Chapter 709. They quarreled and calmed down


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Magical Court of Linyins

The spring slowly flowed along the mountain slope, on the damp surface of the stone hieroglyphs were engraved, which were illuminated by the departing sun.

A golden light fell on the bamboo grove. The primitive stone table seemed to be the negotiating table for discussing everyday issues in a magical court.

– Need to pay damages for the plane? – Mo Fan hit his hand on the stone table, asking the two servants of the Parthenon.

– No no need. We have insurance, nonsense. Said Galo Ken, smiling friendly.

This time his smile was sincere, he no longer looked haughty. In truth, this totem serpent, sitting on a plane, did not leave his mind.

It is not surprising that all these old priests slaughtered themselves on their noses, no need to quarrel with the Chinese magicians, there is a huge snake in this fucking city. Well, these men have cool morals!

– This is … my older brother Mo Fan

– Call me a teacher!

– Teacher Mo, Ye Xin Xia is really a suitable candidate for a university student at our temple. We just carry out the order. We really chose Xin Xia, because she is very talented and we are interested in her! ”Said Gelo Ken

Ye Xin Xia seemed this funny situation. Galo Ken started a quarrel, and after that he became very sweet and pleasant, he no longer had arrogance, as if they were two different people.

– And I care what it is interesting to you? Go back to your India and tell everyone that Xin Xia will stay in China and not go anywhere! Shouted Mo Fan.

“This is not India, but Greece is clearly the tale of Galo Ken.”

– What is the difference, the same thing! – answered Mo Fan.

– We do not agree with you on this issue. In fact, our requirements for the selection of students were very serious. If we chose, then we will not back down from our choice … ”said Galo Ken, straightening his chest, but he soon turned away to look at Lake Xihu.

– Is your decision serious? – asked Mo Fan.

– Of course, we are not here gathered for fun. We really invite Ye Xin Xia to the University under the Parthenon. If we don’t bring the student that our elder chooses, then we’ll have to have some sweet time. Said Galo Ken.

“Then there is no point in communicating further, I will ask the totem snake to take you to In … hmm … Greece.” Said Mo Fan, getting up from the table.

Galo Ken, Dikai Esa were sitting with a sour expression on their faces, not knowing what to do.

“My Fan, don’t you worry, listen to them to the end.” – tried to persuade him to Tang Joon.

– Yes, teacher Mo, you know that Xin Xia’s legs are sick. And in the Parthenon we deal with rare diseases. In addition, after studying with us for a couple of semesters, Xin Xia will be able to find his own method of healing. Even if he cannot, the elder of our temple will find a way to cure it. Therefore, we are in a hurry to pick her up so that she can recover quickly. – quickly said Galo Ken.

Mo Fan looked down at Xin Xia, at the same time she looked at him.

– You are not cheating? – asked Mo Fan.

– We have already discussed this with Professor Lou Ping, did she not tell you? – asked Galo Ken.

– Mo Fan shook his head.

Galo Ken laughed bitterly.

“Teacher Mo, you must believe the Parthenon.” You are still very young, you know not so much about this world. But you can ask the chairman, Tang Jung, that if we wanted to cure someone, no one else remained sick after that. We even mastered the art of resurrection of people from the dead. Said Galo Ken.

Mo Fan is not that not aware of the Parthenon. He had heard that the Parthenon could resurrect Xu Zhao Ting and Wang Xiao Jun, but Mo Fan still did not fully understand what this organization was doing and wanted Tang Jun to express his opinion.

“Mo Fan, Galo Ken is right.” Professor Lu Ping spent a lot of energy exploring Xin Xia’s strange disease, but she could not find a way to cure it. In addition, I heard that the chairman Han Ji examined her, but his answer is the same – healing is impossible. Even if such a mage as Han Ji has no way to cure her, I am afraid that in China there is no one who could do it.

Mo Fan fell silent.

Han Ji is a master magician of the healing element. After the disaster in Xi’an, to express thanks to Mo Fang, Han Ji came to Hangzhou on purpose. Mo Fan left to cultivate in the mountains while Han Ji tried to heal Xin Xia. But soon, he came to Mo Fang with a negative answer.

“The Parthenon is far superior to our magical association in the healing element.” If they cannot find a way to heal Xin Xia from this strange disease, then we can say that no one can do it all over the world. Said Tang Joon.

– Yes Yes. In the Parthenon they do not heal the first comer, but since Xin Xia is our student, we will definitely deal with her healing. said Galo Ken.

– Mo Fan, I can go to the Parthenon. I know that you are most worried about the fact that she will go abroad alone; there will be no one to take care of her. The words of Professor Lou Ping did not reassure you, so I will accompany her to the Parthenon myself. I have a friend there whom I have not seen for a long time. Said Tang Joon.

Becoming the chairman of the magical court, he was obliged to resolve such issues. After all, Galo Ken is the representative of the Parthenon.

The ministers of the Parthenon acted recklessly, without asking the opinion of this troublemaker Mo Fan. Just had to sit down and talk.

– Xin Xia, what do you think? – Mo Fan himself has not yet decided, asking the girl.

– How long will I have to leave? – asked Xin Xia Galo Ken.

– For about a year, at the most – by two. In a year we will return her home. If its results are ordinary, then it will not be able to stay for more than a year, and if it is outstanding, you will have to linger a little and learn something more. Said Galo Ken.

“Mo Fan, are you not worried about her safety?” Asked Tang Jun.

“No, I trust you,” Mo Fan replied.

– You will also train abroad for about a year. By the time Xin Xia finishes training, you too will be back home. She may be healed in that time. So why shouldn’t she go to the Parthenon?

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