Chapter 706. Devil Hands! Tense situation!


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Len Qing was unhappy with the situation, now she was just waiting for the enemy to do something.

Wild Esa was not friendly either. Energy flowed from him in all directions.

The stream of light emanating from him was golden brown, and Mo Fang had not yet seen such a thing. This stream formed a fatal wind barrier around Mo Fan and Len Qing!

The wind began to shrink, not giving these two people the opportunity to even move!

– And this magician very quickly releases the magic! – uttered Mo Fan.

The magic of the middle level was released in the blink of an eye … it is immediately apparent that the level of cultivation of this person is very good. It is possible that he even reached the limit of development of the elemental system!

The fact that the elemental system was finished in an instant, speaks about the undoubted talent of the magician!

– You first come down!

Len Qing acted coolly. Relaxing her hand, she allowed Mo Fang to succumb to free fall.

It’s good that the height was not at all scary, otherwise Mo Fana would simply flatten! Because of the scorching sun, he couldn’t even use his shadow magic!

Mo Fan fell to the ground and immediately raised his head, looking at the wind barrier that was able to squeeze Len Qing with such force that was enough to destroy the 5-6 meter monster of the pack leader level! But Len Qing – the girl is certainly not fragile!

Lan Qing made a strange sound. It is not clear, what element of magic began its action, but the wind barrier began to disintegrate!

The barrier was first divided into several indiscriminate air currents, and then completely dissipated … Now one could see Len Qing, in whose eyes a demon was reflected, that he had now awakened!

– Mountain eye – heavenly veil!

Echoing the voice of Len Qing, grains of sand began to appear in the air, which began to surround the magician with a black-brown veil.

– Forward!

These small particles that formed the veil were controlled by the eyes of Len Qing … They turned into stalagmites, which in length reached two meters … and immediately flew in the direction of the Parthenon servant Dikai Esa!

The stalagmites flew with a whistle, and Dikai Esa just smiled.

– I also know how to let the mountain eye! Well, let’s arrange a contest for the magic of the earth! – still smiling, said Wild Esa.

After a moment, his eyes changed color and became red-brown!

It was clear that Len Qing and Dikai Asa can produce different types of stone. Although it was the same spell, the effect was different.

Red particles, which formed a red veil around him, began to appear in front of Dikai Esa.

However, he did not have time to put the veil in motion, because the stalagmites of Len Qing had already flown back, and he needed to set protection.

The crumbs, submitting to the mage’s gaze, immediately began to form around him a form of armor.

The stalagmites struck the armor of the Wild Esa … Len Qing turned them into long whips, which again began to attack the defense of the enemy!

Wild Esa was not ready for this! He did not know that Len Qing could control his magic at such a level!

His defense began to fall to pieces, falling to the ground ….

Wild Esa rose from the ground, fiercely staring at Len Qing.

– Apparently, I should seriously take up this matter! – hissed Wild Esa.

– I have not even warmed up! – downplaying her condition, said Lan Qing.

While Len Qing was sorting out with Dikai Asa, Mo Fan headed for the plane.

– Everyone who is inside, quickly get out !!! Otherwise, I’ll blow this airplane of yours! In broad daylight like this, forcibly pick up a girl … behave like at home !!! – cursed Mo Fan.

A fiery fist was already burning in his hand, and he was making the final warning.

As a result, the plane’s door slowly opened, and from it a middle-aged man appeared who was surrounded by golden light. His golden eyes stared coldly at Mo Fang.

– Do you want to challenge the strength of the Parthenon ??? – Galo Ken said in a chilling voice to his soul.

– Oh, you … pi * ras! – cursed Mo Fan.

Galo Ken didn’t speak Chinese very well, and didn’t really understand the meaning of the last line, but the mood of the enemy was very clear to him.

– Insulting the servant of the Parthenon gives us the right to punish the offender anywhere in the world! – said Galo Ken.

– What the heck???

Mo Fan felt that his patience was no longer enough for a verbal squabble with this psycho. He sent a flaming fist on the wing of the plane.

The fiery fist of the fourth step was really fierce. Nine fiery dragons just instantly swept the wing with fire!

Galo Ken frowned. He could not even imagine that someone would be so stern in the face of the servant of the Parthenon! He saw that the burned wing of the plane had fallen to the ground, and the cockpit itself was already blushing because of an elevated temperature … He jumped down in one fell swoop.

“Just try to touch him, otherwise …” said Xing Xia in a stern voice, feeling the anger of Galo Ken.

– I just teach him a lesson … This arrogant boy … The servants of the Parthenon do not cross the border! – said Galo Ken, not even turning around. Now he was heading towards Mo Fang.

He did not reach Mo Fan about ten meters and stopped. In his hands began to appear strange magic.

Mo Fan watched this man warily. He did not notice how the grass cover under his feet began to unfold, and from there appeared long 4-meter long vines, which began to attack!

Mo Fan did not have time to react, and he was thrown ten meters back.

– So that you know, in the Parthenon, I put about 20 people like you into place every day. You burned my plane, defiled our holy duties … – Galo Ken continued to walk. In his hands was visible green magical glow.

Mo Fan looked to the ground to see where these evil creepers came from.

– Fool! Behind your back! Said Galo Ken rudely.

Behind Mo Fanya, at a distance of less than half a meter, there was already a long creeper that was approaching him!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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