All kinds of dead giants began to rise. They were about the size of a high-rise building, and from their mouths, without ceasing, the skeletons jumped out …

In addition to meat carcasses, there were a lot of bloody and deadly giants!

Like the bloody skeletons, they had a dark-bloody color. In addition, most of them were creatures at the level of the commander in chief – their bodies were not only well-hardened, but also possessed a more powerful corpse spirit!

Meat carrion giants, bloody giants – more than ten individuals of these species began to gather near the rocky tyrant. All of them were very hostile and were not afraid of high temperatures, so they immediately began attacking the demon Mo Fang.

They entered the fiery space next to Mo Fan.

The first to enter the battle was a huge meaty carcass, which reached a height of thirty meters. This monster opened its mouth, which was full of fangs similar to stalactites, and which with one bite could destroy Mo Fanya!

Mo Fan was now like a fiery witch who skillfully controlled fiery waves. With this magic he moved forward.

As soon as this carcass opened its mouth, a huge mouth immediately appeared in space, which literally swallowed Mo Fanya.

The carcass swallowed the flames that surrounded Mo Fan. She was so thick-skinned that she could easily swallow a fire, lightning — everything was grinding, and as a result, skeletons came out.

Skeletons that attack and kill people are one thing, but quite another is such a creature with a powerful breath of death, which simply digests everything that gets in the belly!

* Murmur *

The murmur was a foreshadowing of the fact that the ghoul was already digesting the mage.

However, the meat carcass of the digester, which was already huge, began to grow in size! She seemed to swell and has doubled!

Of course, the meat carcass must be able to grow at least so that countless skeletons can fit inside.

However, the monster continued to swell, and now it has already increased three times, turning into a ball!

There was a strange sound, after which the meat carcass just exploded, and all its contents rushed out ….

Mo Fan, who landed on a signal tower, also appeared. There was something in his hands.

He brought it to his mouth and bit off a piece. It was a corpse crystal.

The eyes of the carcass protruded from their orbits. Just a few moments ago, this monster wanted to digest Mo Fan, and now he ate his cadaver crystal!

The cadaveric magic that was hidden inside the cadaveric crystal, could well replenish the spent magical energy. Mo Fan, not without disgust, swallowed this cadaveric crystal, but he simply did not remember about other forms of feeding of demonization.

Mo Fan at this moment was very excited, as he had to delay the attack of the wards of the rocky tyrant.

On the other hand, he had to rejoin the battle as quickly as possible, otherwise the forces of the dark talisman will not be enough to feed Mo Fang.

“Mo Fan, the destructive crystal of the tyranoid is under his throat!” – while Mo Fan was thinking, a familiar voice was already heard behind him.

He turned around and saw Zhu Man.

Zhu Meng was one of those who attacked the tyrant of seven top-level magicians. Demonization, of course, gave superpowers, but if the tyrant had not been wounded in a battle with higher-level mages, now he would have been an order of magnitude more energetic.

– We will help you! Said the mysterious stranger in gray-white robes. Behind him were three pairs of wings, which rhythmically flew in the air.

“Although Yao Ting died, he managed to find the vulnerable place of the rocky tyrant.” His corpse soul allows him to safely endure periods of complete energy depletion. We’ll have to destroy his corpse crystal, which is under his throat! – the voice of chairman Han Ji was heard.

The violent flame absolutely did not burn Han Ji, since its cultivation level was different from the usual one.

“Provide these corpse giants with the elite guards!” – Zuo Feng went to give instructions to the magicians, breaking free from the borders.

During this period, a group of elite protection mages suffered catastrophic losses. Their chairman, deputy chairman, magicians – they all died on the battlefield. Of the survivors was only Zuo Feng, whose abilities were very impressive.

Behind him were people dressed in the purple robes of elite guards’ magicians, but they could not compare with their lost predecessors.

But if they did not, then such a large number of people would not have been evacuated!

Now there was only a rocky tyrant who had to be destroyed!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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