Chapter 72: Academy exchange


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Delzogate Demon King College, second coaching ground.

When we opened the door and went inside, we sat in our respective seats.

“Oh, yeah, Ray. I was just talking to you.”


Bring it to the chair and let it fall asleep. Ray turns his face here.

“After school, if you have time, hang out.”

“Are you going somewhere?

“It’s a secret place. I’ll give you my demon sword.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

Then I heard voices discussing it from the classroom.

They’re from the fan union.

“Hey, what, you hear that now?

“What’s going on?

“Dear Anos. After school, in a secret place, Ray said he’d give you my demon sword…!

“One, I mean……!?

“Master Anos’ sword sword, you’ve become a demon sword!!

“The Devil’s Sword, come on!

“Oh, should I report it to your mother…?

“But all of a sudden you might be in shock…”

“Yeah, I guess, I knew it. But…”

Hmm. I don’t know, you seem to be making a mistake, but I can’t let you report it to your mother. There may be further misunderstandings.

“Ellen, Jessica”

Calling out their names, the two turned to us as surprised.

“Ha, ha. Master Anos!

“Hey, what is it!?

I said it gently so I could tell you both.

“It’s a secret to my mother.”

“… I get it”

“Yes, even if I switched lives!

This will do. Solving misunderstandings can be tricky, but the point is, I hope it doesn’t tell the story. If you don’t know anything, you can be mistaken.

“I don’t know what to do, they stopped me…”

“I knew it was…”

Sasha sends a frightened gaze from next door.


“Nothing. I was just wondering if you might have a crush on Dotsubo.”

I laughed off that dialogue with my nose.

“What, it’s no big deal. Not to this extent.”

“I can’t afford it that way, and I don’t know if it’s gonna be irrevocable in time.”

“Are you worried about me?

“… nothing, not enough to worry about…”

Boobs and Sasha squirm.

At that time, the bell at the beginning of the class rang.

But no one’s coming.


Misha squeaks in the next seat.

“Dr. Emilia always comes on time”

Then Sasha said as she noticed something.

“Hey, speaking of which, it must have been Dr. Emilia who attacked your mother on the day of the Devil’s Sword Games.”


“… what’s going on?

I laughed.

“What do you think’s going on?

Sasha reacts slightly as she pulled.

“Stop laughing like such a demon king…”

I just laughed normally.

I’m the Demon King in the first place, so I don’t have a choice.

“Yes, everybody, about the seats…”

It was a long-heared woman who came into the classroom.

Seeing the same black coat wrapped around Emilia, she would be a faculty member at Demon King’s College.

“Er, I guess I’ve seen you in this class before. I’m Menow Heastria, who serves as a third regeneration group. It’s temporary, but I’m gonna be in this class for a while.”

Then the classroom goes out of its way.

“Doctor, what’s wrong with Dr. Emilia?

One female student raised her hand and asked so.

“Um, I haven’t heard much about the details either, but it sounds like Dr. Emilia’s leaving Demon King’s College.”

This time from the classroom was overflowing.


“… you’re too rushed to quit, aren’t you?

“Right, normally, there ‘ll be about a greeting, an injury or something, sick?

“I mean, if it weren’t for Dr. Emilia, you’d be looking bigger and bigger at that nonconformist…”

“Yes, yes, keep quiet.”

Menow hits his hand.

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but it’s like I can’t even say hello anyway. It’s sudden, so it looks like I haven’t been able to fill in the replacement faculty yet, but until then, I’ll be in charge.”

“But Dr. Menow has a third-rate class, right?”

“You can’t do classes with me, can you?

Menow answers the students’ questions.

“Hmm, of course I can’t do that, but there’s no one else because it was really sudden. So I think I’ll be taking turns with the third-rate students every other day. Of course, I’ll show my face. But that’s about a week.”

“Is there a new teacher coming next week?

“Ugh. Actually, it’s not because of what happened to Dr. Emilia, but I decided to have a college exchange at Delzo Gate.”

The whole classroom is surrounded by questions.

Apparently, everyone is talking about the first ear.

“Doctor, are you in college?

“Academic interaction means, quite simply, going to a different academy and interacting with students and teachers there, teaching each other things we don’t know or inciting each other.”

To explain it, the students looked doubtful again.

“What different college…?

“Demon King’s College is at the top of the list at Dillheid, and honestly there’s nothing you can’t learn here…? Regardless of who they are, does it have the advantage of having a college interaction with us?

The student’s questions were picked up and answered by Menow.

“Right. So I’ve never interacted with another college in Delzogate before, but I actually had the opportunity to interact with a college other than Dilheid this time.”

“Where is it, other than dillheid?

