Chapter 707. Do not Besi Mo Fan!


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– E * at! What a trick!

Mo Fan was thrown into the air. He has never before encountered such a force from which it is virtually impossible to defend oneself!

“This is a green demon hand — one of the high-level plant element spells.” His magic of plants is very specific, therefore, Mo Fan, you should be more careful … – heard Xing Xia’s voice.

– I know … Well your mother! – Mo Fan was only going to answer Xing Xia, when he saw devil lianas being drawn to him from all sides at high altitude!

It seemed to Mo Fan that he was not just falling to the ground, but like a huge nasty monster swallowing him!

He looked down and saw that there was grass, among which even more than ten vines were visible!

They seemed to be waiting for the victim to fall into their arms – Mo Fan was just a little fly for them!

Mo Fan continued to fall, and the plants began to seize him. The feeling was as if he was falling into the abyss!

At that moment he heard some kind of buzz. Mo Fan shone his fire and saw a black bug!

The magic of plants, backed up by such bugs, could be used by foreign intelligence officers!

Galo Ken looked at the boy, who was completely absorbed by the plants. Most of all, Galo Ken was angry at himself for having to use such magic against some yellow-haired boy!


Galo Ken had not yet finished his self-digging, as there was a roar from the undergrowth of plants. Plants opened up, and from there exploded numerous flames.

This flame also reached a white private plane, which has now changed beyond recognition!

The heat touched Galo Ken’s face, and now you could see the muscles on his face twitch nervously!


His private jet!

Galo Ken fiercely looked at the boy!

“At first, I wanted to just teach you a lesson, but you crossed the line of my angelic patience!” – Galo Ken’s golden cape began to flutter furiously, and the air trembled …

The glittering lightning appeared beside him.

An invisible force began to lift Galo Ken into the air.

Lightning began to sparkle even brighter, obeying the decree of his hands!

– Forward!

At the wave of Galo Ken’s hand, violent lightning struck the place where Mo Fan was.

The violent lightning was very fast, but Mo Fan managed to jump back, and the lightning struck the ground, leaving a deep black hole there.

Mo Fan, knew that such violent lightning is very dangerous, so he activated his snake mail.

Snake mail only covered Mo Fan’s body as lightning magic struck him again! Now the blow fell on the chain mail, but the shock force of Mo Fan was literally thrown into the air!

Mo Fan rose, clutching at his chest. He saw his adversary knit his brow angrily.

Galo Ken, too, was unpleasantly surprised: the mail on Maltz was more than ordinary, but she could withstand the blow of his lightning!

– Hmm … It is also useless! – breathed out Galo Ken.

Galo Ken again released the zipper that Mo Fang again threw.

Mo Fan Fang’s whole body ached from lightning strikes, but with the last of his strength he continued to run, not taking his evil look from Galo Ken!

– I am the highest level mage! What makes you think that you can carry with me? Even having cultivated for several decades, you will not be able to become my equivalent rival! Get out of here, otherwise you will not find it enough! – Said Galo Ken, being surrounded by his lightning discharges.

– Do not carry nonsense! With one blow of my burning fist, I can send your plane straight to your India! – furiously said Mo Fan.

What the hell is the Parthenon? Can they just kidnap people?

They must have reasons for this behavior!

Mo Fan, too, was now at the limit!

Galo Ken was indeed a very powerful magician. And if the fact that he is a top-level magician is true, then he is not at the limit of his abilities!

Mo Fan, too, no longer wanted to continue this pi * dej, and since he considers himself to be a higher-level magician, Mo Fan will give him the heat!

– We are from Greece, not from India! Shouted Galo Ken.

This little boy does not have geographic knowledge at all, where did he get that they are Indians ???

– Mo Fan, do not inflate an unnecessary scandal! – from the height I heard the voice of Len Qing.

Lan Qing didn’t know how to block this Wild Asa with magic either. Seeing that the situation was becoming more complicated, she flew up and after a while was next to Mo Fang.

– You are the deputy chairman of the magical court of the temple of Linyin, and you know better that this boy is better not to make too much fuss, otherwise he will die a terrible death! “Galo Ken thought that Len Qing was trying to protect Mo Fang.”

During his remark, Galo Ken paid no attention to the fact that Mo Fang’s eyes changed color all the time.

“Mo Fan, don’t stand up … control your emotions.” “Lan Qing already felt the savage energy that came from Mo Fang’s body, so she hurried to pacify him.

Len Qing was a member of the “Clear Sky”, she could not know about the demonization of Mo Fang!

If Mo Fan is demonizing here, then his secret will cease to be so! And as far as Len Qing knew, this servant of the Parthenon could have been hit, but he could not be killed!

– Oh, you stubborn little devil! Control your emotions, don’t get on my nerves with your low-grade tricks! Still not up to fight with me! Said Galo Ken.

– Can you shut up ??? Do not bother him! “Lan Qing was already furious, too.” She had never met such servants of the Parthenon, that so mocked the young magicians – rather, let her go, otherwise you will not have a living place!

Lan Qing didn’t see the demonization firsthand, but she had heard about her destructiveness with the words of Duxiao, so she cannot allow Mo Fang to demonize at this moment!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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