Chapter 694. Devil Armor.


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– What now? – whisper said Su Xiao Luo

The road to this place was very difficult. Who knew that Phan Gu initially did not want to stop all those disasters in which the city was mired. He was a man who committed unpardonable crimes, and his soul was dirty, like the narrow streets of the old city!

“The blood, even more fresh blood — Fang Gu’s eye sockets immediately became empty, as if they had gouged out his pupils. As if from there the devil was about to appear!

He began to rise, his body was numb and sluggish, he smelled of blood. He opened his mouth so wide as if he wanted to swallow several people at once.

– It turns into a corpse! – Liu Zhu pulled the two magicians back.

At first, Fang Gu was still breathing, it was clear that he had some memories. But his body was making a deadly stench.

He was not a living person, but to those who smoldered here for a very long time, reborn as a monster. Even an evil spirit has entered the spiritual energy!

Fang Gu was wearing a long robe-like armor, his hands turned into green paws with long hair, his goal was Su Xiao Luo.

Fresh blood … To resurrect the ancient emperor, you need to sacrifice as much as possible the blood of his descendants. And in the body of Su Xiao Luo, the real blood of the descendants of the emperor flowed.

“Probably, you have not yet received the real power of the emperor and I will destroy you!” Said Liu Zhu.

Fan Gu’s spirit was diabolical, but he did not have great power. Perhaps his body and spiritual energy was not at all needed by the emperor, so he turned only into a puppet!

To transform a living person into a corpse is the terrible power of black magic. Liu Zhu saw Fang Gu go mad, rushed towards Su Xiao Luo, and managed to grab him in time, throwing him to the ground with all her might.

Hands turned into claws, but Liu Zhu did not indulge Phan Gu. She thrust her sharp claws into the place where Fan Gu’s heart should have been.

At first, Liu Zhu thought that a robe-like armor had a strong defensive ability that it would be difficult for her to injure Fan Gu. But her claws easily passed through the chest armor. She unexpectedly stumbled upon Fan Gu’s long-decayed flesh, piercing his heart.

His heart was no longer beating, black blood began to flow out. Liu Zhu hastily abandoned her intentions, looking surprised at Fan Gu.

He was so weak!

His strength and defensive ability did not exceed the capacity of the corpse of a servant. Seeing Fang Gu lying on the ground, who started twitching from convulsions, saw his wrinkled, ugly face, Liu Zhu felt a little sad.

Did he not inherit the magic of the ancient emperor, who controlled evil spirits?

Did he know that only a husk in the form of this armor would remain? Did he know that not even spiritual energy would remain?

He was a true subject for sacrifices, which were held in honor of the resurrection of the emperor.

Phan Gu’s black blood flowed out, his body fell out of armor, it looked like a dry leather bag, even his hair turned into a piece of hay!

After these robes, in the form of a robe, absorbed the living energy of Fan Gu, they, like a ghost, returned to the bloody throne.

Obviously, the armor was empty, but they sat on the throne like a living person. Under the helmet was a pair of dark-red devilish eyes that were closely examining everyone here, this look seemed to penetrate the soul, understanding what was going on inside each person.

– Do not wear this armor! – said Liu Zhu in one breath.

What was terrible was not Fan Gu, who had put on this armor, but the armor itself, in which the evil spirit was invading!


Three magicians did not understand exactly when the altar began to shake violently.

Black space began to bend, sometimes in the form of a spiral, sometimes faults were visible. The wind penetrating to the bones began to slowly blow into the altar from the space above the heads of the magicians.

Zhang Xiao Hou lifted his head and saw that black clouds of corpses had formed in space above. The corpses circled in the air like a breeze, uttering a sharp roar.

“The altar again changed direction … Did the zombie depths move the space again?” Liu Zhu said

The dawn was about to come, but at this time the zombie depths are shifting space. If the ancient emperor wants to be resurrected, then his ideal place of resurrection is the inner walls. And if he wants to become the supreme ruler of the country of ghosts, then he must not allow living people to remain in his country!

– Fan Gu needed a lot of blood. Doesn’t a huge lake of blood need to be resurrected by the old emperor, which can be created using people from the inner walls as victims? – hurriedly said Su Xiao Lo.

Millions of people will fall into the abyss of zombies! It will not be a lake of blood, but a whole sea! So all these people will become victims!

The black church created everything that comes into their heads to control the zombie abyss!

And all this was not to celebrate the triumph of death, but to resurrect the emperor who died two thousand years ago !!!

The altar swung sharply in different directions, the magicians were no longer able to stand firmly on their feet.

– What to do, we still have time? – Liu Zhu couldn’t think of anything.

Zhang Xiao Hou began to climb the ground, and a pair of those strange eyes just looked at everything that happened from the armor …

Biting his lips, Zhang Xiao Hou clambered over the unstable ground surface. Using the path of the wind, he headed for the armor on the bloody throne.

– No, don’t do that! You will become another Fan Gu! – shouted Su Xiao Luo, realizing that she wants to do Zhang Xiao Hou.

– I have no choice! – Zhang Xiao Hou did not have time to think, the space has already been displaced.


Striving for armor, Zhang Xiao Hou felt an inexhaustible magical power that pushed him to put on this armor. As if all the disasters of this city will end in an instant, if he puts them on!

Turning around, he looked at Su Xiao Low, as if he wanted to remember her. And the next second he was near the armor.

Zhang Xiao Hou regretted his choice a little, this armor was like a demon who opened his mouth, waiting for a man who was very close …

But it makes no sense to regret, Zhang Xiao Hou closed his eyes. He hoped that before turning into the same withered corpse as Fang Gu, he would be able to give at least one order of evil.

However, at that moment when the armor was supposed to swallow Zhang Xiao Hou’s body, strong hands grabbed him and strongly threw him away from the bloody throne!

Zhang Xiao Hou was thrown from the throne! At that moment, when he flew to the ground, he saw a manly silhouette.

This silhouette was very familiar, it was a military magician. This is a man who fought alone with a winged ash wolf, dealing a huge blow to his soul …

– Chief instructor!

Zhang Xiao Hou fell to the ground and shouted, and his eyes became wet with tears …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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