Chapter 713. Flirting


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“I haven’t seen each other for a long time,” Mo Fang said with a smile, greeting her.

Nan Jue just looked at Mo Fang without expressing any emotion.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded Mo Fangu head, inviting to join.

“You two, go faster, get up there,” said Director Sun He.

Mo Fan and Zhao Man Yan stood at the end of the team, which meant they were substitutes.

Zhao Man Yan also saw Nan Jue. Passing to the end of the group, he whispered Mo Fangu in his ear: “This girl is the second most difficult to reach!”

Mo Fan nodded his head. It was really hard to beat this girl. In her blood was a military bearing and that self-confidence, which literally made all guys and men lose their self-esteem, and most importantly, no girl could compare with her in charisma and charm.

– Wait, the second? – Mo Fan looked at Zhang Man Yan, – and then who is the first?

“Together with us in stock,” Zhao Man Yan showed the end of the line, where a single female silhouette stood.

Mo Fan continued to speak with Zhao Man Yan, ignoring the girl at the end.

Although she did not occupy a prominent position in the team, her appearance attracted many views. Silver mop of hair that fluttered in the wind, a figure … – she was arrogant, and therefore even more sexy. It seemed to be fraught with a hidden threat.

Mo Fan had not particularly looked at her before, however, after looking closely, he simply became numb.

His heart was now pounding as hard as on their first meeting!

It’s … it’s his little wife!

– There is no smoke without fire … it is the same as before. From it and blows cold! Even flies and mosquitoes do not fly around her, otherwise they will instantly freeze! Said Zhao Man Yan quietly.

Zhao Man Yan had already had time to say hello to Mu Ning Xue. However, she behaved as if she did not remember him, and all her thoughts were occupied only with cultivation.

– Go-go. How can you, mere mortals, touch the strings of the soul of my goddess ??? She behaves this way only because only my divine image lives in her heart. Go and find yourself another interlocutor, while I’ll talk to my little wife, ”said Mo Fan directly, addressing Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan was absolutely not care. He voluntarily went to instill wedges towards Nan Jue, since he did not want to stumble over Mu Ning Xue’s icy heart. Firstly, she was number one for inaccessibility, and secondly, she was much more dangerous than Nan Jue – he will never forget her ice arrows!

Mo Fan was also unscrupulous, so he very soon approached the girl.

Without waiting for Mo Fan to open her mouth, Mu Ning Xue asked: “Have you not died yet?”

– Xue Xue, well, why use these words in your speech? – With a displeased look asked Mo Fan.

– Xin Xia went to Greece? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“Yeah,” Mo Fan nodded his head.

“You probably think a lot about her,” said Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan pursed his lips.

Well your mother! And this girl is really smart! He knows that he can unceasingly pi * put her in her ears, and the first one attacks!

He knows that questions about Xin Xia wound him right in the heart! Mo Fan from his generation did not see such girls who can handle such devilish types like him.

Mo Fan has never chased anyone in his life, but he has two future wives. It is forbidden to have more than one in the country, maybe he should go to the Arab regions where there are no such severe restrictions?

– Let’s not talk about such serious issues, over time everything will be settled by itself …. By the way, how did you get on the bench? – with a blank look asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan well remembered the words of Mu Nu Jiao that Mu Ning Xue was already in the first squad of the national team.

Mu Ning Xue’s forces were impressive, and far superior to those of her peers, how could she be spare?

“Did you kill Mu He?” – asked Mu Ning Xue back.

“I indirectly participated in this,” answered Mo Fan.

It can be said that Mo Fan ruined the plans of Mu He, who was Salan’s right hand. However, no one saw this, and Salan did not dare to reveal his identity. As Han Ji said, he is now actively looking for a way to escape abroad.

During this period of time that Mo Fan cultivated, most of the followers of the black church in the country were destroyed. It seems that in the next ten years, the black church is unlikely to risk opening a division in China ….

– Awful! – breathed Mu Ning Xue. Hate and fear of the black church could be heard in her voice.

– Yes, but the worst thing is that Salan has most likely left the country. Such dogs as he should not live! They are like a malignant tumor on the body of our state! Said Mo Fan.

“You did very well, at the same time, and helped many of our people to avenge the tragedy of the Bo city,” Mu Ning Xue was hard to say praise when her voice every time trembled from the memories of the black church. Mo Fan heard these notes well in her voice.

“Um … was it because of Mo He who went to the reserve?” – Enlightenment came down on Mo Fan.

– No matter.

– Well, you know, with your abilities you will soon become the main driving force of the team. You look at yourself! One movement of your hand freezes the whole district … Ning Xue, who did you turn me into ?! I’m just worried about you! Take this frost in front of my face, I’ll let go of your hand! Me too You make such a problem out of it!

This was the reason why Mu Ning Xue tried to control people.

Mo Fan talks without stopping, and besides, during the conversation he also blatantly flirts!

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue stood very close to each other, because he too was a spare!

Soon, Mo Fan caught someone’s hated look. It was some kind of major named Guan Yu – one of those who so strongly rushed for Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue, of course, was Mo Fang’s little wife, but this did not mean that she could not have other admirers.

Therefore, he did not pay attention to this Guan Yu, as he would not pay attention to hundreds of other guys like him. You can just kill them right away, wouldn’t it be so much easier?

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