Chapter 711: The Moth Woman


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– Mo Fan, morning!

– I know.

– This can be found out on the canoe * (Google’s Chinese prototype)? – quietly asked Xin Xia.

Mo Fan confusedly scratched his head and lowered the phone.

He saved thousands of lives so many times, but why, when it came to a truly “masculine” affair, did he fail all night?

Where was the answer to this question? He closed his eyes … he could not find this fucking hotbed !!!

– Let’s sleep a little, and after lunch we go shopping, shat. And in the evening we can try again, okay? – sincerely spoke Mo Fan Xin Xia.

Xin Xia nodded her head and, with a tired look, leaned on Mo Fang’s chest.

Very soon she fell asleep, never letting go of Mo Fang’s hand.

Mo Fan, thinking that she was already fast asleep, took out the phone and again began to google the question that so bothered him.

Oh, everything is the same … well, and figs with this! We need to sleep … even though he failed as a man, but he did not die in Xi’an!

At 2-3 o’clock in the afternoon on the street there was a wonderful comfortable weather. The unripe fruits of the tangerine tree in one of the restaurants shone with glitter!

Steps rang out in a narrow alley. Several girls walked and laughed heartily. Their laughter was so sincere and sonorous that it was impossible not to turn around and not to look at them.

Having combed his hair and dressed up, Mo Fan walked along the streets of Wuzhen.

Xin Xia herself rolled her wheelchair. She enthusiastically listened to the stories about Uchzheng from the mouth of Mo Fan. It was only when they reached the stairs that she stopped and turned her glittering eyes on Mo Fang.

– Mo Fan, can you not think about that question? – sincerely and with a bit of embarrassment said Xin Xia.

“Um … I don’t think so,” Mo Fan laughed. A few steps later, he blurted out: “Oh, your mother!”.

There were no steps ahead, and Mo Fan nearly crashed. It’s good that high-level magicians have a hardy body, so he didn’t break his neck.

Stumbling, Mo Fan dusted off. He immediately remembered that Xin Xia was in a stroller, so, rising a step higher, he and another person began to lower the stroller down.

Several of the nearby girls began to laugh, so Mo Fan hurried to take Xin Xia from there.

Reaching the courtyard of an antique shop, Xin Xia suddenly stopped Mo Fang.

– What happened? – with a blank look asked Mo Fan.

“Look at the ground,” Xin Xia pointed to the passage ahead.

Mo Fan, scratching his head, walked forward. There he found a large collection of dead insects. He brushed them aside, otherwise he would have to go straight along them further.

Only Xin Xia could worry about this, because any other girl would also be outraged that dead insects stick to the sole of her shoes!

– Eh, so many died because they drank my blood! Said Mo Fan.

“So these are moths, not mosquitoes.” And yesterday there were moths in our room, and they don’t suck blood, ”Xin Xia said with confidence.

– Yes, what’s the difference … one fig, look disgusting! Said Mo Fan, rolling the wheelchair further.

There are a lot of different courtyards, shops and alleys in Wuzhen. Here you could find every little thing: umbrellas, headbands, studs, phone cases, wallets … These are the enterprising local sellers selling every day.

– Well, what happened ??? I told you so that you would dislodge these disgusting little creatures! This all affects the number of customers! Only you know that you have to kick the whole day! – I heard the cry of the shop owner at the entrance.

A young man in a gray felt hat awkwardly found a broom and began to sweep the insects in the trash.

Mo Fan glanced around: apparently wherever they went on that day, they would come across these moths everywhere.

However, if you think about it, the whole city is littered with these moths. It is in this place that they have greater vitality. Even couples in love with all the efforts will not be able to breed like them.

“There are two of you …” – the bald shopkeeper met Mo Fan and Xin Xia. Seeing that Xin Xia is sitting in a wheelchair, he was surprised, but then again turned his expression to a welcome mood.

Mo Fan and Xin Xia have already become accustomed to such scrutiny, so they no longer paid any attention to this.

Xin Xia was looking at hair ornaments, and Mo Fan was walking through the shop. Seeing that the entire trash can is literally clogged with dead moths, he asked: “Master, can there really be so many of these insects in your area?”

– Yes, right. All end-edge they do not. The city administration has tried many times to poison them, but with the onset of spring, they become even more. How I hate them! As soon as I see it, I want to nail it right away! – answered the bald owner.

“I don’t like them either,” said Mo Fan.

– Eh, who are they like? I remember that in one year they were so numerous that the influx was similar to Beijing or Shanghai smog – nothing could be seen! Each resident had to wind up before going out … If there was at least one slot in the clothes, then they immediately went there. Of course, this is nothing dangerous, but that’s disgusting … – complained bald shopkeeper.

– Is everything so bad? – asked Mo Fan.

If the moths were like I can, how many of them should have flown?

– There is no sense of disinsection! I said that there is a female moth, but no one believes me. On that day, I drank late with my friends, and when I was walking alone along the road in the middle of the night, I saw a female silhouette with large wings like a moth. She had a figurine that was necessary, and little clothing … snow-white legs … I just approached, and she, flapping her wings, disappeared. – said the same guy in the hat.

The bald master approached him and hit him on the head, saying: “Oh, you, you bastard! Still go with friends to drink my money from the shop? And now you are composing stories that a girl with wings has dreamed of you ??? ”.

– I am telling the truth. Such a girl really is, and not only I am talking about this. – Said the boy assistant, running away.

– And I have to believe you? I’m not your uncle! Or maybe you and the shop to give this? – spoke bald, chasing him.

– Sam said! Tonight I will go and wait for her …. I will photograph and then show you, and if this turns out to be true, then you will give me a bench! – shouted the lad.

– Oh, come on! – the owner swore.

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