Chapter 697. Mass retreat of the undead.


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– Be careful, the lair of chaos can strike back with the force that sucked! – warned everyone else mysterious white.

“One has to be afraid of the one who is now on the head of the rock-like tyrant … his breath …,” Han Ji, looking up, looked attentively at the man.

As Han Ji said, everyone who was here was outstanding magicians, but the one who was on the monster’s head was superior to all of them together with his magic! His breath seemed to give way to the antiquity of the ancient era, so everyone was alert!

Mo Fan was the closest to the tyrant. He climbed the signal tower in order to examine as closely as possible the person who was sitting on the monster’s head.

The tyranoid no longer escaped. He slowly knelt, supporting his head.

Everything just went crazy from what they saw …. The tyrant knelt ???

What kind of person is this ??? Is there really anyone in this world who surpasses the tyrant of a military leader ???

Even Han Ji was confused.

The tyranude turned, showing the man on the head to everyone else.

Through the veil of rain one could see a human silhouette in armor. This man gazed majestically at the people and at the inner part of the city!

“Ancient … ancient emperor!” – a mysterious white shaking in a frenzy.

Han Ji also froze in surprise!

On ancient scrolls the ancient emperor was depicted in blue-black armor! He fully complied with all the ideas about the emperor, except for one … around him there was not a hint of living breath!

“He woke up …” said Zhu Meng.

He has awakened, which means that all living things will now turn into carrion, and the multi-million city will be destroyed!

The filament tyrant approached. He did not dare to show a single manifestation of anger or rage, not because he was seriously wounded in the throat, but because HE was on his head.

The tyrant slowly walked past the signal tower on which Mo Fan was. It was at this moment that Mo Fan was able to see the face of this emperor!

His eyes looked dead at Mo Fang!

– Star … foreman! Chief Instructor! – Mo Fan now could not move …. He could not believe his eyes.

Zhan Kon!

This was the face of Sergeant Zhan Kona!

Mo Fan felt his heart leap out of his chest. He could not find an explanation for what was happening.

Zhan Kon in armor carefully looked at Mo Fan. Mo Fan himself could not understand whether he recognized him or simply looked down on everyone.

Suddenly, the man in the armor raised his hand.

The lair of chaos that existed before has now appeared right in front of Mo Fane!

Mo Fan thought that he was going to attack him, so he prepared himself …

However, the lair of chaos was not going to absorb anything, on the contrary, it spit out three human silhouettes.

– Liu Zhu, Zhang Xiao Hou, Su Xiao Luo !!!

Mo Fan instantly recognized these three and immediately ran to them. He literally grabbed the collar of Zhang Xiao Hou with his teeth …

Mo Fan, seizing these three, and, running down the tyrant’s forearm, headed for the signal tower.

Apparently, these three were captured by this whirlwind of chaos. Without understanding the situation, Mo Fan lowered them, and he himself looked at the man in the armor.

However, Zhan Kon himself, not wanting to play with Mo Fang in his peepers, simply turned around, showing everyone his back ….

The filamentous tyrant, obeying his order, also turned and stomped away from the city.

* Tuk *

* Tuk *

* Tuk *

Each step of the tyrant-like mountain resounded around the district … with every step it took, hordes of undead fell into the ground …

The first went away troops of rotting corpses. After a short period of time, they were already underground, accompanying their supreme – this could be judged by the undulating movements of the earth.


The sounds of footsteps were getting farther away … More than half of the undead have already retreated from the inside of the city.

Gradually, the devil commander appeared on the south side of the people.

This demon apparently has not had time to get enough. Spreading its huge wings, he also headed north, flying through protective barriers.

Numerous troops of demons went after him. Crossing the protective barriers, they went into the darkness …

Soon these demons soared into the air, casting their shadows on the city ….

* Clicks *

The most recent began to retreat skeletons.

Four commanders from different sides, including the tyranoid in the tusks, began to lead their hordes far, far away, not daring to linger within the city for a single moment. Without looking back, they all walked away. If they all simultaneously attacked the barriers, then nothing would be left of them!

The Black Sea of the undead began to fade away to the north. The city itself was also illuminated by sunlight …

Countless residents who were lucky enough to survive, did not even suspect that the main battle was over !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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