Chapter 701. Competition among Students


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Imperial University

– Snow flesh, ice bones, three thousand silver threads (about hair) … Conqueror of cities and states whose name is always on the rumor! Your servant Guan Yu is honored to see you here, Mu Ning Xue! – the guy who has slowly approached spoke politely.

Mu Ning Xue passed beside her, without even giving her a look.

Mu Su Ning Xue heard such sugary speeches so much that she was already tired of this. As for this Guan Yuya, Mu Ning Xue did not have the slightest desire to get to know him.

Guan Yu was very mannered and polite, so he did not pay any attention to such a cold from Mu Ning Xue, but simply followed.

– So to say, in the next year we can become inseparable friends … Oh yes! I forgot to tell you that I am already an official member of the Chinese national team at world university competitions! – right said Guan Yu. He had such a smile on his face, as if the information he had said was supposed to melt the heart of this ice beauty.

As one would expect, Mu Ning Xue, raising her gaze, turned …

Guan Yuya’s face shone even brighter.

Guan Yu is not just a guy passing by. Girls like Mu Ning Xue can be impressed only by showing their strength.

However, his smile faded when he realized that Mu Ning Xue was not looking at him at all, but at the middle-aged man who had just entered.

– Baby Xue, let’s go with dad, – Mu Kyaw Yong, not paying attention to Guan Yu, spoke with some kind of internal hesitation.

Mu Ning Xue, nodding her head, went with him to one of the classrooms.

Going into the audience, Mu Zho Yun specifically looked to see if there were any people nearby, and only then he was able to calmly sigh, relaxing a little.

– What’s happening? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

Although his father had been a bit tense lately, he very seldom showed such excitement, as if he were faced with big problems.

– Your uncle Mu He, he was still a young adept in the black church in his youth, and even managed to become one of its leaders … He trampled in the mud the reputation of our entire family and our ancestors! – Mu Kyaw Yong nervously leaned his head against a stone wall, and his chest quickly heaved.

Mu Ning Xue was speechless.

She could not even think about it!

– Before that, a meeting of noble houses took place. The news that Mu Ho is a follower of the black church did not become a big shock for the elders of the Mu kind. Now the foremen want to remove us from the line … Because of him alone, we instantly turned into nothing … I do not know …. – Mu Kyaw Yong has already started to falter.

Anger … and hopelessness. Mu He for one instant forced Mu Kyaw Yong to suffer a collapse and huge losses!

– And what do they want me to do? – Mu Ning Xue continued to maintain a cool calm.

“They want you to leave the list of participants in world university competitions and give Mu Tinyin your place.” Breathed Mu Kyo Yun.

– They have completely lost all shame ??? – all the same coldly said Mu Ning Xue.

– There is no other way out. How could Moo He do this to me? He is your uncle! Only the disaster of the city of Bo deprived me of almost everything, but now our lives are in danger! Now the magical court will begin an investigation into all of us. I’m not particularly worried about what decisions will be made by noble houses, I’m worried that the dirt from these global competitions will fall on you and that they can force you out of the list. In this case, all of our perennial efforts go down the drain. Said Mu Kyaw Yong.

Because of this, he even went against the family in the hope that his daughter would be able to get valuable resources.

Mu Kyo Yun, like no one else, understood all the talent of Mu Ning Xue. With enough resources, she can become the strongest ice maker in the whole country!

Mu Ning Xue did not disappoint him: she was able to secure a place in the national team at world university competitions … And now all their perennial labors were covered with a copper basin.

Now no one else wanted to have anything to do with Mu Kyaw Yong. His little brother with the black church destroyed everything, turning it into the garbage of society!

During these few days, Mu Kyaw Yun felt the hard way how a businessman could fall, losing absolutely everything! Is it really not enough what happened to Bo ?!

“Since I can’t say anything good,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“But this is the place you were trying to achieve with such difficulty …” answered Mu Kyaw Yoon.

“Since Mu Tinien wants to replace me, then let’s see if she has enough abilities!”

In mid-autumn, a cold wind was already blowing in Beijing.

In the middle of the imperial university there is an “honorable arena”, which was created specifically for the most venerable and famous magicians. The whole site is as if covered with stars, its dome is reduced by four black arcs that can open and close. Arena districts can fit up to fifty thousand spectators!

This arena is used very rarely, as it opens only when the strongest mages of the same level meet.

There was nobody in the stands, but at the very center of the arena ten young magicians stood in a row. They were dressed in unusual competitive clothes – it looked very belligerent!

– I am very glad to see that you were able to demonstrate your abilities. This suggests that the young magical talents of our country can lead an uncompromising struggle with representatives of other countries. Although we could hold a farewell ceremony for you, I still hope that there will be much more solemnity when you return, doing your best in the name of our country! For the greatness of our country! – the voice of director Sunhe was heard.

Director Sunhe was the leader of the national team. Since the spring of this year, when the selection of participants was completed, these ten outstanding young talents have been constantly cultivated. Next spring and summer, they will go to Venice for world university competitions!

Although they have already been carefully selected, the experience of other countries can also have an impact!

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