“It’s Azesion. I’ve been talking to the College of Brave Men in Gailladite, Wang capital, about whether that’s not possible. This time, the brave men’s college investigated their readiness for acceptance, so suddenly, they decided to have a college exchange.”

Then a surprise voice leaked from the students.

“Azesion, I mean, is that a human college?

“What is a brave man? Ever heard of it?

“Ugh, I have no idea”

“Surely one of the factions that was fighting the tyrannical Demon King was a brave man, wasn’t it? Once upon a time, the demons and humans were in conflict, and it felt like it was the demons who led the demons, and it was the braves who led the humans”

“It is. But weren’t humans that strong? Brave men are strong, huh?

“Probably, but…”

Hmm. You seem to have a record of bravery, but you don’t seem to have much visibility in Dilheid.

Because of the wall I built, I no longer interact with humans. The feud itself is gone, and the battle against the brave has become a complete thing of the past.

There is no choice but to know the details to the extent that we fought humans at best, such as the war two thousand years ago.

Nevertheless, there have been times before.

One of Avos Dilhevia’s intentions may be that the matter of the brave is being treated small in the demonic tribe, as well as the college interaction with this rapidly surfaced College of the Brave.

Will you check with Melhayce later?

“You’re all understudied. Sure, I’ve only been rusty, but I think I’ve touched on the brave ones in history class.”

Menow headed to the blackboard and wrote: ‘The Brave Troops (Asura)’, ‘The Seven Classes’.

“I’ll make it easy on you. The brave men are said to have developed military magic during the war. That’s the Brave Troop. The basic mechanism is the same as the Demon King’s Army (Guys), and there are seven classes.”

Menow turns her gaze to the students.

“Yes. So, do you remember anyone?

I didn’t raise anyone’s hand.

Wondering, looking at Misha, she said.

“I haven’t learned yet”

“… right? Isn’t this what 3rd graders learn?

Hmm. Apparently, you’re inadvertent.

I raised my hand even though I thought it was troubling.

“Brave (Brave). Sage (Weissman). Mage (Mage). Cleric (healer). Summoner. Holy Knight (Cavalier). It is the magic of the Brave Troops that assigns the seven classes of Spiritualist (Sherman).”

Answering that, Menow says happily.

“Yes, you’re right. So, what’s the difference between the Brave Troops and the Demon Kings?

“As with the Demon King’s Army (Guys), it’s military magic, but the biggest difference is that the Demon King (King) gives magic to his subordinates, while the subordinates give magic to the Brave (Brave). The Castle was built and defended, while the Brave Troops developed magic to defeat the Castle.”

Gather strength on one brave man and defeat the Demon King. The only way to beat the Demons was to crush their heads. The demons who take the lead with their power will quickly become the people of the Union if they lose their heads.

“But < Troop of the Brave (Asla) > still doesn’t show its true value by itself. By using the Sanctuary and turning the hearts of your companions into magic, you gain the power to work only with the Demon Clan with mighty power.”

“Right, right. You’re studying hard. Sacred Sanctuary is called prayer magic, and it’s the magic of a lineage that can’t even be taught at Demon King’s College. In that sense, I think this college exchange will make sense to Delzogate.”

Strange stuff.

Because now, two thousand years later, we are trying to teach each other the military magic that we have developed to defeat each other.

“Even so, < Troops of the Brave (Asla) > and < Sanctuary (Ask) > are magic that can only be used by the brave, so rather than learning the magic itself, the goal is to study the technique and get a deeper peek into the abyss. I think Kukuku will also develop magic that has been applied so that it can be used by the Demon Clan, and what we need to learn in this college exchange…”

Cut the words along the way, Menow turned out to be like he had learned to question.

“… that? You didn’t tell everyone about the Sanctuary yet…?

“Teacher – on the contrary, the magic of the Brave Troops (Asura) has not yet been regenerated. I’m practicing magic for the Demon King’s Army now.”

Pointed out, Menow said, “Ah……!” He raised his voice as he noticed.

“Oh well. Sorry, I mistook you for a third regeneration class…!

After saying so, Menow also gives a questionable look.

And, seriously, I saw you and me.

“… How did you know the magic of the Brave Troops (Asura)? And the magic of the Sanctuary hasn’t even been taught in three regenerations…”

“What, I used to get tired of watching you. And, Menow. Your explanation is wrong.”

I drew a magic formation on the spot and exercised a certain magic.


Menow’s face stained with amazement.

“… lying, right… this, the magic of the Brave Troops (Asura)…”

I guess they showed it to me at the College of the Brave.

Menow spotted the magic I exercised at a glance.

“I can use this magic even if I’m not a brave man. Well, the Demons are more efficient.”

You can’t keep your head on what happened in front of you, Menow couldn’t even utter a word, just staring at the magic of the Brave Troops (Asura).

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