Chapter 719. Underwater Forest


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After crossing the safe boundaries over the water surface began to be seen scattered reefs. It is not known how many years these reefs are already standing here, polished by the sun and winds.

In fact, these reefs are very dangerous, because ships can bump into them. However, along with the desolation of the city, local navigation was also stopped.

“These are bamboo reefs, I did not think that there would be so many of them here,” said excellent student Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan knew a lot of such guys, and when he heard that Jiang Yu was analyzing, he came closer.

Mo Fan was one of the few in the team who liked this analytical talk.

– Why bamboo? They don’t look like bamboo, ”asked Mo Fan.

“Go, let’s dip your head, then you will understand why they are bamboo,” said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fang was bored, so he agreed.

Hanging from one side of the boat and wearing underwater glasses, Mo Fan plunged his head into the water.

The glasses were cool and allowed Mo Fan to see the underwater world.

Water depth was blue, waving plankton. At a depth of about a hundred meters everything was even bluer, even lower it was even darker with the transition to blackness …

In this darkness, Mo Fan saw some kind of black silhouette that continued from the reef into the depths.

They had not yet had time to swim deep into the ocean, there it would have been visible even clearer. This silhouette was very large and long, and the reef above the water surface was just its top.

In the sea water, Mo Fan saw many such rocks that stretched from the very depths of the sea, reaching the top of the water surface.

At first glance, it was a whole underwater forest!

– Bamboo reefs grow every day. They can trap impurities, various nuggets and debris, turning them into a fossilized part of their body, like a young spring bamboo that grows day after day and reaches extreme height! But this is stone bamboo! – explained Jiang Yu to Mo Fang.

Mo Fan, pulling his head out of the water, was wiping his head with a towel: “It’s really very interesting! I have never heard that underwater reefs like bamboo grow every day! Now, if to sail 300-400 meters further into the sea, the view would be even more beautiful! It’s too small and dirty here. ”

“In fact, bamboo reefs purify water, only the cities don’t like it very much, because reefs interfere with navigation,” said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

Well, this is understandable, because bamboo reefs grow every day! At the approach of the ship on the surface of the water can be nothing, but under the water …. In the ship may appear a hole from hitting such reefs …

“Ahead, ahead, there are a lot of deadly reefs,” said Liu Meng to the driver while in the captain’s cabin.

– Where is there? Our deep-sea vehicles do not show anything, ”said a man in a white uniform who drove this small vessel.

– Listen to me, we leave in the other direction! – a confused voice said Liu Man.

The ship’s captain abruptly turned the ship, avoiding the sea right on the course.


Suddenly the ship swayed slightly, and its relaxed passengers heard a sound. At the same time, the air around seemed to freeze.

– What’s happening? – asked Ai Jiang Tu.

– On the right side of the ship there is something, the paint on the other side is scratched. Nothing wrong. It’s good that the ship managed to sail a little to one side, otherwise they wouldn’t avoid a collision with small reefs, ”the sailor reported after investigating the situation.

The captain in the white uniform looked surprised at Liu Man after this report.

– Young man, how did you know that there are reefs ahead? – asked the captain of the ship Zhao Jing.

– I swam a lot with my uncle to fish. Our little boat would never have suffered a strike on the reefs, so he taught me to find them, even if they are not visible! Said Liu Man.

He learned to track the reefs on the movement of the waves and the angle of the sun’s rays – this is the main skill of all anglers in their village.

– And in appearance you can’t say that you are so cool! – Jiang Shao Xu said with a smile.

“Well, this is … *** the sound of swallowing saliva *** – Liu Meng turned around. Only now he noticed that Jiang Shao Xu was already in a bikini, and the fire of her beautiful body was spreading around.

Seeing her in this form, he immediately drooled saliva!

Jiang Shao Xu smiled like a fox holding a blue cocktail. It looked like she was on vacation. Without turning around, she said: “Can you help me apply some sunscreen?”

Liu Meng willingly nodded his head.

“We sailed quite far from the shore.” There are many uninhabited islands, the area of which does not exceed a couple of thousand square meters. Having sailed these two islets, we will see an island from which they saw sea monsters, Ai Jiang Tu, all the time together with Nan Jue, were thinking about how to resist sea monsters.

In such conditions, no one knew for sure whether they could fight with sea creatures.

And most importantly, it was already the open sea. Ai Jiang Tu interviewed the guys – only three people could fight on the water, which means that the team’s combat ability suffers noticeably.

“Well, that means we’ll stop there and think it over,” said Nan Jue.

– We cannot use the devices yet, we are not even sure how many monsters are in the area. If there are more than a thousand of them, then we risk being killed, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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