Chapter 7: Forbidden Curse / Original Magic


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When the explosion subsides, the arena looks like death and death. But are they all alive? In spite of the warning, almost dying is a misfortune for my offspring.

“… What are you doing?”

Riorg wakes up.The right arm is dyed red, and if you do poorly you will not be able to use it forever. Other than that, it was a minor injury.Judging from the fact that he was not injured immediately, he would have gathered the magical power running away in his right arm.

“What a little intimidation. Your source was afraid of me, and you were scared.”


True, Riorg seems unlikely to believe.In the first place, magical power comes from the evil source in our bodies.If the roots are different, they may be frightened by their opponents and run away their magical powers.

“Okay. You’re a little motivated to recognize me as an ancestor, right?”

Then, Riorg once again hated me.Should we praise that it’s a big deal that can expose our hostility over this period, or should we advertise that it’s an idiot that we can’t really see.

“I do not admit”

“Yes, but at least it seems like a solid fact to be closer to the founder than you?”

“Seal magic, forced magic, recovery magic, magical runaway magic is an unknown magic. There is no way to handle such multiple magics at a high level. You use special magic tools.”

Laughing from the bottom of the belly.

“Yeah, it’s a magic tool. I know you don’t want to recognize my ability, but your speech is humorous.”

“Otherwise, a hybrid cannot have this power!”

“Hey hybrid …”

But why are you so particular about pure blood? It’s hard to imagine 2000 years ago.

“As a royal family, I can’t afford to fall behind a hybrid. Even if I die, I can’t afford to lose!”

Liorg pushed his almost dead right arm forward.A magic circle emerges there.

That is…?

“I’ll show you the difference between you and my case.The magic of origin that can only be passed on to the royal family.”

After all it is origin magic.I can’t help but understand what kind of magic the magic sculpture is going to use, but since it’s so much fun, let’s stop putting water.

“I confirmed the amount of magic exceeding the specified level.”

Owls can be heard from above.

“There will be a magic barrier in the spectator seat, but the spectators should evacuate immediately. Exercise by the examinees could cause death in the spectator seat.”

Screams echo from the audience seats.

“Hey, hey! Liorg is going to use it!”

“Everyone should run away right now! There is no magic barrier here!”

Liorg smiles grinning.

“I regret it. The magic of origin is a life-threatening curse. I’m sorry to use me.”

Black thunder clings to the right of the bees and Liorg.It grows innumerably and covers his radius of one meter.At the next moment, the range spreads to twice that amount, and the black lightning still gains power.

At last half of the arena was covered with black lightning.Magical barriers set up in the spectator seats and the aftermath of the magic that lightning creates, sparking crackling and sparks.

“Do you understand? This is real magic that cannot be imitated by hybrids.”

After arrogant remarks, Riorg put his right arm, wearing black thunder, over heaven, and looked down at me.

Makuro Thunder Emperor “Original Magic !!”

Black thunder swelled hundreds of times, swirling like a typhoon, and uprooted everything in the arena.

Fragments from the destroyed audience seats fall down.The sand smoke rising slowly and slowly clears, and the appearance of Riorg emerges there. He almost exhausted his magic, but apparently did not die.

And the next moment he looked at me and expressed a startling look.

Makuro Thunder Emperor “Is it stupid …? <> The hit by <> and intact …? …?”

It was a fairly powerful magic, but he made a fatal failure.

“Older things have magical powers by themselves. Origin magic is magic that borrows its power from a source with tremendous magical power.”

“What … where is that secret …?”

Riorg says astonished. The secrets, all because of the origin magic I developed. You know it.

“If you are dealing with origin magic, it is a common practice to borrow power from older, more powerful entities, but the older the older, the more abundant the entity, It’s difficult to control.It’s good to borrow a huge amount of magic , but you can’t afford it.

In short, in order to use the magic of origin, you need to know clearly the entities that borrow its power. But the older, the less that information is lost, and the more it is misrepresented.

For this reason, we borrow power from things that are old but certain.For example, it is common to use famous legends and traditions. Also, if you have a connection with yourself, the success rate of origin magic will increase.

This time, he borrowed magical power to use <> because of his deep connection with the enormous magical power that killed even the gods 2,000 years ago.

Anos Voldigord, the demon king of violence.That is, me. Certainly, there is no more appropriate origin in using origin magic in this era.


“Unfortunately, Origin Magic cannot affect the origin of magic itself. Did you not know?”

“… Mock-ups … I’m still claiming to be the founder …”

I wondered how to cook the upset Liorg.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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