Chapter 693. Ancient Emperor of the Land of Ghosts!


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The bridges of nine deaths and one life began to crumble, the ancient semiprecious stones crumbled in small fragments into the black abyss.

And the only bridge that still held was the one leading to the altar of the tomb.

The altar was hidden in total darkness, and was a frozen, ancient black stone table.

It was like an ice top, under which were located giant steps, the height of a clearly greater human height, as if they were built completely not for people, but for some giant celestial spirits.

If you look at it from far away, you could see a thin red thread falling down the altar on giant steps, but the one who climbs the steps is well aware that this is absolutely not a red thread, but blood flowing down.

On the ledge was cut down the head of a dragon, from whose mouth blood was flowing, and you could even hear its murmur, as if from a small waterfall.

Zhang Xiaohou remembered the eaves of the roof of the museum in the inner walls, it seemed like he had the same dragon from whose mouthful water flowed, obviously it served as a sink of water and looked quite nice, but this looked rather creepy and it was not clear whether it was fresh blood … how can two-thousand-year blood flow?

The staircase narrowed to the top, to a completely human size.

“You can already see the top of the altar, and from above there should be the same bloody throne that Fang Gu spoke about,” Su Xiao Luo wiped the cold sweat from her forehead, and on her lifeless white face a semblance of a smile formed.

So much agony, and now the goal!

It would be good to have time!

The fates of so many people … let this altar look eerily awkward, and was in total darkness, but the sight of the triumph of the black church and Salan on the bones of a million people is definitely far more terrible.

“We came, finally came,” Su Xiao Luo said enthusiastically and was the first to climb the last step.

Zhang Xiaohou was dragging his feet tiredly, he looked at the top of this white stone altar, and indeed, there was a huge jadeite in the middle (* green mineral, valued above jade)!

The jade was red, with clear corners, looked exquisite and glittered, and looked like a stern throne …

This is the bloody throne!

And the man on this bloody throne must be the ancient emperor of the country of ghosts Ying Zheng!

Zhang Xiaohou breathed deeply, and walked forward.

There was a man on the bloody throne, it is not clear whether he is alive or already dead, he had a black breastplate, it is obvious that she had her own long history, but she still glistened, that even in her you could see your reflection!

The hand of a man sitting on a bloody throne propped up his cheek, his body was slightly tilted, and his helmet covered his face with a shadow, and because of the fire of the altar only his sharp chin and a raised corner of his lips were visible!

Tolley, he rested, toli pondered, but did not look like a dead man!

Zhang Xiaohou was sweating profusely, he couldn’t imagine that a sovereign who died two thousand years ago is capable of producing such powerful pressure, Zhang Xiaohou all the time seemed that this type was about to stand up and look with his terrifying gaze straight into his eyes !

“Amazing …”

Suddenly, the seated man spoke!

Zhang Xiaohou, Liu Zhu, Su Xiao Luo startled from the fright that the hair on his head stood on end.

– How did you go the way of death? – the voice echoed.

The light slowly dispelled the shadow on his face, the hair on his temples was white, but his face was extremely familiar to them all!

– How … Why you! – Liu Zhu cried out in amazement.

This face, for all of them it was no longer a stranger, because it was the very same Fang Gu!

Zhang Xiaohou stood gaping.

– How is it, why are you sitting here? Zhang Xiaohou asked.

“Why shouldn’t I sit here?” – laughed Fan Gu.

– What about the ancient emperor? – asked Su Xiao Luo.

– I am he.

– You’re Fan Gu.

– Not now. As I expected, the real ancient emperor of the country of ghosts has disappeared in recent years, and left behind him nothing more than this cuirass and a bloody throne, Fang Gu said, and the cuirass on it immediately issued a metallic gnash.

– What does it mean? Zhang Xiaohou asked.

“Whoever comes first will inherit everything from the ancient emperor: these white palace chambers, the country of the undead created by him, his inexhaustible magic power, his incomparable wisdom …” Fang Gu’s voice sounded quite strange and seemed to reflect from the emptiness of this altar.

“Then, since you sat down on him, then rather take the army of the undead, make the giant giant go, stop the zombie abyss,” Su Xiao Luo quickly said.

Fang Gu, when he heard Su Xiao Luo, immediately began to laugh.

His laugh was very strange, like it was his old laugh, but something in him has changed.

– Why are you laughing? – in a rage asked Su Xiao Lo.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaohou drew off Su Xiao Luo, making it clear that she was left behind.

Seeing Zhang Xiaohou’s strict look on herself, Liu Zhu backed away.

– It’s funny, my soldiers, my governors, my commanders help me capture my capital, why should I stop them? – Fan Gu’s laughter was powerful, and seemed increasingly frightening.

Zhang Xiaohou, Liu Zhu, Su Xiao Luo slowly backed away.

Now it was no longer clear to them who Fan Gu was wearing the cuirass, or indeed the ancient emperor of the ghost country Ying Zheng, not to mention that he was extremely transformed and began to look like a dead man, and his voice became strange …

– So he is still Fan Gu? – asked Su Xiao Luo.

– I’m afraid not! – said Liu Zhu.

If he were a living person, then Liu Zhu could smell him, but this person under the cuirass does not have a human smell at all.

Phan Gu must have believed that the ancient emperor was dead and put on his cuirass, but something seemed to go wrong …

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