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“One year’s covenant?” Many people talked about it. They all know how terrifying Shui Qianyue’s innate talent is. Who is this Chu Xingyun, actually so bold, dare to make such an agreement with Shui Qianyue, stupid.

The youngsters from Westwind City are no strangers to this matter, looking for the location of Chu Xingyun, then simply letting it open, looking at the past with a playful look.

When it was awkward, the original noisy square became quiet and many.

Everyone’s eyes are on Chu Xingyun’s body, or they are horrified, curious, and even ridiculous. The heart is full of complex emotions.

“Dare to make a contract with Shui Qianyue for the next year, this Chu Xingyun, really does not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth.” When he heard Shui Qianyue, Yang Yan immediately thought of the meeting the night before, and his eyes became a gap. .

“Chu Xingyun is mad, but his innate talent is still worthy of recognition.” Qin Yuyan knew that Yang Yan was still on the anger, and immediately said a word, but he saw the other face still, suddenly his heart hangs up, I hope Chu Xingyun, etc. Will perform better, otherwise, Yang Yan will never accept him.

On Martial Dao arena, Shui Qianyue looked down at Chu Xingyun, and there was a sarcasm in the beautiful eyes, said with a smile: “Today, I haven’t stepped into Spirit Gathering realm, Chu Xingyun, you are so disappointing!”

Chu Xingyun stared at Shui Qianyue, but did not speak, and the corner of his mouth floated with a sneer.

See Chu Xingyun, silent, Shui Qianyue is even more arrogant, high-pitched: “Chu Xingyun, this year, you play tricks, draw many families, let my water home suffer, for that, I want to make my Mind mess I can’t take it for granted. You are too small to look at me. Today, on this Martial Dao arena, I will let you know how weak you are in the end.”

“You really can see own.” Chu Xingyun shook his head with a little helplessness.

In this year, everything he did was to revitalize Chu Family and let Chu Family prosper. This Shui Qianyue was so good that everything that he had done for her was for her one year.

For such an extreme self, Chu Xingyun simply doesn’t want to pay too much attention to it.

“People who can’t afford to own, seems to be you?”

Shui Qianyue couldn’t quite understand the appearance of Chu Xingyun. I felt that I was ignored. I sneered again and again: “At the beginning, you took two marriage contracts as a bargaining chip, and sweared at my water house, and then deliberately said that I would not greet me. LiuXiang This kind of cockroach, and finally, the next year’s appointment, I am embarrassed.”

“The ridiculous actions you have made are not overestimating the own and wanting to sigh. Now, you are just the Body Tempering Ninth Level cultivation base. Even the Spirit Gathering environment has not been promoted. It is not mine. Opponent, this Martial Dao arena, there is no difference between you and the top, and in the end, it will fail!”

With this in mind, Shui Qianyue has a feeling of smoothness and refreshment, and has vented all the grievances of this time.

Hearing Shui Qianyue’s ridiculous words, the crowd of the crowd looked at Chu Xingyun arrogantly. It turned out that there were so many things between Shui Qianyue and this person, and all kinds of ridiculous and ridiculous voices were heard.

“Silence!” At this time, Gu Qingsong said a word, so that the surrounding area immediately quieted down.

I saw him looking at Chu Xingyun, triangular eyes flashing cold, it seems that there is a sense of gloomy and cold, shouted: “Chu Xingyun, if you want to participate in the selection of Wufu, you will quickly stage, if you dare not participate, Just get out and don’t disturb the order here!”

Chu Xingyun’s look immediately cooled down. He could feel a hint of coldness from the eyes of Gu Qingsong. Obviously, Yunmengwufu and Shui Qianyue had already colluded and sighed.

“Since now, I have only said one sentence, how to disturb the order, Gu Qingsong, you are the host of the selection of the military, it should be open and fair, for a Shui Qianyue, let me bear the crime for no reason, The next time, if Shui Qianyue sees who is not pleasing to the eye, are you going to let other people roll out?”

“Shut up!” Gu Qingsong furiously shouted: “You dare to have blood spray!”

“In the end who is bloody, everyone in the room can see clearly, I Chu Xingyun wants, is nothing more than a fair word, only this nothing more.” Chu Xingyun back straight, greeted with no fear The eyes of ancient Qingsong.

“This Chu Xingyun, actually dare to hit the ancient pine, a little bit interesting.”

“The gas festival is good, but unfortunately, the cultivation base is a little worse. This time, Gu Qingsong presided over the selection. According to his temperament, he might give this guy some trouble.”

“Even if the ancient Qingsong does not make a move, Shui Qianyue will not light him.”

Several representatives of the Wufu people discussed in a sneak peek. Obviously, Chu Xingyun’s words and deeds have a bright feeling, but it is only nothing more than that.

The selection of the military is the selection of the real Talent, which is arrogant, but the coward is nothing more than no one is willing to accept.

“Teacher, Gu Qingsong temperament, you have to be supervised, don’t let him secretly.” Qin Yuyan said to Yang Yan, she had long thought that this scene would happen.

“The real Talent, in the face of any hidden plot means, can be solved. If this Chan Xingyun can’t even get through this hardship, why should Lingxiao Wufu recruit him?” Yang Yan grinned and he saw that Chu Xingyun was targeted. On the contrary, there are some hijackings.

In fact, as early as a few days ago, Yang Yan heard about the deeds of Chu Xingyun from Qin Yuyan, and he had the idea of collecting people.

However, after some contact, he felt that Chu Xingyun was too mad, and he had to be frustrated. Now, he has been targeted by so many people, and he has suffered a lot, but it will make the temper become milder.

At that time, Yang Yan will make a move, and Chu Xingyun will definitely behave in a respectful manner. This is the way of the royals.

“Ancient elder, time is almost the same, ready to begin.” Qin Yuyan was afraid that Chu Xingyun and Gu Qingsong fell out, immediately said a word, pulled everyone’s eyes.

Gu Qingsong also regained his gaze, facing Chu Xingyun said coldy: “The next assessment, you should be careful, if I find that you are not qualified, you can blast you out at any time.”

After he finished, he slammed his hand and went straight back to the position of own, and sang: “Beginning assessment!”

The sound circulated, and soon, on the arena, there was a huge black stone monument. Around the stone monument, from left to right, there were nine faint halos.

“First Round assessment will test your affinity for Martial Spirit, from low to high, divided into 9-Rank. Only those who reach 4-Rank or 4-Rank will be eligible to continue to the next round. Assessment, now, each and everyone beginning !”

Gu Qingsong lowered his voice and said, at the same time, holding a heavy hammer and slamming on the shovel, proclaiming the official begining of the selection of the military.

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