Chapter 71: One morning peace


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I felt my little hand touch me in the dark.


It’s the voice of a familiar girl.

My body is shaken gently.


That’s what they said, I opened my eyes.

There was the girl’s face peeking into me.

Long stretched platinum blonde hair, beautiful, pale eyes.

Fluffy vertical rolls tickle my nose tip.

It’s Misha.

“Wake up?


Then Misha laughed happily.


Get your body out of bed, I ask.

“Why is Misha here?

Draw a magic formation at your feet.

From the pyjamas, I instantly changed into a uniform.

“Practice lunch today”

I see.

When your mother makes my lunch box, do you want me to tell you?

“I also made breakfast”

“That’s exciting.”

With that said, Misha blinks her eyes as if she were a little surprised.

“What’s up?

“Want some?”

“Are we talking about breakfast?

Misha nods coldly.

Then point to yourself.


It doesn’t mean I don’t have my share.

“Your mother made Anos’s share”

Is that what you mean?

“Then you can have it that way”


As usual, Misha replies pale and opens the door.

It was the same faceless look, but it seemed heartless or depressing.

“Well, but I’d be happy to trade you for someone Misha made”

She stares at me like she’s exploring my sincerity.

“… okay?

“If only I could have you.”

When she said so, Misha thought a little and said.

“Anos likes her mother’s cooking”

“That’s right, but I can only eat your food once in a while”

Misha fell just a little over the top and hung up happily.



Misha shook her head sideways as she sifted.

“Anos got it?

“What are you talking about?

“My feelings”

“Have you been a little disappointed?

Pointing out, Misha lays her eyes slightly down.

“… embarrassing…”

“You look at me a lot.”

There may be no one in line to see through my heart.

“But my demon eye, it’s not gonna beat you.”

When I told him that, Misha laughed furiously after slightly rounding her eyes.

“Was something wrong?

“Guess what.”

Why did you laugh, I guess.

“Did you have fun?

Misha smiles.

“Look more”

Neither correct nor incorrect, Misha said that.

She goes straight down to the ground floor. I followed him to the living room.

Breakfast is available at the table, but only for two.

“What about your father and mother?


Speaking of which, Dad still had some help in the workshop he took care of with the Vajra Iron Sword. He also has the influence of the Devil’s Sword Games, which he began to see at a glance. He seems to be asking me to continue to come and help him, etc., but so far he doesn’t seem to be willing to do so.

“What about your mother?

“He said he had a customer who wanted me to come to the house to appraise him. A Little Far Home”

So I guess that means I got out early.

“Anos is tired at the Devil’s Sword Games, so he said not to wake him up.”

I’m not particularly tired, but it sounds like my father and mother.

You want some?


Meesha and I will have breakfast at the table.

It was a rare and quiet morning because there was always no noisy father and mother.

Clean up after, leave the house.

We stood side by side and relaxed on our commute to Demon King’s College.

As soon as I use Metastasis, I still have plenty of time.

It’s not like we’re in a hurry.

Looking out into the streets in the morning and going to school loose isn’t too bad either.

“Is that…?

I just ran into a face I just found out about.

It’s Sasha. She stared at us both in surprise.

“… why are you and Misha attending school?

I saw him in the morning.

“You know what? I know we met. Why don’t you just say the right thing because the explanation stinks?


Misha says.

“Anos’ mother taught me.”

“So. hmm. Speaking of which, you said you were learning to cook. I wish you’d let me know if you were going in the morning.”

Sasha seems a little dissapointed even though she feels left out of the company.

“I said”

“Huh? When?

“In the morning, when I go out”

Sasha leans down as she thinks.

I don’t remember it at all.

“When I woke up, Misha wasn’t there anymore…?

Misha shook her head sideways as she sifted.

“That’s the second time”

“Shh…? Really……?

I see. Sleep twice.

“Hmm. Now, Sasha, you’re weak in the morning.”

“Nothing like that…”

Turning her gaze to Misha, she nods cozily.

“Very weak”

“Hey, I can’t get out of bed for a second, I’m confused, my memory just gets blurred.”

Isn’t it weak to ask?

“What, those winning eyes?”

“Well, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just because the morning is weak, it won’t stand in the way. And that doesn’t end my life.”

“Would you stop saying it sounds so important?

You’re the one who says you have nothing to be ashamed of, but you don’t know.

“That’s enough. Let’s go.”

As soon as Sasha walked out, Misha went after him.


“Why not?

“… because I went alone”

“I don’t care about that. I can’t help but go all the way to Anos’ house in the morning.”

Misha leans down and thinks still.

“… I’m not going anymore…”

“Why does that happen? I’m telling you I don’t care. If Misha wants to go, she can go.”

Like trouble, Misha shuts up.

I laughed.

“Hey, what are you laughing at?

“No, no, you’ve been lying a lot since we met, Sasha. If you wanted to come to my house, you could say so.”

“Beh… you didn’t say you wanted to go…”

The end of the phrase disappears weakly.

“I guess I’m being mean because the morning is weak and I can’t come anyway. But don’t worry. It doesn’t count for the weakness of the morning before me.”

“… er… sounds like you’re exaggerating something, what are you gonna do?

“I’ll go wake him up straight away.”

“… eh”

Sasha blushed.

“He seems to be good at sleeping twice, Sasha. I’m not as sweet as Misha. Don’t think I’m gonna let you sleep in front of me.”

That’s what I’m gonna say, I’m gonna peek into Sasha’s face.

“… ah……………”

“What happened to your reply?

You can’t look me in the eye, and Sasha drops her gaze diagonally.

“………………………… Yes…”

Sasha replies with a fine voice.

Hmm. What’s so embarrassing about not waking up in the morning?

“Now you can come with me next time.”

When I told Misha, she nodded happily.

“… so, but… that’s kind of a weird story. I can’t believe Anos came all the way to wake me up when I went to Anos’ house…”

The bumps and Sasha are squeaking.

“Hey, good morning”

Turn around, Ray was there.


Misha and Sasha meet up and say “Good morning”.

“Guys, did we always go to school together?

“No, it just so happens today”

Ray will line up next to me.

“By the way, don’t you know a good devil’s sword?

“Hmm. Are you replacing Initio?

“Because you broke it brilliantly. It’s going to be fixed over time, but I’m going to need to use something else for the time being.”

I guess you can’t have Sheila come here every time and use it as a sword.

Well, did Ray have the demon sword he deserved in the treasure trove?

“Ah, everyone, good morning!

Mass waves in the distance and runs this way.

We greeted her.

“It’s unusual that you’re all in school together.”

“Well, that sounds like a coincidence.”

Ray answers.

“That’s right. Heh heh, but it’s kind of nice, that this is how we can relax and go to school together. I’m always alone in the morning, and I’m a little lonely.”

“You’re surprisingly lonely.”

“Haha… keep it to yourself…?

The two interact like that.

We walked to the Delzo Gate, enjoying the peace.

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