Chapter 717: Sea Monster Hindering the City


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In the center of the bird’s city stood two huge skyscrapers – twin, made entirely of glass. It was the headquarters of the famous company Linshi in the city, we can say that half of the new buildings in the city were built by this company.

In the conference hall of one of the high-rise was a bearded man in a blue-violet suit. He looked into a huge panoramic window, which could see the whole city and the blue-blue sea.

He sighed heavily as he returned to the desk. On the map of the city a branch was painted in red, which quickly caught the eye.

– Apparently, this time we still lost. We are not able to help this avian city …. And then I thought that he would bring me so much hope … Bastards !!! – the man grabbed the card and tore it into small pieces.

A secretary girl dressed in a milky white suit stood nearby. Seeing that CEO Lin got angry, she said softly: “Talk to the mayor of the city …”

“What is there to talk about with this cheat?” He told us so much of everything, and as a result he hid the most important thing! – grinning coldly, said the general director.

– But you need to continue the discussion of cooperation, you can not just throw everything away. Gather officials, let them give us money and help get rid of this biggest obstacle? Said the secretary.

– What are you, head hit, stupid? These old crooks just hope for our defeat. In this case, they will immediately take away the property given to us as a pledge. Ask them for money, you say? – shouted general director Lin.

The girl secretary did not dare to say anything.

There was silence in the conference room. The CEO was furious: “If the mayor says that the monster needs to be destroyed, then let it discuss with me again. If he wants our buildings to go to charity, then he goes to hell! ”


The secretary girl came out of the skyscraper, talking to herself in a whisper.

This CEO has lost his investment and is now yelling at everyone all day. Fuck this is necessary, quit!

Upon entering the reception room, the secretary’s girl saw well-dressed young men. They were sitting on the couch, talking about something. But among these rich girls and boys there was one local boy. He was dressed in old jeans, and his body was black with tan. Torn sneakers left traces in the waiting room.

– I think that in vain we came here without warning, the owner of this company is the richest in the city. It is said that even the mayor is with him on a short leg. – Liu Mang burst out uneasily.

– Zhao Man Yan, are you sure that we came here for a reason? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

“Believe me, people in this building need us.” – responded Zhao Man Yan.

The secretary stood at a distance and did not hear what the young people were talking about. Something embarrassed her in this crowd, and she was sure that they were not brought here by a serious matter.

The mayor of the city was about to arrive, the secretary called the guard and said: “Ask those that they are doing here.”

The guard went to ask and soon returned, politely replying: “They said that the owner of this company had problems and they came to solve them.”

– What the hell is that. – Hearing such a response, the girl-secretary was in a bad mood.

For some reason, she seemed to her that these young people are forerunners of trouble!

– Moreover, they said that there are no such problems that they could not solve. – answered the guard.

“Hm … Then ask them if they dare to destroy the sea monster.” After all, it’s going to be such a crowd. – answered the secretary.

The guard was stupid, he immediately went to ask this question to young people.

In the end, he returned very quickly, excitedly replying to the secretary: “They say they can destroy the monster.”

The girl, the secretary, furrowed her brows, looking intently at the crowd. It seemed to her that they did not look like deceivers.

The secretary was still hesitant when a guy with golden hair and a smile radiating light came up to her. The girl’s heart beat fast.

What a handsome!

– Can I ask you a couple of questions? – Zhao Man Yan looked at the secretary’s badge to determine her position in this building, and only then began to speak.

– If nothing serious, then you can not. – subconsciously refused secretary.

“Your boss has serious problems, right?” – said Zhao Man Yan confidently.

The secretary was dumbfounded.

This handsome man is right, but who has no problems in this world? So you can say about any person.

– What do you think? The secretary asked.

“Most of the land in this city and even the beautiful port belongs to Linshi’s company.” It is planned to develop the northern direction and the South China Sea, to send cargo ships to Japan and Korea. Only this deserted city. A lot of new buildings, and there is nobody to live in them. No one wants to invest in property. Your real estate company stands alone and cannot attract people. Nonsense … – Zhao Man Yan shook his head.

“What did you mean by that?” – The secretary could not understand what this guy needs. Moreover, it was now more and more evident that Linshi’s company had created an economic bubble in this city and was somehow kept in order.

– In this city there is a good financial group, a good land and a beautiful port. The location of this city is also quite advantageous. But the reason for this desolation is only one! – Zhao Man Yan pretended as if he corrected non-existent glasses on the bridge of his nose.

Zhao Man Yan managed the secretary with his power.

– This is a sea monster!

– Your sea is very unsafe, the monster comes out when it pleases and spoils a huge number of boats, scares investors! Your company cannot develop here, because the monster has blocked your way of making money. Right? – seriously said Zhao Man Yan.

The secretary was stunned to hear this.

– Therefore, we came to help you solve this problem. My friends are very strong, and we will destroy the sea monster if you do us one small service. – Zhao Man Yan snapped smugly with his fingers.

– You are only 14 people? … – The secretary could not find other words.

14 people will destroy the monster, which prevents urban construction … The secretary came to mind only two words that she wanted to say to Zhao Man Yan: “You are crazy!”.

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