Chapter 7 Nine Piles of Bibo Wave


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As soon as he thought about it, Chu Xingyun immediately found a pen and ink, and slowly recalled a set of palms named “Nine Piles of Bibo Wave”.

“Bibo Nine-fold Waves”, ranked in the middle rank of Ling, is the lowest martial arts in Chu Xingyun’s memory. If it was not handled more skillfully, he would have left it behind.

“I remember Shuijia’s Zhenzu Wushu, that is, Lingbu intermediate level, this set of”Bibo Jiupiao”should be considered as the top Wushu in Xifeng City, and the price should not be too low.

In Liuyun Dynasty, Xifeng City, located in the northwest, was only a small border city, and its cultivation resources were not abundant.

Most of the martial arts practitioners only practise human rank martial arts, and only those big families have Lingjian martial arts. They never spread it outside, and they are regarded as the treasures of the Zhenzu people.

It is no exaggeration to say that a spiritual martial arts school is enough to break the balance of strength of the major families, even the city’s main government will be heartbeat, want to buy back martial arts.

With excitement in mind, Chu Xingyun wrote the mental method of “Bibo Nine-fold Waves” on paper, and painted nine-style palms on it at the same time.

This process is no longer easy.

Chu Xingyun’s vision is high, but his inner spiritual power is too thin. Every style of painting will consume all the spiritual power, and the progress is very slow.

It took half a day for Chu Xingyun to finish all the nine palms of Bibo Jiupiao. His back was wet with sweat, and he lay on the ground, breathing heavily.

“With my present ability, I can barely draw a spiritual intermediate martial arts. If I force to draw a higher level of martial arts, I am afraid I will be attacked by spiritual power and seriously injured on the spot.”

Martial arts are not mere picture or writing.

If we want to copy a set of martial arts perfectly, we need not only huge spiritual power, but also the artistic conception of martial arts. Otherwise, even if we copy martial arts, it is only a false appearance, and no one can practice it at all.

Fortunately, Chu Xingyun was a strong man at the rank of Emperor Wu. He had profound experience and was revered by others. He dared to imitate the middle-level Wushu of Lingjie. He was simply looking for death.

“I remember that once I was a junior martial arts student, I would be able to sell twelve thousand pieces of silver. Lingjie intermediate martial arts should be worth about twelve thousand pieces of silver.” Chu Xingyun muttered in his heart and left the inner space of the samsara stone directly.

Instead of leaving the courtyard in a hurry, he found a large black robe and walked out the door.

“Master, where are you going so late?” Chu Hu saw Chu Xingyun and asked.

“I’m going to West Wind City.” Chu Xingyuntun, warned: “This trip, I may be a little late, you do not have to worry about me, and if Chuyang they come, say I closed practice, must not conflict with them.”

“Well,I’ll listen to Master.” Chu Tiger nodded and watched Chu Xingyun leave.

Out of the courtyard, Chu Xingyun draped his black robe over his body, quietly left Chu Town and entered the well-lit West Wind City.

At this time, although it is night, the West Wind City is still very busy, there are many martial artists in the corridor, wearing black robes, and not a few people, no one noticed Chu Xingyun.

Along with the memory, Chu Xingyun went through the corridors and came to Fangshi.

Fang Shi is a paradise for warriors. It is divided into three regions: trading area, auction area and fighting area.

In Liuyun Dynasty, there were sixty-four city pools, each of which had fangs and cities.

Rumors have it that every square city is secretly protected by forces. Therefore, the management of the square city isbstrict, all over the master, who dare to rush riots, will be killed in an instant.

Walking into Fangshi, Chu Xingyun ran straight to the Westerly Wind Auction Hall.

Westerly Wind Auction House is the largest auction house in Westerly Wind City. The top winners of Westerly Wind City often appear here. In order to maximize the value of Bibo Jiupiao, we must choose Westerly Wind Auction House.

“Hello, what can I do for you?” As soon as he entered the Westerly Wind Auction Hall, a sexy maid dressed in hot clothes approached, not surprised by Chu Xingyun’s costume.

“The old man has a set of martial arts. He wants to put it up for auction in your auction house. Let the director of your auction house come to see me.” Chu Xingyun lowered his voice and said casually.

He was originally the absolute strong, that belongs to the strong momentum, there is no need to deliberately do it, naturally emitted.

The maid’s face changed slightly. When she heard that she was going to auction martial arts, she became much more respectful. Then she felt the strong momentum of Chu Xingyun and bowed down in a hurry.

“If your predecessors don’t mind, please go to the VIP room and wait. I’ll report to the supervisor immediately.” After that, the maid opened a door and rushed to report.

Chu Xingyun was not in a hurry. He went into the VIP room and waited quietly.

Soon, the maid also entered the VIP room, beside her stood an old man in a gown. The maid gathered in the old man’s ear, pointed at Chu Xingyun and whispered a few words.

“You go down.” The old man nodded his head and let the maid retreat first. Then he came to Chu Xingyun and glimpsed a brilliant ray in his eyes. He found that the man in black robe had only three heavenly realms of hardened body, and his face could not help but sink.

“Without asking the reason, regardless of origin, these eight characters are the gold-lettered signboard of the West Wind Auction City. Now it seems that they really disappoint the old man.” Chu Xingyun stood up fiercely. Once his sleeves were thrown off, he would stride away.

“Wait a minute!” The old man quickly stopped Chu Xingyun, with a slight embarrassment on his face, and said, “This old man is the director of the Westerly Wind Auction House, named Meng Qing. I’m sorry for what he did just now, but I also ask my predecessors not to blame him.”

Just now, when Chu Xingyun said those words, his momentum was unparalleled. There was a kind of sublime spirit that made Meng Qing’s heart tremble, and he immediately put aside the idea of exploring.

Obviously, Chu Xingyun intentionally emitted this momentum to deter Meng Qing.

After all, what he is going to auction is Lingjie Intermediate Martial Arts. The more invisible it is, the more advantageous it is.

“I heard that you are going to auction a set of martial arts, dare to ask what level of martial arts degree is listed?” Seeing that Chu Xingyun did not leave, Meng Qing’s heart was quietly relieved, and he had completely regarded Chu Xingyun as a mysterious hermit.

As for the three-day practice of hardening body, he does not care much more. The hermit is strong and his temper is very strange. It is not rare for him to hide his practice.

Chu Xingyun reached into his sleeve and took out the Nine Waves of Bibo and handed it to Meng Qing.

“That’s what I’m going to auctioneer.” Chu Xingyun’s tone is flat.

Meng Qinggang took over Bibo Nine-fold Waves. When he heard Chu Xingyun’s words, his heart was shocked. This mysterious strong man actually wanted to auction Martial Arts techniques, but also at the intermediate level.

He took a deep breath, looked away, carefully unfolded the paper and studied it carefully.

After a long time, Meng Qing took his eyes off the paper and looked at Chu Xingyun. A pleasant smile appeared on his face, and he said sadly, “This set of palms really ranks among the middle levels of Lingling ranks. With my eyes, the starting price was set at 2, 20,000 silver. I don’t know what your intention is?”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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