Chapter 702. A Killing Ice Bow!


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– It is strange, as if cold. Has the temperature dropped?

– And this is not Mu Ning Xue?

– It seems she was excluded from the list. It is said that more than half can be excluded. Let’s see what they say at the top.

Guan Yu stood in the crowd and looked coldly at how Mu Ning Xue was approaching.

– Mu Ning Xue, and if you did not make a mistake? There is a collection only for the main participants. It is also worth mentioning that you made a replacement for yourself … are you then considered a member of the national team? Hard to say…. – said the girl with brown hair that was in the crowd.

This was Mu Tinin, who got into the team by the clan Mu.

Mu Tingying always hated Mu Ning Xue because she was always ahead. Now, finally, heaven helped her.

Mu Ning Xue did not react to her attacks, but only calmly went to the five leaders, the judges.

All of them had enormous power, and it was impossible to say exactly how many votes each had. But one thing was clear, the decisive opinion remains with them!

However, they must be impartial, because this is the national level, and the goal is the same for everyone – to show the best result at world university competitions!

Participation in the competition will take young magicians from all over the world. Huge resources will be awarded, so there is something to fight for ….

For universities, this is not a joke, because the most important thing is to attract the attention of the whole world!

– I know that you have already blacklisted me, and you know for what reason. Today I came here with one task – so that you would once again appreciate me … – Mu Ning Xue said to the five judges with a sincere voice.

– Rated again? Ning Xue, I certainly understand that this is not fair to you, but the black church has committed too many atrocities. We do not allow you to compete for the sake of your own safety. Because of the Sian disaster, people have accumulated too much hatred, which he will not hesitate to pour on you, especially if your name appears on the national team list … ”said Director Sunhe sadly.

Sunhe was well aware that Mu Ning Xue, like no one else, deserves to be in the national team, but the wave of indignations about the invasion of the undead has not yet subsided.

– That is why I ask you to rate me again! My bow will eradicate all your bias into my account!

– What other bow? – The rest of the judges got excited.

Mu Ning Xue said nothing more, just turned around and stared with her icy eyes at the honorary arena.

Suddenly, her snow-silver hair began to flutter in the wind, enchanting everyone.

A born magician of the spiritual element of ice, a beautiful goddess – she really was the most beautiful of all ice magicians. She completely surrendered to her magic, putting her temperament and character, that was what impressed the judges so much!

However, Mu Ning Xue did not come here to show off. She opened her arms, and bits of ice began to accumulate in her face, forming an icy bow!

Without a bowstring and arrows, Mu Ning Xue acted so naturally with a bow … a sharp arrowhead appeared between her fingers!

“This is … this is …”

Director Sunhe and the rest of the judges were simply stupefied.

* Whistling arrows *

Mu Ning Xue fired an arrow and remained standing still gracefully in her place.

The ice arrow flew with a whistle, entering the snow whirlwind that filled the entire arena!

The arrow flew farther and, rounding the arc, landed at the pedestal.

People could not believe that by firing just one arrow, Mu Ning Xue covered the entire arena with ice!

Ice magic actually reached the barriers, freezing the stands.

Ten students watched the situation and could not say a word.

They could not even imagine that Mu Ning Xue, who was supposed to be on the same level with them, exceeded all imaginable and inconceivable limits in ice magic!

Evaluate again …

And in the words of this girl there is a sense!

Absolute Magic!

She wanted to come herself and show her strength, to wash away the stain on her reputation!

She will not give up just like that! So many years of persistent cultivation have been lived for the sake of these competitions … Her icy killing bow should help get a place in the team!

– I want to participate in the competition, even if I’m in stock. – breathed Mu Ning Xue. She lowered her hands, and the bow turned into ice crystals again.

Mu Ning Xue clearly understood that if she did not agree to the stock, she would simply be crossed out.

The judges are just starting to rebound. Mu Ning Xue’s actions simply stunned them!

Having exchanged glances, they began to discuss something.

Such ice power was worth it to think again about their decision!

– Your abilities really impressed us. We can send a petition to our management to be left on the replacement list. You can participate in the general preparation for the competition, – said one of the judges.

“Feng Lee, there was a decree above that there was already a person in the reserve … now she’s also there …” said the stocky teacher-judge, who was standing nearby.

– Trivia! The preparation of the national team will last the whole year, and will not seem to anyone much! Someone may die, retire … So I have nothing against them training together. Said Judge Feng Lee.

– I think so too. What does it matter how many students train in the national team before the competition, 12 or 13? – Said the director Sun He with a smile.

– Right. Who is another spare?

– Have not seen.

– I did not meet either. His forces are unknown, stuck just in the team. It is simply unimaginable!

– Feng Lee, do you know who this other spare? Why was he missed by us? The son of a manager was studying with me, here he is – it’s just something! Said the stocky judge.

Feng Li just nodded his head negatively: “I also don’t really know much … I only know that his name is … Mo Fan.”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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