Chapter 720: The Red-Brown Monster


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The monster absorber is a device used by the military.

This thing is very easy to use, as if it is part of a radio detector. The device only needs to be put on the ground, and it will immediately begin to spread energy fluctuations. In the radius of propagation of these vibrations, the device can absorb a huge amount of evil.

The power of the monster absorber is very high, it creates noise interfering with the human ear. But monsters can hear this sound everywhere – in the sky, on the ground, under the ground, in the sea. Thus it was possible to commit the massacre of this very evil.

If the military needed to clear some piece of land from the monsters, then they used this scavenger. But the hunters did not dare to entertain such a toy of mass destruction.

In addition, the monster absorber is a prohibited item. Nan Jue believed that the efficiency of this device is very high, so Lin Junsyan also prepared several such absorbers. Lin Junxian is an influential person, it was not a problem for him to get hold of illegal devices.

– Let’s not take the risk, we will use this absorber only if a monster of the commander-in-chief level appears, otherwise we will all perish here too. Said Ai Jiang Tu.

This time the task was not an easy one, except that only high-level magicians could solve this problem, so these magicians must also have experience. Ai Jiang Tu was appointed commander.

………………………………………………………………………… …

Arriving on a rocky island, it was possible to make sure that this name suits him. There was nothing besides rocks here.

The island seemed spacious, but it was possible to go around it for two hours.

On this island there was a whole bunch of different junk: a torn tent, old clothes, a first aid kit, and so on. It was almost certainly possible to say that these are things that remained from the previous squad that was trying to overcome the monster.

This squad suffered a major defeat here. And not because this very monster destroyed them, but it made them turn to flight. After this, Lin Junxian finally lost faith.

“Look at the claws of the sea monster, they are so long!” – Jiang Yu carefully looked at his feet and very quickly was able to detect traces of claws on a rocky surface.

These were really huge claws. One could see that there were three huge scratches on the rock, obviously, the monster had three claws …

– Is it possible to determine what kind of monster out of the sea?

– With three claws and red. Such a sea monster is very rare, for sure, it is not even in the book of monsters. But I am sure that it is red-brown! – Jiang Yu said with conviction.

– Red-brown monster, never heard of him. Before you start a battle with such creatures, you need to find out what kind of power and deadly techniques they possess. – Said Mu Tinin.

– Honestly, I did not find anything on the Internet about such a monster, about its strength, and so on. We have only a little information given to us by Lin Junxiang – they are not toxic, but they have sharp claws …

– And they have huge paws, there is an imprint. – Zhao Man Yan noticed the trail and told the others about it.

“There’s something like ash here, according to the information we collected about these monsters, after they spit out gastric juice, a reaction occurs.” And this juice turns into glue that can stick people to the ground. Said Nan Jue.

Mages were the best students of various educational institutions and they managed to solve one of the mysteries of this creature.

However, among them was one depressed mood, as soon as he stepped on this island, he wandered anywhere. At that moment, when the others were trying to clarify the situation, he dragged a red-brown creature from behind high rocks.

“Is this … That Mo Fan caught is a reddish-brown monster?” – quietly asked Zhao Man Yan.

Jiang Yu did not come to his senses soon. Having waited until Mo Fan put this half-dead creature in front of the others, he shook his head: “Yes, that’s it. Mo Fan, where did you get it from? ”

Nan Jue and Ai Jiang Tu were taken aback.

If Mo Fan served in the army, they would have skinned! No discipline!

Everyone tried to analyze, draw some conclusions. Arriving on the island and seeing the tracks, they tried to understand what this creature was. And Mo Fan just picked it up and brought this thing here. Well, is not he crazy?

– This creature does not possess much power. There is no difference between him and the creature of the servant level. – expressed her point of view Mu Tinin.

“I’m afraid this is a small red-brown monster, and when it grows up, then …” Jiang Yu wanted to describe what he thought when he saw that a three-meter monster was running because of a high cliff towards them!

This creature had huge strong hind limbs and a strange fin that was very sharp. The forelimbs were small and thin, and the three claws were as sharp as daggers protruding from the burrs of a monster!

Jiang Yu was confused, just wanted to say about the adult monster as it appeared. Stuttering, he continued: “This … this … this is an adult monster!”

* Roar

When a small red-brown monster saw an adult being, it began to scream, as if asking for help.

The adult brown-red monster’s fin began to move, he opened his fish-like mouth and began to roar angrily at the magicians.

– The little red-brown monster is distraught, I will destroy him! Said Zhao Man Yan coldly.

Because of the high cliffs, monster silhouettes began to appear … One after another …

These monsters were huge, their bodies were of a reddish-brown color, the fins were moving, and their bulging eyes were staring at people who invaded their possessions!

– Well … let’s kill them! – Zhao Man Yang’s zeal began to weaken.

If one of the magicians would have met a dozen servants of the servant level, he would quickly be able to solve this problem with the help of the magic of his level and there would be nothing to fear. But it was obvious that the magicians made a very serious mistake …

Red-brown monsters were not servant-level creatures, adults had the power of a pack leader!

– They chased after you? – voice Mu Tinin.

“Haha, I thought I could sneak away from them.” I couldn’t even imagine what a delicate sense of smell they had – Mo Fang answered laughing.

Liu Meng was a simple fisherman, but he saw this sea monster with his own eyes. Hearing the villagers’ stories about how terrible the monsters were, he didn’t think he could experience this fear the hard way.

The breath of the monsters of the leader level of the pack was powerful and carried the destructive power for ordinary people. Liu Meng has already settled to the ground from fear, cold sweat appeared on his face …

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