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In addition to people with special bloodlines, anyone can easily condense the Martial Spirit as soon as they step into the cultivation.

The so-called Martial Spirit affinity is the resonance between Martial Artist and Martial Spirit.

The higher the affinity, the more Martial Artist and Martial Spirit, the high degree of fit, whether it is daily cultivation or hard work, it is very helpful to make Martial Artist stronger.

Of course, this kind of Martial Spirit affinity can be cultivated by Acquired, that is, it is constantly honed. Only the more experienced, the more understanding of the Martial Spirit, the more stimulating, and the more tacit understanding.

The teenagers on arena are just the first step, and the understanding of cultivation is not deep. This will better reflect the affinity of Martial Spirit and better reflect innate talent.

Because people with high affinity can put more thoughts on cultivation in the future, without having to spend too much time to improve the affinity of Martial Spirit, realm can also be promoted faster.

At this time, someone has already gone to arena.

I saw him walked to the front of the stone tablet and put the palm of his hand on the surface of the monument. Soon, the whole stone was trembling, and the halo around surrounded the two ray of light.

“Martial Spirit affinity, 2-Rank.”

One person announced that the people of the five major military houses shook their heads, and the 2-Rank Martial Spirit was too inferior.

“Retired!” In the stands, Gu Qingsong said with no expression, suddenly the person was exposed to helplessness, and some unwilling to go down the Martial Dao arena, the First Round failed to pass the exam, they were not eligible for the second round assessment.

It didn’t take long for another person to go to arena. As a result, 3-Rank Martial Spirit’s affinity was still not met, and it was still ruthlessly eliminated.

After this person, there are 6-May beginning tests, which are all eliminated. Even one person has stepped into the Spirit Gathering realm.

Such a scene makes the whole space spread a tense atmosphere. The First Round assessment is so strict. The difficulty of the selection of the military is somewhat beyond the expectations of everyone.

“I am coming!” At this moment, a burly boy walked onto arena, which is the blue crystal city number one genius, Lin Chuan.

I saw Lin Chuan striding forward, the palm of his hand was firmly attached to the stone tablet, and his mind was slightly moved. Immediately behind him, a lion’s illusory shadow emerged, showing a blue color and screaming at the forest.

The buzzing sounds sounded one after another, and five light halos bloomed on the stone tablet, Martial Spirit affinity, five.

“Lin Chuan, through the First Round assessment.” Gu Qingsong treble, at the same time, also deeply looked at Lin Chuan, fifth-class Martial Spirit affinity, Third Grade Martial Spirit, Spirit Gathering Second Level day cultivation base, this Child is very good.

Lin Chuan screamed and smiled. Some of them proudly swept the crowd and strode back to the position of own.

I don’t know if it was stimulated by Lin Chuan. The people who tested it later, the momentum was high, and many people showed innate talent and successfully entered the second round assessment.

“Yan Xingfeng’s Martial Spirit affinity is five, like Lin Chuan, but he is younger, innate talent should be better than Lin Chuan, I just saw Ziyang Wufu and Cangfeng Wufu intend to Call him.”

One person whispered that in the two rounds of assessment, if the representative of the Wufu valued someone, he could throw the olive branch at any time and recruit him into Wufu in advance.

“Su soft age is smaller than Ye Xingfeng, 6-Rank Martial Spirit affinity, realm is high, she just finished testing, in addition to Yang Grandmaster, other Wufu representatives have shown satisfaction.”

Among the five major embassies, Lingxiao Wufu is the most powerful, and the requirements for selecting Talent are also the highest. In my opinion, only Shui Qianyue can be entered into the Yang Grandmaster.”

The language fell, and everyone looked at Shui Qianyue behind Arena. Of course, many people looked at Chu Xingyun, but these people did not look forward to it, and they were completely optimistic about the play.

“First Round assessment, I will let you know, how big is your gap in the end!” Shui Qianyue coldly looked at Chu Xingyun, then she gently moved the lotus and put the palm on the stone.

Suddenly, the stone monument is extremely shocking, a path of halo flickering, resplendent like a star.

“Good terrifying innate talent!” Although the crowd had been mentally prepared, but when they saw the scene, they were also a bit stunned. They stared at the seven light halo in front of them, and their eyes were straight.

You know, Martial Spirit has a total of 9-Rank, one to 3-Rank, which is normal, four to 6-Rank, which is already top-notch, above 6-Rank, that is the enchanting capital.

With such Martial Spirit affinity, in the future cultivate time, there is almost no need to spend time to improve the affinity, just put all the thoughts on the cultivation.

“It’s no wonder that Shui Qianyue’s realm is so high, enchanting, and really enchanting.” The crowd secretly sighed, looking at Shui Qianyue with envious eyes.

“Shui Qianyue, I welcome you to join the windy Wufu!” The representative of the windy Wufu immediately stood up.

“My Ziyang Wufu is also welcome.”

“The door of Indigo Wufu is always open for you!”

For a time, the representatives of the three major Wufu thrown olive branches, so enchanting people, very rare, they do not want to miss the Talent like Shui Qianyue.

“The seventh-class Martial Spirit affinity is really good, plus the Fourth Grade Martial Spirit, this woman is eligible to enter Lingxiao Wufu.” Yang Yan is also praised, making Qin Yuyan a little flustered.

“Then it’s up to you.” Shui Qianyue returned to the position of own, his eyes stunned Chu Xingyun, not conceal deep in one’s heart’s proud color, like a proud swan.

Chu Xingyun still didn’t talk, went to the stone monument, but did not test it immediately. Instead, he looked around the stone tablet and finally sighed: “It’s a pity to take a good test of the monument.”

“What is this guy sighing?” The crowd was full of doubts, could it be that Chu Xingyun knew that the owner’s Martial Spirit had a poor affinity, so he was helplessly sighing and venting his dissatisfaction?

The eyes of the crowd were full of curiosity. Looking at it, Chu Xingyun had already reached out and stuck it on the stone tablet. In a flash, the stone monument was shocked. A path of light was instantly lit, seven consecutive light halos, and the glare was like the blazing sun on the sky.

“Seven innate talent, actually the same as Shui Qianyue!” The crowd is shrinking, obviously it is didn’t expect Chu Xingyun’s innate talent can be compared with Shui Qianyue, so strong and powerful.

Chu Xingyun looked at Shui Qianyue, who was full of mistakes, and suddenly grinned: “The seventh-class Martial Spirit is intimate, but that’s it.”

After all, Chu Xingyun’s eyes flashed a bright glow, and the black stone shivered even more. The remaining two dim halos were lit, and the ray of light shrouded the entire Martial Dao arena, leaving everyone in the trap. It’s sluggish.

Nine light dizzy, 9-Rank Martial Spirit affinity, how is it possible!

Ka-cha !

Just as everyone exclaimed, a crisp sound came out. The next moment, the thick black stone appeared on the close and numerous cracks. Inside the crack, there was a glaring of light.


The entire Martial Dao arena trembled, the black stone tablet was actually broken, and Chu Xingyun stood on the ruined arena, and the palm of the hand extended, still maintaining the posture.

However, his gaze fell on Shui Qianyue’s body, his brow was slightly picky, and he seemed to say: The affinity of the Martial Spirit, such as the Seventh, is not worth mentioning in front of me!

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