Chapter 695. Matured fiery hetera!


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Liu Zhu and Su Xiao Luo are numb. They could not have imagined that he was already here.

His speed was very fast. At the moment when Zhang Xiao Hou was supposed to devour the armor, he appeared, throwing away Xiao Hou.

The armor was eager for a new sacrifice, and when Zhang Xiao Hou never got into their arms, the armor, with a shriek, went towards the man who appeared so suddenly.

* Ding *

* Ding *

* Ding *

The helmet of the armor, like a little demon, went to the head of a man. The man could not dodge such an attack, so the helmet managed to firmly climb on his head.

While he was trying to get rid of the helmet, the rest of the armor joined parts of his body – there was no way out!

* Aaaaaa *

As if some demon had mastered the situation. The man who saved Zhang Xiao Hou shouted and tried to tear his own body apart!

His cry was so piercing that the skin of the remaining three guys ran goosebumps.

Zhang Xiao Hou cried involuntarily: all this had to happen to him! And now the man who saved him suffers there!

– Senior! Teacher! “Zhang Xiao Hou was still trying to stop the torture of this man, but Liu Zhu could not allow him to do another nonsense.

“Is that the same foreman, Zhan Kon, who was mentioned by Mo Fan?” – asked Liu Zhu, stopping Zhang Xiao Hou.

The armor was awesome! Led by a black demon, they captured any living person that they came across on their way!

Zhang Xiao Hou could not imagine that Zhan Kon would also be here. Many questions popped into his head … However, at the sight of the suffering sergeant, his heart began to bleed.

– You! Do you consider yourself great ???

– Come on, try to capture my soul! As soon as you swallow it, you will die too!

“You should have fallen into hell even earlier!”

Zhan Kona’s voice sounded strange, but it was clear that this voice belonged to him.

He did not address Zhang Xiao Hou, Liu Zhu, or Su Xiao Luo — all of his remarks were intended for this diabolical armor.

Fan Gu turned into a dead body dead than he did, sacrificing his life and receiving nothing. However, Zhan Kon had some kind of power that gave him the opportunity to fight with the last of his strength.

– He wants to turn me into a mortal shell ??? So let him try! – now Zhan Kon was talking to himself.

Armor strangled in human flesh, delivering incredible torment. Zhan Kon did not pay attention to these torments, and the armor continued to dig into his body. He tore off a piece of armor that framed the arm, and the blood came out.

This piece of armor made a strange sound and tried to cling to his hand again, but Zhan Kon abruptly threw it back with his foot.

– You must obey me! Or both of us will perish! Immortal life? I will not allow it! “Zhan Kon was already tearing off a piece of armor from his leg, throwing it away too.

Fresh blood poured even stronger. Zhan Kon was gradually able to win over the initiative, and the harmful demon began to subside little by little.

Su Xiao Luo, Zhang Xiao Hou and Liu Zhu could not believe their eyes. They saw with their own eyes how Fang Gu was tormented, and now Sergeant Zhan Kon was able to subdue this demon! This is difficult to imagine!

However, Liu Zhu already clearly sensed that Zhan Kona no longer received live breathing.

Inner city

* Ding *

The booming chime rang out in the city.

With the ringing of the clock on the city, a partial peace was found, which usually indicated that the morning had come.

In fact, quite a few people saw how the fiery silhouette flew from afar, and, after making a hole in the protective barrier, headed straight for the clock tower.

It seems that it was exactly that strong man who fought with the rocky tyrant!

Mo Fan was literally impressed into the clock tower, and then slowly slid down.

Mo Fan felt that his head was falling apart: the rocky tyrant was so strong that he could throw him so far and far that Mo Fan flew to the very central tower of the city!

It’s good that he flew into the clock, if he flew into the crowd of people, then many of them could die!

– Ugh!

Mo Fan cried blood. Turning around, he saw Mu Mue nailed to the watch building.

Mu He, too, having seen him, simply was stunned by surprise!

Mo … Mo Fan?

The one who fought with a rocky one – Mo Fan ???

Mo Fan, shaking his head, saw that Mu Hae was looking at him – because of this, Mo Fang’s face was set on fire.

– How did you say there? Am I in this production only a minor character ??? Asked Mo Fan, recovering.

“You … who the hell are you?” – Mu He was indignant.

– Open your eyes wide and see how I will smash your solemn ceremony! Growled Mo Fan. His eyes radiated hatred.

Fire and lightning began to accumulate around Mo Fang at the same time.

However, it was clear that even these two magic was not enough!

Behind him, a fire silhouette began to flare up … But now it was not a wolf silhouette, but a female one!

It was a fiery female spirit …. She stood with her eyes closed, remembering the ancient spiritual language, to speak with people!

– Does the matured fiery hetero look like that ??? – Mo Fan has already been speechless.

Mo Fan had already felt the fiery force that emanated from this fiery silhouette.

The fire enchantress did not fight Mo Fang, on the contrary, she gave him additional fire power, causing his body to become even more burning.

The flames covered a part of the building, so everyone could see this picture, and not just Mu He, who was standing ten meters away from them!

Mu He looked at it all and could not believe his eyes …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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