Chapter 703. Descent from the mountain!


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“You rascal, still consider yourself a victim,” came the angry voice of Tang Yue.

Mo Fan sat on top of a mountain that towered high above the ground. He purposely stood up on his toes, so that the whistle of the wind could be heard in his ears, which blew from the gorge below, which was covered with white fog.

– Hello Hello! I ate, ate! True, the local food is a bit bland, but the monk also tells me to eat more lean food. I will soon begin to hunt mountain animals! But here it is really beautiful: natural elements are around, there is no light, no money! – Mo Fan answered in a high voice.

Mo Fan had already fallen from the cliffs more than ten times and found that it was in this place of Mount Huashan that the connection was best caught.

– I want to ask you! Afterwards also try to stay away from the black church, otherwise I will worry! Said Tang Yue.

– What? My cultivation? Soon, I will soon recover! The high level is not lost, the other nebulae not only reached the previous level, but even cultivated to the third step! This place is really perfect for pure cultivation, so I almost fell in love with the local land! One sadness – there are no nuns … yes, there aren’t even monkeys! Tang Yue, can you come stay with me here? Stone urban jungle is very bad for your health! – Mo Fan for a long time did not hear the human voice, so he spoke without stopping.

Tang Yue wrinkled her brow.

In the mountains, of course, bad communication …

“Oh, by the way, I have to tell you something,” said Tang Yue.

– Say Say! I hear very clearly!

– Do you remember the incident that happened in the very center of the city in front of people? Came the voice of Tang Yue.

Tang Yue talked about the appearance of the totem snake in humans. Now he was considered a real jewel of the city of Hangzhou. To attract tourists to Lake Xihu began to talk about the snake. However, tourists do not see the snake itself, they just listen to legends, enjoy the scenery and shake from every big shadow on the water!

– I remember, then I wet my pants! – Mo Fang’s voice was very clear.

Mo Fan remembered that at that moment he was expressing himself in Xing Xia’s love. During the meal, he already ordered a hotel room by phone … and it was at this moment that a totem snake appeared between the two buildings, which made Mo Fanya’s romantic thoughts disappear by themselves.

Snake did not let him book a hotel room!

– Then I thought that he was supposed to start a molt. I began to worry and look for him, and he was already awake. I ask about this. Said Tang Yue.

Mo Fan remembered that at that moment the totem serpent was looking at him! His huge eyes stared at him, at the building in which he was located!

A totem serpent can appear in public only when it senses danger. However, being an ancient ancestor, the totem snake is very strong, and in fact nothing can frighten him. Mo Fan, too, did not understand what was happening in this building!

– Could this be my demonization? – asked Mo Fan.

Of course, they all knew about the demonization of Mo Fang: both Tang Yue and Tang Joon with a magical judgment. They were all ready to keep it a secret.

“I thought about it too, but the snake told me that I saw a man behind you, because of which he felt uneasy.” Then it turned out that there was no danger, so the snake disappeared, ”Tang Yue said.

– Behind my back? Asked Mo Fan nervously.

– Think carefully, who was behind you? The serpent says that this person was very close to you, ”said Tang Yue.

“Behind my back … then behind my back …” – remembering, Me Fan was simply numb.

Soon, Mo Fan negatively nodded his head.

Can not be! It can not be!

Behind him was Xing Xia! How could she scare the totem snake ???

“I also want to warn you about this,” said Tang Yue.

“Yeah, I got it,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

Hanging up on Mo Fang’s face and the trace of a smile was gone.

The totem serpent cannot lie … Did he appear then in the city because of … Xing Xia ???

Why does she bother him so much?

“Hey, monk, I have to come down from the mountain,” Mo Fan sincerely said.

– Not for long you cultivated. What a pity that the people who come here for cultivation cannot stay longer here …. Said the man in the monk’s robe.

– Cultivating to death also makes no sense.

– Yes, right you say. Practice well, because the world is so huge! What miracles it just does not!

– See you!

– See you later? It is possible that the next time you come here, I will be on my way to the sources … – said the monk.

– Well, if you say so … can I send girls here ???

“Khe-khe … nuns.”

– You’re a monk!

“At least for Buddhists everything is different, everything is not what it may seem …” said the monk with a little bit of embarrassment.

– Lying! But you know, you reminded me of an old man I met at the school. Unfortunately, he left much earlier than you. I could introduce you, and you could be great friends … Well, okay, I need to go down the mountain! Said Mo Fan with a smile.

The old monk smiled too, seeing Mo Fan with his eyes.

After waiting for Mo Fan to disappear from sight, the monk said to himself: “Friend, you have chosen a very interesting person.”

The blue clear sky seemed to be made up of cotton wool from the clouds.

This time, flying an airplane, Mo Fan chose a place near the window, from which a beautiful view was opened. In between the clouds one could see the wings … I wonder what kind of magic beast can fly so high?

– Dear passengers, in 15 minutes our plane will land at the international airport of Hangzhou, we ask you to prepare for landing.

After the announcement on board the plane, Mo Fan could already discern the outlines of the city that had appeared in the window, which from a height seemed like an anthill: tall buildings, wide roads — everything was so shallow …

After landing, Mo Fan turned on the telephone and was about to dial the number, when he noticed that several messages had been sent to him. They were angry teachers who demanded that he head straight to the imperial university after he descended from Mount Huashan!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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