Chapter 708. Under the Protection of a Snake


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– That’s just funny! Do I still have to be afraid of this boy? – laughed Galo Ken.

He thought that this girl must have flown off the coils, just asks him not to annoy the youngster! Why should he be afraid of a mage who barely reached a high level ?!

He destroyed his plane, interferes with his mission, and he still now needs affectionate appeal?

– Mo Fan, calm down, cool. I can figure it out! I will enlist the guarantee of the Clear Sky, and they also will not allow Xin Xia to be picked up! – Lan Qing began to reassure Mo Fang.

So many high-ranking personalities with all their forces covered up traces of demonization. On the one hand, the world magic association will not allow this, but on the other hand, there are too many people with malicious intent. Mo Fan is really gifted by nature, besides, he cultivates very quickly … if we add his demonization to this, he will soon be able to become super magic!

The bosses also had high expectations for Mo Fan, which is why they enrolled him in world university competitions in the hope that his cultivation would go even better after that. If the tops of the world magic association learn about demonization, they will immediately take away Mo Fang. And they will not allow him not to cultivate, they will immediately kill him!

Lan Qing thought that if Mo Fan was still demonizing, then she should call her people here to kill these unnecessary witnesses in the person of the Parthenon servants!

Mo Fan’s eyes became silvery, and the silvery glow began to seep from his inner world!

A strange fog began to appear nearby!

Mo Fan looked at Galo Ken and saw that this fog was near him!

The fog was now located behind the plane, and Mo Fan himself did not know when he had time to appear there. However, the fog seemed to cover the neighborhood like a cloud. It was possible to see a silhouette in it, the surface of which body was as if scaly!

Seeing this, the glitter in Mo Fang’s eyes began to recede. His angry face gradually calmed down and even lit up with a smile.

“Although you are not our student, I, crunching my heart, taught you one lesson … you shouldn’t jump over your head and be with a person you can’t defeat!” – Galo Ken said it with a contented look, seeing that Mo Fanya is already moving away.

Indeed, this little imp not only broke his plane, but also dared to fight him!

Let him apologize, pay all damages … and then, he will think about the forgiveness of this Chinese youth!

– Is it true? “Mo Fan now looked like a completely different person, – then today I will also teach you one lesson … not angry with the one whose anger you cannot bear!

– What? Are you arrogant ??? – Galo Ken frowned. He thought to himself, not whether the scion of the Chinese imperial court is standing in front of him … and now he is even more confused, because the Chinese mentality was incomprehensible to him!

“I’m normal, just a little cooler than your ancestors!” Said Mo Fan.

In fact, while Mo Fan and Galo Ken talked so sweetly, Len Qing and Wild Asa stood rooted to the spot.

They were like petrified. Their heads were up and they looked like they were looking at some unattainable creature.

“Still, I’ll look to your China …” Galo Ken said, turning at the same time.

Something unclear …

Suddenly, Galo Ken’s body seemed to be pierced by lightning, and he began to shake.

He, in disbelief of his eyes, was looking at the black, rocky silhouette.

Looking even higher, you could see the scales!

And having looked even higher, the serpentine head of this creature was visible!

His head seemed to support the heavens!

The head slowly and slowly went down …

Galo Ken no longer stuttered about his private plane now … at that moment he was afraid of saliva dripping on him from his snake-tongue stuck out.

Saliva was galloping and slowly corroded Galo Ken’s expensive golden cape, but he didn’t even dare to move!

“The serpent … the serpent …” the Dikai Asa was barely saying.

Not a trace is left of the evil pomp of his boss, Galo Ken. Galo Ken was a temple attendant, a top-level magician, and there were not so many beings in the world who could have frightened him … But when he saw this snake here in Hangzhou, China … Galo Ken had never seen such fearsome creatures before!

“Friends … we need to talk,” said Dikai Esa, realizing that this creature must be a good friend of Mo Fang and Len Qing.

– Before that, your attitude was not so sincere. You know, my snake friend flies much faster than your private jet. In his stomach, you will reach your Greece much earlier! – with a grin said Mo Fan.

– Do not … not worth it! We can get ourselves! – said Wild Esa.

What kind of jokes? Is it possible to survive in the stomach of this snake?

“This is … this is … we should discuss everything thoroughly. We just arrived and did not fully understand the local situation. Brothers, let’s sit down somewhere and discuss everything properly over a cup of tea! There is nothing that we could not agree … hee-hee …. Deputy chairman of the magical court, what do you say to that? “Galo Ken didn’t even dare to make an extra move, and was now incredibly polite.”

Such a change in the behavior of Galo Ken Mo Fang foresaw.

Of course, he was a top-level magician, but for a totem snake this meant absolutely nothing.

The totem serpent and the rocky tyrant were about the same level. Even if Galo Ken calls all the magicians from his Parthenon monastery a la temple, the serpent will still make them sob bitter tears and call for help Mommy.

– Well, this lesson learned? Mo Fan asked sympathetically, glancing at Galo Ken.

He nodded his head.

– Learned, learned. You can first leave this snake of yours … move away from us. – cautiously said Galo Ken.

Mo Fan jumped on a plane and touched a snake.

The totem serpent stuck out his tongue and gently stroked Mo Fang with it.

Galo Ken was puzzled …

From a distance, the totem serpent felt that Mo Fan was in danger, so he rushed here … If not the welcome gesture of Mo Fan, then the serpent would bite through this Galo Ken in several parts!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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