Chapter 699: The Nugget of Mo Fan


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The face of Mu He, who was nailed in the same place, immediately changed beyond recognition!

Soon he heard the tramp of familiar heels, each blow of which pierced a knife into his heart. The step was coming.

– Sa … Salan! Cardinal Salan! – Mu He wanted to fall at his feet, but it was impossible to do that.

The right hand of the woman was bleeding, but she kept a lively and blooming look – just amazing!

She looked carefully at Moo He.

Mu Ho felt as if his soul just scattered into pieces.

“Did you help that boy enter the magical educational institution?”

“Yes … yes … yes,” Mu He stuttered.

– You contributed to the fact that today’s solemn ceremony did not take place … I must repay you for this!

– Do not! Do not! Please, I beg you !!!!

His scream echoed through the clock tower, echoing.

The people at the bottom of the clock tower rejoiced and exulted …

The flood of undead retreated.

Countless flights to the city delivered humanitarian aid, builders have already begun to rebuild the city. In order to protect the city from re-invasion of the undead, three kilometers from the inner part of the city built various buildings.

The rain stopped completely only on the third day. Survivors were placed in temporary shelters, which were additionally surrounded by high walls so that people feel more comfortable.

The situation of Xi’an was different from that of Bo. Since ancient times, Xi’an was a prosperous city, and most importantly – it had a thousand-year history, which no wind or rain would erase. The city can only be rebuilt, and most of the local ones will not want to leave it.

Reconstruction of the city was not as slow as expected. Half of the work was for the mechanisms, the second half – for the magicians of the earth element, who rebuilt bridges, roads, streets, districts and houses.

Everything within a radius of three kilometers from the inner wall was rebuilt. There were still survivors here who could not even think that the city was so weak …

Meeting room tower

On the long table for meetings, fresh fruit was just placed, which looked very appetizing, as if they had just now been brought here from the south by air.

At the table there was a large crowd of people. There were only Duxiao, Zhu Meng, Han Ji, mysterious white, undersized ….

“I was looking everywhere, but nowhere could I find Mo Fang,” said the mysterious white.

– It seems that this child does not want to perpetuate the glory of this event. – said Zhu Meng.

– This time a lot has happened thanks to him, it’s scary to even think … an element of demonization … Probably, he is the only one in this world to whom this element became subservient. “There will be another meeting today dedicated specifically to his situation,” said Han Ji.

– The element of demonization is prohibited by the magical association of five continents. I talked to Mo Fan, he also does not want to become an experimental rat, so it is better for us to hide this fact, – Zhu Meng expressed his point of view.

“One of the high-ranking military men whispered to me in secret that for the first time the demonization of Mo Fang had manifested itself on Dongting Lake,” said the mysterious white.

– Who is this senior? – asked Zhu Meng.

– Head of the southern military unit. He warned that this information should not reach the magical association of the five continents, said the mysterious white.

– Mo Fan himself does not want to talk about it. The military unit and we from the magical association will not disclose this moment, only the league of hunters remains … Dusiao, can you influence your people? – said Zhu Meng.

Dusiao nodded his head.

He was the lord of the hunters, but the elder was a level higher than even the king of the hunters himself, so he cannot silence him forcibly.

“You don’t have to worry about the hunter league.” Some foremen know most of the essence of this business. Mo Fan works in this elder’s shop. “If he opens his mouth, he will not be able to avoid spreading information in unwanted circles,” said the short man.

“I forgot that you, short, are in good contact with Clean Sky,” said Dusiao.

– So that’s great. The military unit, the hunters league and the magical association will keep it a secret. Only we saw his demonization, so leaving it a secret would not be a problem, – Han Ji nodded his head.

– Oh yes…. Salan, most likely, also knows this, he can … – hastily said mysterious white.

– Salan will now look for ways to leave the country. This time he acted openly, so even the magical court will try to deal with it. Only if the chairman of the magical court does not personally have mercy on him … do you think he still has the strength to think of Mo Fang? Said Han Ji with a smile.

– He wanted to destroy Xian, relying on the ancient emperor, and he himself completely sold his soul to the god of death. Even if he escapes now, one day the leaders of the black church will expose themselves, after this the adherents of higher rank will also be destroyed, and there, you see, after half a month, Salan himself will become a commander without troops. If you look at it like this, then Mo Fan is really the sworn enemy of the black church! Back in the city of Bo, the Chernokerkovniki could not get a sacred spring because of Mo Fang; in Shanghai, they wanted to take it away, and as a result, there was a sweep of the followers of the black church of the whole city; and now he has stopped their solemn ceremony !!! In the end, this led to the fact that almost all the adherents of our country were caught! Here is bad luck! – Zhu Meng, without ceasing, laughed.

– Right. This fellow is our secret weapon against the black church, and his cultivation of the element of demonization only strengthens this process. If he progresses further, one day he will be able to completely eradicate the black church from the face of the Earth! – mysterious white was also optimistic.

The black church is the main malignant tumor of the country!

“Then we must take care of this precious boy,” said Han Ji.

– Want us to help him?

– No no no. Well, what is this method? If we pave the way for him further, he will stop his cultivation only at a high level. We should not reach him to our level and provide him with luxurious living conditions, moreover, this does not mean that he should receive our patronage …, ”said Dusyao.

Strengthening its cultivation with current resources was not difficult, but it would be a bearish service for Mo Fan himself.

This nugget, Mo Fan, appeared out of nowhere, and, like every great magician, makes his own way.

“But … he will not be able to develop to the end …” Han Ji was indignant.

“I have a universal offer …” said Zhu Meng.

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