Chapter 721. Want to bet?


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Mo Fan actually destroyed the plan that Ai Jiang Tu and Nan Jue made so carefully.

Although all these magicians were partly arrogant, they had reasons for this: they all had already become elected members of the national team, collecting the votes of judges, which meant that each of them had outstanding magical abilities.

Mo Fan thought, when did he get the opportunity to teach Guan Yuya a lesson, who just approached him: “Hey, spare, do you want to bet?”.

Mo Fan was not one of those who give up just like that, so he said: “It’s coming, but we are playing for high stakes, I want to please someone here!”.

Guan Yu smiled. He was thinking about how to show off in the eyes of Mu Ning Xue, and the battle with the red-brown monsters was supposed to be the best opportunity!

– So what are we going to play? Guan Yu asked, giving Mo Fang a comment.

– We will be judged by the number of gallbladders. The one who gets the most viscera wins. The loser fulfills one desire of the winner, – Mo Fan also did not back down.

– Anyone? – intentionally asked Guan Yu.

– True, any. – Mo Fan nodded his head.

Guan Yu realized that Mo Fan could tell him to commit suicide as a condition, which, of course, Guan Yu would not agree to.

– You should know that according to the rules of the judges, any personal strife is not allowed. Do you really agree to any condition after the list of those who go to the competitions becomes known? Guan Yu asked.

Guan Yu was zealous about what Mo Fan would have to do if he lost.

– All here are members of one team, how can you do something obscene? Relax, everything will be within the limits of decency and will not break the team relationship. – Mo Fan was already starting to boil.

– And what about self-harm? Said Guan Yu.

– Not…. Don’t you want to have some fun? Without the entrails of monsters, you cannot consider me a loser, ”Mo Fan laughed.

– So, then so. I’m afraid you won’t succeed. Only I speak at once, the desire cannot influence the course of competitions, – spoke Guan Yu.

Guan Yu was also not a fool. He was well aware that the main goal of each was global competition, and one should not allow anyone’s jealousy or envy to influence the overall participation of the team.

– Well, of course not. I still have to hit everyone in Venice! I look, in the last few days you feel uncomfortable, if we make a lot of noise here, and I beat you, then Ai Jiang Tu definitely will not leave me alone, but I won’t be able to defeat him, ”said Mo Fan.

Guan Yu just turned black: how truly this Mo Fan grinds!

Mo Fang also had self-esteem, and he didn’t like that some guy would be looming in front of Mu Ning Xue for days on end!

– Oh well. I see you don’t like all that too. If you have fewer gallbladders of sea monsters than me, do not say that I didn’t warn you, ”Guan Yu laughed.

The dispute began: the one who collects less gallbladder monsters, he lost.

Ghouls have corpse crystals that are the reservoir of their vital energy. These corpse crystals are valued as well as spiritual entities. In magical animals, their gallbladders are such a vital part. If you hit a monster in the gallbladder, death will overtake the creature within a few seconds. However, these entrails are also very expensive, and are a favorite value of hunters.

Starting this argument, Mo Fan and Guan Yu immediately set off to hunt these blood-brown monsters.

Guan Yu was quite cunning: he had already managed to paralyze one monster with his shadow thorn in advance, and with the help of the magic of the wind instantly appeared in front of the animal …

A brown glow appeared on his hand, from which the hand seemed to harden, and now long stone claws were moving away from the brush!

Mo Fan, having seen this situation, was stunned. Is this Guan Yu already using a magical artifact? Is it worth it to sacrifice?

*** rustle ***

Guan Yu with his claws instantly opened the monster’s chest.

His claws reached half a meter in length and without problems stuck into the body of the monster.

Guan Yu pulled out his claws, which were now sprinkled with the fresh blue blood of an animal, bringing incredible torment to the latter!

– I could not stand even one blow! – smiled Guan Yu, standing in front of the monster.

Suddenly, a growl emerged from the chest of the red-brown monster, and he stretched his claws towards Guan Yu, trying to cut it in half!

The monster’s claws were very sharp and could even cut a stone!

If it were not for the quick response of Guan Yuy, he would already be dead …

Guan Yu was terrible: he specifically waited for the monster’s last actions!

His claws sank back into the open wound on the monster’s chest … now the claws pulled out the gallbladder!

Guan Yu was very fast, and the rest of the guys from the team did not even have time to react.

– There is one!

Guan Yu was laughing.

Having received the monster’s gall bladder, the latter was inevitable death. Guan Yu himself disappeared with the speed of wind …

The red-brown monster tried to move its claws, but it could not move anymore ….

Soon the monster fell from a high cliff down … to the sand, and its blue fresh blood splashed around …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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